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How to choose perfect custom packaging that supports’ your product?


Today market places are mutable progressively, each day new marketing techniques being introduced but

packaging is still playing a vital role in this whole run.

A packaging can be considered as a salesman who is silently functioning to enhance the sales of the product.

Preponderance of customers buy the product on the basis of the appearance of its packaging.

This even further leads towards a repeat purchase, which is an achievement for any organization.

Retention of the customer will help boosting their sales and bring a consistency in it.

The incorporation of customized packaging to your product must be fulfilling its needs,

not just any random box can accomplish your targets or your product needs.

A customized packaging must be tailored in order to gratify the requirements

of your products’ packaging needs.

An attractive and corresponding packaging to your product is the care your product needs from you.

Don’t just cover it! Make it outshine!

Packaging is not just about covering your product in a box or a wrap,

it serves a greater purpose than just providing an outer cover.

Custom packaging is an easy way to build up your customers’ interest in the product.

The competitor will be most probably working on how to make better packaging,

so it’s a race in which you do not want to be left behind.

The main focus factors for making Perfect custom boxes

There are factors to be taken care of, for building a perfect custom packaging.

These factors may vary by the nature of the product, size, weight, perishability,

fragility and much more. In general terms we will elaborate.

few essentials for your product that must be examined while getting a custom packaging.

The major leads to be followed while getting a custom packaging instead of any random box for you.

Perfect custom packaging

Products are discussed below in detail that how will a perfect custom packaging help in:

  • Advertisement and Marketing
  • Protection and Preservation
  • Transport and Shipping
  • Product Presentation
  • Easy Usability

Advertisement and Marketing:

When we plan to get a customized packaging we have to choose

the context to be printed or displayed on the

packaging; logo, color scheme, brand info, product info,

either the product is environment friendly, user friendly,

etc. collectively all the things a customer must know about the product.

We can understand this furthermore below:

  • Attraction

A customized packaging with the brand logo on it,

along with most attractive and relevant color scheme would

make the product standout in between the competitive products.

The shape of the packaging might be the cause for a customer.

to select your product over the competitors’ product.

  • Information

While making a customized packaging you are able to

print all the relevant information about your product in

order to keep your customer well informed about the product he is being offered.

This also includes the company information;

  • Remembrance

A custom packaging can be made in comparison with the competitors’ products.

Creating a differentiation and using such techniques, patterns,

fonts, colors and even shape of the packaging

which will represent the product in the best way.

Any uniqueness applied to the custom packaging can create

remembrance regarding the brand for the customers.

Protection and Preservation:

A custom packaging will also provide protection to your product

from any sort wreckage, scratches, perish ability, fragility etc.

from the finish line of the product to the warehouse from warehouse display shelves.

  • Wreckage

When you want your lavish product to be prevented from any breakage

or scratches the material of packaging could be customized accordingly.

The custom packaging will be tailored specially for protecting the product from any such damage.

  • Perishability

There are such products found in the market mostly edible products, which are perishable.

But, by getting a customized packaging for that product can prevent it from getting perished before time.

  • Fragility

When a fragile product needs to be packed it must be packed carefully

in such a package that averts it from breaking.

Here comes the custom packaging to save your product by using such materials

in the packaging which caters its fragility needs.

Transport and Shipping:

will also create a value addition to the product, which will further result in a repeat sale.

  • Occupied space

When the packaging is customized it is made in perfect size to fit the product in it,

in order to cater all its packaging needs and can be stored at the minimum space possible.

  • Stacking

When stacking is done usually the conventional packaging gets damaged depending on the products.

In customized packaging you can select and decide the

best packaging material used for the height of stacking

that is suitable for your product and makes it easy to be transported or stored.

  • Delivery

customer will see may be make the customer judge the product on its basis.

Product Presentation:

The parcels delivered at doorstep passes through very rough conditions and multiple transports,

only a custom and specially tailored packaging can be ready to face all these thick and thins.

When you visit a sale store or super market, the display of the products is the first thing to be noticed.

Hence, the packaging of the product must be attractive and eye catching.

A random packaging box or a box less product wouldn’t create a

strong appeal for the buyer as compared to

product nicely packed with attractive colors, design of the packaging,

information and labels on the packaging will add value to the product.

Interaction with the customer is also done naively by the information

and details mentioned on the product.

  • Size

The size of your custom boxes is an essential part.

A perfectly tailored box can keep your product fixed and safe inside the box.

The size can be calculated in terms of length width and depth.

Precise measurements will give a perfect fit.

You may also seek help from a packaging expert in case of ambiguity

in deriving the size of the product.

  • Shapes and styles

for your relevant product.

The shapes that you can choose are; rectangular, cube,

hexagonal or any other multifaceted shape.

Similarly, the styles also help in defining the uniqueness of your product

hence must be chosen wisely.

The style can even provide greater usability and attraction to these boxes.

You can choose from a wide range of styles for your custom boxes;

sleeve, book style, hang-tab and lot more.

The style of the boxes also has an impact in making your product recognition among the buyers.

  • Material

The selection of right material for your boxes is very important. The material can be.


Responsible to provide the initial protection to your boxes.

there are variety of materials available in the market with different thicknesses.

Cardboard, paperboard, bux board and rigid.

weight of the product and its dimensions.

  • Color

The color scheme used on the packaging plays a vital role in representing your product,

it even creates brand recognition.

Custom packaging comes with specific color selections made from your side.

  • Design

Design and shape of the packaging matter a lot when it comes to customized packaging.

The structure of the packaging must meet the internal protection

needs of the product and after that its design

must be convenient for shelfing, end customer usage and attractiveness.

  • Labels

A conventional packaging comes without labels,

which might leave the customer doubtful about the product.

Hence, a customized packaging with proper branding and labeling satisfies

the customer that they are buying a distinguished product.

  • Customer interaction

While getting a custom packaging you can print all the information regarding

your brand and product on the packaging.

This will help your clients to know the brand better and get close to it,

it will also create awareness to the customer

about the product they are using and give them a proper product knowledge.

Easy Usability:

There are variety of products in the market,

each product has its own use and functionality.

made in such way that the packaging serves a purpose for the

product apart from covering it or protecting it.

  • Handle boxes

to store or keep things packed and stored for long time.

Some custom boxes include handles on the top or on the side

to carry and move them easily this

  • Perforated boxes

and a convenient opening style.

for packing of heavy products or for the convenience handling products.

  • Storage boxes
  • Dispenser boxes

Dispenser custom boxes can help in keeping the product safe and gathered


A good packaging aids in creating brand recognition and evoking impact on the customers.

Conceiving a customers’ perspective, customer might become a bit nosey

while debating on packaging of the products multiple competitors have shelved in a super market.

They might get critical on the flaws or defects of any products packaging,

Materials impart specific features to customized packaging and they play a big role

in providing strength, protection, eco-friendly, alluring and eye-catching qualities to

customized packaging of every type of product.

if ingredients are outclass, the final product.

will be awesome.

So the above described top 3 materials play a crucial role in making every form of

packaging simply top class and boost brand and sale in return.

Best choice of material makes up the customized packaging worth noticing and successful in the market.

Kraft, cardboard and rigid stock are the best options for customized packaging boxes

and they can be your first choice.

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