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How to Create a Collage of Your Top Nine Instagram Posts?

As an Instagram user, you might want to display your most recent pictures in the most impressive way to your audience and Instagram followers. Displaying multiple photos in the same grid has become a new trend. It’s just the best way to share your story with the world. Collage and grid are exponentially being used for storytelling these days on Instagram because they do share one stand-still shot at a time.


You can share the best nine collage of your pictures on Instagram for depicting your story, idea, thought, and emotion in a way to engage more users. At first, there was no way for the users to utilize Instagram image grid layout and they had to rely on a third party tool for that. However, it has changed now because Instagram now allows the users to make multiple picture grids on their account to share their ideas and thoughts the way they desire. 


What is a collage?

Collage is a kind of an interactive layout in which you arrange multiple photos all at once to display your content beautifully on your account. You can select a minimum of 2 and maximum of 9 pictures for your Instagram photo collage.


The grid-style allows you to merge your favourite images within a pre-arranged layout. For instance, you can arrange four photos in tiny four cubes inside the borders. If you have more than six photos, you can merge these together side by side, horizontally or vertically. New layouts allow you to arrange photos in different ways.


Impressive Display of Media

Different layouts for collage help Instagram users to display their pictures in the best way possible to wow their audience. You can write text, add stickers and include emoticons to make your media content even more interesting for your Instagram followers. Collages are definitely a way to make your media visually appealing, interactive and amazing for your Instagram viewers. You can use your creativity to turn a simple Instagram collage of nine photos into a 3D graphics by adding filters of your choice.


How to get your best 9 on Instagram

If you already have your Instagram app installed on your phone, you can definitely use another feature with it. It will allow you to add filters, stickers, custom backgrounds,t texts, and smileys on your photos. This hack has been used by many Instagram users, and it is dependable on an individual Instagram app known as “ The Layout Mode”.


Instagram realized that its users wanted to have more features other than just filters to perfect their image collages. The company decided to make an app separately to support the users who love to edit their media for making it more visually interesting and appealing. 


How to use Instagram Layout to get your best 9 on Instagram


  • Go to stories. 
  • Swipe the left on the display
  • Check the camera options
  • Click on Layout
  • Now a pop-up screen will appear


Grid Layout

Once the pop screen opens on your phone, it displays so many grid layouts to pick for you. If you want to merge two photos, choose the best collage layout for it. You can select more than two pictures as well and adjust the background. 


Feature not working

Just in case you feel like that the layout feature of Instagram is not loading on your mobile device, you should download it from Apple Store or Google Play Store. After downloading it, you need to relaunch the Instagram application and go to the story again to see if the layout option is working for you. It will work this time. If it does not, close the Instagram app and relaunch it yet one more time .


How to Create a Collage of your top 9?

You can make the collage of a maximum of nine photos on your Instagram account using the Layout option. The feature was first available for in-feed photos only, but now you can make individual stories as well, using the same feature. 


In order to create a collage of your best 9 on Instagram, make sure that your pictures are available in the camera option. If you have uploaded your photos on cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google Photos, you must download them so they can appear in the camera of your gallery. Instagram won’t be able to get images from the cloud during the uploading process. 

  • Go to the story on your Instagram account.
  • Click on the layout.
  • The option displays a page with grid style.
  • Choose the best grid layout for nine photos.
  • Now select your best nine photos.
  • Adjust the grid according to your liking.
  • Post it for your audience and followers.
  • Enjoy!


Instagram’s new grid layout mode is simply fantastic; it allows you to be creative and versatile while uploading media on your account. You don’t need any third-party application to add backgrounds and filters to the photos and then to make photo collage with them.

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