Gabriel and Company Earrings Are Dazzling and Comfortable

There are enough big names in fashion and jewelry design to make your head spin. For discerning observers, it can be a little more than off putting – to say the least – that so many designers, creating such vastly different designs – can hold the same level of repute and critical acclaim. Something just doesn’t seem to add up.

Here’s another thing. For the most part, a lot of the allure that these modern designers carry is visual only. All of the acclaim that so many of them carry comes from nothing more than the fact that they impress the visual sense.

This is critical in jewelry, and a large portion – the overwhelming majority of it, really – should be devoted to the visual impression that any given piece of jewelry makes. That’s the sensory bottom line of jewelry. It’s about visual impression, that’s the point.

But every once in a while, you’re going to stumble across a designer that makes something that is really, truly different. If your eyes are open, you won’t miss it the first time you see it, either. When a designer like that is able to hit on more than one point of excellence. Perhaps that is why one of them, which isn’t even that old, has garnered so much international recognition.

We’re talking about Gabriel & Company, which is one of the younger designers in the industry for high-fashion and jewelry design. They may have only been around since the late ’80s, and they may be best known for their beautiful engagement ring collection, but Gabriel and Company earrings have garnered a lot of attention for their designs.

Gabriel and Company earrings standalone for their beauty, and their catalog is too diverse to succinctly describe what it is that typically defines them. For example, their dangle earrings, like their Pearl and Diamond Dangle Earrings, are exquisitely designed and offer a visual appeal that is rare even in the market for designer jewelry. In addition to items like these, they have a large collection of hoop earrings that are similarly popular. Their original designs, delicate hoops, and unique accents – typically in the form of diamond accents, are noteworthy for their unique impression.

What really makes them different from the rest is their thoughtful design and their closure mechanism in specific. It can be said of any modern jeweler that their designs are visually stunning. They’re all unique and all commendable for their own vision. After all, that is what we said of jewelry, and that is what makes jewelry what it is. Any jeweler that produced jewelry that was not visually pleasing would have some work to do.

But what all other jewelry does not have are the comfort enhancing features that are built into Gabriel and Company earrings. Many of their earrings are made with Gabriel and Company’s patented hinge closure, which is unique for its strength, ease of use, and more importantly, for its comfort. Earrings can be very uncomfortable and easy to lose – or they can be comfortable and secure, like these. Gabriel Co is committed to the best possible customer experience, and they hit several marks.

Because of this unique marriage of inherent, natural comfort and stunning beauty, it’s easy to find the perfect pair of earrings that will be special on any occasion – when you know where to shop. Visit and you’ll easily find the perfect gift to reflect the beauty of the moment and make your loved one feel truly special. Love My Swag has one of the largest collections of jewelry on the web from top designers like Gabriel & Company – so visit their website today.

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