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How To Choose Your Curtains?

How to choose your curtains? Curtains, curtains, window curtains, and even blinds dress your windows and bay windows with style. Thermal and/or sound solutions are also possible to insulate you from the cold in winter and the heat in summer and limit noise pollution.

Flexible curtain track

Nature of the fabric, colors, dimensions, useful finishes, and decoration for installation… are the main selection criteria to guide your purchase and coordinate your curtains with your interior decoration. The choice is wide, both standard and custom-made.

Curtains to obscure and insulate the night

The dimensions of the curtains

Height: the curtains should be 2 cm above the floor so as not to drag and serve as a dust collector. Add 15 cm above the window for the fixing height of the rod. You get the height of your curtains. There are curtains of standard dimensions up to 3 meters in height, in order to adapt to a window higher than 2.6 m.Your Curtains

Width: measure the width of your window and multiply it by 1.5 or by 2 depending on the number of gathers you want.

How To Choose Your Curtains?

The fabric of the curtains

Curtains made from heavy and thick fabrics give a more cozy air to your interior decoration. Warmer in appearance, they also have the ability to better insulate from the cold.

Curtains made from lighter fabrics, such as cotton, taffeta, cretonne, chambray, or microfiber are also easier to handle.

Insulating curtains

Curtains can significantly improve the thermal and/or sound insulation of your home, especially if your windows are not double glazed.

7 Helpful Tips for Finding the Best Roofers

Do you want to keep your curtains? Add a thermal liner: practical, it is a kit composed of a flexible metallic liner and a self-adhesive scratch tape that can be installed in a few minutes on an existing curtain. This simple and economical solution prevents up to 80% of heat loss through the window.

Do you want to change your curtains? Opt for a thermal insulating curtain. It is a curtain with a lining that protects against cold in winter and heat in summer. Some models are both thermal and phonic: they block noise in addition to repelling cold or heat depending on the season.

Fixing the curtains

The curtains are attached to rods using different curtain heads, to choose according to the desired style and the ease of use to open and close your curtains.

Eyelets: These are metal or plastic rings already integrated into the fabric. If you often open your curtains, go for this finish. The curtains will slide perfectly on their rod. The eyelets also give nice even waves and guarantee a perfect drape.

Everything you need to know about curtains, curtains, and glazing

Everything you need to know about curtains, curtains, and glazing

Ruflette or Gathering Tape: Gathering tape is an ideal finish for windows fitted with tracks. The ruflette is an alternative to the ribbon, creating very aesthetic regular waves.Flexible curtain

Everything you need to know about curtains, curtains, and glazing

Rod pass tunnel: You slide the bar directly into the hem at the top of the curtain. It is the simplest of the finishes for light fabrics.

Ties: These are small ties to tie above the rod. This finish is similar to that of passers-by, but to tie! Over time, the knots tend to loosen.

Sheers to see without being seen

The curtains are made in light fabrics, more or less transparent. They protect from outside view while allowing light to pass through. Like curtains, they are installed directly on rods or curtain rods.

How To Choose Your Curtains?

The dimensions of the curtains

Height: like curtains, curtains should be 2 cm above the ground for bay windows. For classic windows, the height depends on your tastes: the precise dimensions of the window, a little below, or to the bottom like double curtains. Above the window, add 15 cm for the fixing height of the quality curtain

Width: measure the width of your window and multiply it by 1.5 or by 2, depending on the number of gathers you want. Also consider the width of the frame, not just the glass.

The fabric of the curtains

The fabrics of the curtains are more or less transparent. The shine can also be more or less pronounced. Simple cotton, cotton muslin (organza), muslin, organza (shiny moiré)… you will find a large choice of plain or patterned sheers.

You can also coordinate your curtains with your interior decoration. The choice of decorative items sold ready-made is very wide!

Fixing curtains

As for the double curtains, to put your curtains, you have the choice between eyelets, legs, ruflette (gathering braid), rod pocket, or knots. The advice of choice is identical to those of double curtains: promote ease of opening and closing.

Other types of sheer curtains

Straight glazing: they generally have a pointed base, completed by a lining and a trimmings pompom.
Window screens: they offer a retro style and do not generally cover the entire height of the window. You can even put weatherstripping above and another quality curtains

Generally little or no gathered, glazing and window screens adapt to the width of your window sashes: 45 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm, 120 cm. As with curtains and sheers, you can choose an eyelet, tab, rod pocket, or tie finish. Made from very light fabrics (cheesecloth, organza, polyester, shantung, cotton muslin, silk, lace, cotton, macramé …), they harmonize with your decor.

Alternative: interior blinds

Straight, boat-shaped, with horizontal or vertical slats, interior blinds are another solution for dressing windows. Practical, they adapt better to sunlight than curtains thanks to their adjustable slats. Equipped with a cord to adjust the height of the pan, they provide a more contemporary decor and are available in veil, fabric, PVC, wood, and aluminum.

How to choose the curtains for the living room?

The ideal in a living room is to opt for a sheer curtain in linen, cotton, or polyester. Polyester and cotton blend in with a contemporary feel, while linen is suitable for a country-style decor. The curtains in taffeta, silk, and velvet bring a touch of refinement.

Choose Your Curtains

How to choose the right curtains?

Depending on the fabric in which it is made, the sheer will be more transparent or sifting. To take full advantage of beautiful light, opt for a transparent sheer. The latter allows daylight to pass through and can therefore remain closed throughout the quality curtains

What color of the curtain to choose?

The color of your curtains must absolutely harmonize with what surrounds them. …
If you want to enlarge the surface of your room, go for a light color. …
On the contrary, darker colors like blue or gray sometimes seem to narrow the space.

What is the trend for curtains?

One of the trends the most prominent this year is the curtains in warm shades such as cream, ocher yellow, and dark orange and earthy colors like brown, sand, and taupe. They invite themselves into our interiors to create a warmer, comforting, and friendly atmosphere.

When to prefer patterned curtains?

The best blackout curtain comes in many colors and sometimes features patterns. Geometric figures have the advantage of giving depth to the room and offer beautiful customization. Floral patterns add a romantic touch. Animal or toy designs are perfect for livening up a toddler’s room.

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