How to Creating a Catchy Business Name in 10 Simple Steps

The name creates an identity that people can associate with; when it comes to a business name it should be a catchy business name. Then it would have a significant impact on your success. Take an example of Assignments Experts, UK assignment writing service that is best known for its high quality assignments. The company delivers it’s unique services in name. So, following simple steps will surely help you to create a catchy business name.

Keep it short and simple

The first step to create a catchy business name is to make it short and simple. Having a short business name is good for several reasons: it is memorable, it is easy to pronounce and effortlessly you can make a great logo for it.

Be different

Your business name should be different from others. Conduct market research to discover which names are taken by your competitors. Then try to come up with something completely different.

Make use of Alliteration

Alliteration is the repetition of consonant sounds in each word. But it doesn’t mean that they start with the same letter. Business names that use alliteration are the definition of catchy, they are fun to say and easy to remember. While doing research work from business management assignment help, I found that the use of alliteration in the business name makes it catchy.

Meaningful name

The name you choose for your business should be meaningful. It should convey something meaningful and positive related to your business. This will help the audience to let you know about your business ideas. While there are also meaningless names, these kinds of names will cost you a lot.

Be original

The most important step Is to be real and original. You should not copy others’ business names. And make sure that you are legally allowed to use that business name. Try to make a different and original business name from others.

Find new inspiration

You can also make your business name catchy, by adding new inspiration to it. Maybe you look for a business name that has nostalgia or speaks about a trend. Inspirations can strike anywhere. Listen to everything around you, survey your surroundings, and even consider your usual expressions as well. This can be understood by taking an example of an agency that offers business management assignment help. It must have a name to inspire students.

Don’t pick plain words 

To make your business name catchy, you must avoid picking plain words. Most effective business name ideas are devoid of plain words. This is because the owner doesn’t think those words fit for competition against the other business names. This is true because plain words don’t have personality. They are not suitable for creating a catchy business name.

Don’t use geographic names

You should avoid considering geographic names. This will limit your business in particular areas. And in case you want to sell your product or service to other cities or nations, you will have to change your business name.

Test your name

After you had some business name ideas by discussing them with your teams, you have to pick up the one. Then you have to test your business name. The best way of checking your business name is by knowing people’s reactions. Share the name with your family members and trusted friends to know their reaction.

Available as domain

After selecting your name, you have to check whether or not it is available for the domain. This is important because onward you would like to put your business on the web. But it’s not easy to find the right domain for this purpose you have to research work.


When choosing a name for your business make sure that the name is catchy and unique from the other business names. People should be able to pronounce and spell it easily.

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