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25 Places to Visit in London

Here here are 25 places to visit in London, from the Museums and quirky speakeasy’s serving up excellent cocktails, through to the hidden underground history and lesser-known gems.

1. See a show in the West End

Watching a show at London’s West End is a must. With more than 30 theaters, you have plenty to choose from, not to mention opera houses and classical music venues. Saw Matilda on my last visit to the Cambridge Theater and highly recommend it. Watch out for “lottery tickets” when in town when events like the Book of Mormon hold lottery draws for last-minute discounted tickets each night.

2. Covent Park Market

It is safe for tourists but I love it and have worked here for years. Not only are there lots of cool restaurants here, but the atmosphere with street performers is great too. You will also often see music performances in the basement of the basement. There are also great places to shop near Seven Dials.


3. Tower of London

I am ashamed to say that I have never been to the Tower of London, which is London’s official castle and crown jewels. You can buy a ticket and go inside, or just enjoy strolling around.

4. Tower Bridge Walk

Is there a view of London that is more iconic than Tower Bridge, especially if the bridge is raised in the middle to allow ships to pass?

What many people don’t realize is that you can actually climb towers and cross the bridges that connect them. It’s a really great experience and gives you a different perspective.


5. The Changing of the Guard, Buckingham Palace and the Household Cavalry Museum

You can’t visit London and miss this! A small cavalry museum is located in Buckingham Palace, which offers a glimpse into the Royal Regiment. English!

6. Camden Market

There are lots of cool markets in London, but definitely one of the most famous is Camden Market. With over 1,000 different stalls selling arts and crafts, fashion, groceries and more, this vibrant and photogenic market is one off London’s wish list.

7. South Bank and Tate Modern

I was very fortunate to be able to stay for a while at Shad Thames, which is right next to the Tower Bridge. So I have to walk to the south beach every day for work.

The view of the Thames is great and you can easily tour London because of the Tate Modern, Tower Bridge, Waterloo Center, Shakespeare Globe and St. Cathedral. Impressive Paul made this scene go fantastic.

8. St. Cathedral Paul

St. Cathedral Paul is one of London’s landmarks and beauties. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive (museums are usually free in London, but many religious buildings charge a fee) so you may want to enjoy this icon outdoors.

9. National Gallery

The National Gallery on Trafalgar Square is not only home to more than 2,000 paintings, it is also a very beautiful building with free admission, which makes it a must-see.

10. Big Ben and Westminster

Parliament and Big Ben are two of the capital’s most famous and impressive architectural buildings. You can take a tour of Westminster Abbey or admire Big Ben from the outside, although you know renovations and tiling are likely to occur in 2021.

11. Shopping in London: Hamlis, Harrods and Liberty

If shopping is your thing, London will spoil you. Of course, there are a few shops in London that you should visit. While Hamleys and Harrods are stars, Liberty is my personal favorite department store in London thanks to the Old World interior and exterior architecture.

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Beautiful museums to visit in London

In London, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to museums and you can literally pick 100. Here are a few that I think are worth checking out.

12. London Museum

The London Museum is great and very interactive. Some of the most interesting sections are in the underground, where models, streets and pubs from the Victorian era will really help you to understand the history of the city.

13. Brunel Museum

The Brunel Museum in Rotherhite is an excellent place which deserves a look at the history of the building. In the old machine house you have found the oldest underground theater in the world.

14. Churchill’s battle room

These underground chambers and bunkers are part of the Imperial War Museum and hidden beneath Westminster. This was where Churchill fought World War II, a downtown attraction.

15. Natural history museum

How stunning it is inside and out with the architecture of the main hall competing for the attention of the blue whale skeleton. A real must and free for the main exhibition!

16. Old operating room museum

This eerie but quite impressive museum is one of the oldest surviving operating rooms in England, if not in the world. It’s very interesting and a little different.

17. Stamp Museum

If, like me, you love art, design and marketing, this quirky museum is going to catch your eye. Studying and highlighting different brands and their packaging from the Victorian era is a fun conversation on a wet day!

18. Design Museum

I used to go to the Museum of Design when I lived right behind it in Shad Thames, and now I’m moving my new room, it’s even better. For anyone into graphics, fashion or even product design this is the place to be in London.

An alternative place to get a slice of London history
If museums are not your thing, fear not, there are plenty of other ways to experience London’s history and heritage.

19. Roman Walls of London

While maintenance of most of the walls was stopped in the 18th century, some can still be found in the city, although the most famous section is located near the Tower of London. Be careful or grab some locator pins to find them elsewhere.


20. St. Bartholomew the Great

This lovely church is very nicely decorated inside and out and in my opinion it is one of the best in London. The hotel is right next to the Barbican station, not too touristy when I visited, but maybe that was just luck!

21. Guildhall Courtyard – Roman Amphitheater

The remains of the Roman amphitheater in London date from the 2nd century BC and were only discovered in 1988. They are located at the bottom of the Guildhall grounds. Above ground you can see the outline of a circle and below ground you can visit the excavation. However, it was not at its best.

22. Shakespeare’s Globe

This stunning south coast open air theater with its elements is well worth a visit. The best way to do this is by attending a show, but a walking tour will also give you some insight into the history of the building.

23. Nun Funeral

Because who doesn’t want to visit a cemetery on his way to London? Nunhead is part of seven beautiful London cemeteries, but not very popular. It’s pretty much overgrown and quite scary, but if you want some less-visited London history you’ll be sure to find it here (just outside the city center).

24. Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall Market has been operating since 1445 and this hidden beauty will remind you of Milan. I’m sure, at least in a more compact and London style.

25. Underground farming

That is so wonderful! The world’s first underground farm can now be visited. This is a very unique place, 33 meters underground, which is even more special because it is a shelter from air raids from WWII. I told you it was cool!

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