How to Convert Outlook Emails MSG to PDF with Attachments

Read this blog to solve how to convert Outlook emails MSG to PDF with attachments query in simple way.

The outlook is a popular desktop mail client and almost users are in its touch to manage & share data, but PDF is more advanced & popular to show documents in every field. So there may be a condition where users may have a need to go with PDF from Outlook. And they search an exact solution for how to convert Outlook emails MSG to PDF with attachments. For this time, the blog is created and useful for users who are looking for a complete & exact solution to convert Outlook emails to PDF.

Outlook & PDF Adobe Reader both are good & demandable programs so thousands of users are such who are using Outlook but have need to convert to PDF, let’s know about the reasons of Outlook MSG files to PDF –

  • PDF files support attachments, images, formatting, metadata, and other styles.
  • PDF is useable on every system so can be used on multiple devices – computers, laptops, mobiles, tabs, etc.
  • PDF files are supported by Adobe Reader, a free program to show documents as PDF.
  • PDF files are used to represent documents and save data for the future.
  • PDF is accepted in every field to show documents safely – schools, colleges, courts, hospitals, organizations, etc.
  • PDF data files are safe and users used to view and manage documents without any issue.

How to Convert Outlook Emails MSG to PDF with Attachments Manually

  • Open Outlook on your computer screen.
  • Select emails that you want to save in PDF.
  • Then go with the File menu and Print function.
  • After that choose Microsoft Print to PDF option.
  • If you want to save attachments with emails to PDF in the original file format. Then go with Print options under the Microsoft Print to PDF function.
  • Tick on Save attached files option of print options. But for that make sure that your printer should be saved in the default printer otherwise it will not save attachments with emails in PDF.

Limitations of the manual method

Although the manual method can fulfill this task and save Outlook emails in PDF it is only suitable for single MSG files. If you have separate MSG files of individual Outlook then you cannot go with this method for getting PDF files from the MSG file. It is useful only for few mails data and sometimes, it will not work due to technical reasons.

How to Convert Outlook MSG emails to PDF with Attachments Perfectly

If you need an urgent migration solution and would not like to go with the above mentioned manual method then you can go with MSG to PDF converter that is a reliable solution to convert Outlook MSG emails to PDF in simple steps. It is a competent data migration solution to solve all issues of how to convert Outlook MSG emails to PDF with attachments. It enables to convert Outlook MSG emails to PDF embedded attachments in their original file format – docx, img, exe, txt, etc. It is a perfect solution to completely resolve how to convert Outlook MSG email files to PDF with attachments.

It works with simple steps that can be followed by anyone (non-technical/ technical). It supports entire Outlook editions – 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007 for converting its MSG files to PDF. It also maintains all email properties – metadata, formatting, unread status & read status, hyperlinks, etc. Still have doubt to choose an exact solution in converting Outlook MSG email files to PDF with attachments, then download it can then you are capable to convert 25 MSG files of Outlook in PDF Adobe Reader without any charge. So you can simply try both of the above-mentioned solutions and then decide to go with any solution.

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