12 Free Ways to Keep Thieves Away from Your Home

Thefts are increasing day by day.  According to research, it also discovered that one theft occurs every 13 seconds.  Your small carelessness invites thieves. You should always prepare for such type of activity. So nobody can harm you from any article from your house.

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If you wish to secure your house from these, know about locking Smith in Seattle, which will help you protect your home.  In this article, we will tell you about free ways to keep thieves away from your home.  It also includes Improving Door and Window Lock Security.

 1) Door and window security

 To prevent theft in your home, the first step you can take is to fix the windows and doors.

 If you believe that your locks are the most appropriate, this may be a misconception.  It would help if you talked to lock Smith Seattle to make sure that the window at your house is perfect at the door.  If they are not in a desirable condition, then you should get them repaired.

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 Apart from all this, there are some things you should also keep in mind. When exiting the house, all the window doors should be checked once they are closed or not.

 2) Outdoor sign board

 Put a signboard outside your house or garden where it writes, beware of dogs, or are in the eyes of the camera.  Will force the thieves to follow their steps—display signboards on all sides or at all entrances from where people can come.

 3) By always covering the window

Before stealing, thieves keep an eye on the window and intruders in that house, which are expensive and carryable items kept inside this house.  To prevent all this, keep your window covered.  Especially when no one is at home

4) Change your daily routine

If you and your family members follow the same routine every day, you can quickly come in the thieves’ eyes because thieves know your habits.  Due to this, if they do not have time to steal easily, they should keep changing their daily routines.

5) Use timers on light

 It is essential to go out of your house, but if you are also afraid of being stolen, using a timer on the light can be a perfect way for you.  You can use a random timer for indoor lighting.  But also remember that the sun is not on throughout the day.  It can also have thieves that there is no one inside the house. You can also contact LockSmith in Seattle for this.

6) Secure the sliding doors

Sliding doors on home window doors can provide an easy way for thieves to steal because the locks of sliding doors are not as secure as traditional doors.  You can place a stiff rod on the sliding door’s track so that it cannot open. You can also contact the locksmith Seattle for the sliding door and get guidance for good locks.

7) Trim trees 

Make sure that no tree branch reaches your room from where the thief can come in.  If you suspect any such place, then you should trim that tree, or such trees are grown close to your house.  They should also ensure once.

 8) Turn the radio on

 When you have to go out of the house and random lights, you can run radio and television with high volume so that the thieves feel that there is still someone in the house.  You may also want to put the radio on the timer so that the thieves do not suspect anything

 9) Stop deliveries

 Suppose you want to go out of the house for many days or are going on vacation somewhere.  Be sure to stop newspaper and package delivery.  You can also tell your neighbors and friends about all these deliveries. So that papers are not stored outside your house.

 10) Know about your neighbors.

 It would help if you kept talking to your neighbors to be aware of unusual activities in the area. If you are not at home on vacation, then offer to see your house, and you can also ask them if they  Keep an eye on the house?

 11) Don’t Advertise

 Somewhere thieves may also troll your site, so if possible, do not tell about your travel projects on social media sites because this gives evidence to thieves that you are away from home.  Similarly, do not mention your expensive things on these sites.

 12) Install an alarm system at home

Installing an alarm system at home can prove to be a bit costly, but sometimes it is an essential tool to prevent theft.  Wiring around windows and door jams can indicate that it is an alarm system.  This play can be the perfect way to keep thieves away.

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