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How to Choose Gulal for Holi Color?

How to Choose Gulal for Holi?

You would be thinking of how a How to Choose Gulal for Holi Color? can double the joy of the festival. They are 100% safe for skin and the environment and therefore safe to use. Such kind of holi color is from natural sources like natural plants, flowers etc. On the other hand, synthetic colours for playing Holi can be dangerous for your skin, eyes, hair, and lungs.

Gulal Holi Colours enhance the charm of the Holi festival, and the charm gets doubled when they are chemical-free. Let’s strengthen our companionship with organic colours with a vision to enlarge the ecstasy of the Holi festival.
Holi is a festival known for unparalleled joy and captivating colours. It is the day when people embrace each other forgetting all the anger, enmity, and discrimination. From the historic era to the current time, Gulal has maintained its legacy of a colourful companion for the Holi festival.

We all want our lives to stay colourful, and some of our festivals also give us the identical message with their vibrant vibes. How can the monarch of colourful festivals be left behind when we talk about colours? Yes, we are talking about the carnival of colours ‘Holi’. It is the day when we forget all the odds and differences and embrace each other with the vibes of festivity and equality. The joy of Holi gets doubled when we celebrate it using the organic holi color.

If you want to play safe and cheerful Holi then the AMA Herbal Lustrous Herbal Gulal can be a good choice. The Holi festival globally makes its presence count. Most of us know that Holi colours with chemicals can harm our skin, even then we use them because we think it is just a matter of one day. But, its harsh impact can be for a longer time than we anticipate.

Though, a realization is also getting stronger among many people that the use of Organic Gulal Colour and Herbal Holi Colour is certainly a wiser option for the day.

Advantages of Organic Gulal and Herbal Holi Colour

Safe for Skin
Where the colours with chemicals can cause redness, rashes and infections (in a few cases) the Vegetal Lustrous Herbal Gulal is safe for your skin and doesn’t cause any harm to the skin. It is a mischievous kid or a young lad, Gulal Holi colours are always on their demand list to celebrate Holi. Therefore, the colours should be free from the presence of harmful chemicals for the safety of your skin and health.

Eye Safety
If you have experienced the situation when someone threw colour on your face and it went inside your eyes then you would be well aware of the pain and irritation it involves. If the colour carries chemicals then the situation may get worse because the chemicals may cause some internal harm to the eyes. But that’s not the case with Vegetal Lustrous Herbal Gulal as it doesn’t contain any chemicals.

Prohibits Hair Damage
Chemicals in colours may damage your scalp and hair. It gets deep into the scalp and damages its core. The damaged core makes hair drier and stimulates hair fall. On the other hand, Vegetal Lustrous Herbal Gulal doesn’t harm your hair because it is completely free from harmful chemicals. This is why choosing Gulal Colour may be highly effective for protecting your hair from probable damage.

Chemical colours may ruin the charm of Holi

Chemical colours were not intended for human usage. But, people started using it in Holi because they are cheap in price and sellers and buyers both found the monetary benefit in it. These unhealthy colours have several dangerous components like mica, pieces of glass, acids, alkalis etc. These components can be a hazard for your health and skin, and you may be affected by allergies, rashes, itching etc.

Do you know that the Gulal you are using may also have multiple harmful components like Asbestos, Silica, Mercury, Nickel, Cadmium etc that can affect your health, skin and hair? Therefore, it is better to stay distant from such components for the safety of your health and skin.

Energizing the Environmental Harmony
What do people do with the Holi Color once the festival is over? The remaining colour travels on grounds and walls are washed away that gets soaked up by the soil. Chemicals that are present in artificial Holi Colours can diminish the natural nutrients’ level of soil and may later affect the plants, trees, and grass around. But, no such problem happens when we choose the AMA Herbal Lustrous Herbal Gulal because it is free from toxic chemicals and silently contributes to environmental harmony by not affecting it negatively.

Let’s initiate to celebrate chemical-free Holi
It is the time to reignite the eternal joy by going back to the roots and restricting the intervention of chemicals in Holi. Let’s make this Holi celebration pious and joyful like the innocent smile of an infant. Organic Gulal and Herbal Holi Colour can make the Holi more entertaining and memorable. You can enjoy a chemical-free Holi by choosing the Vegetal Lustrous Herbal Gulal.

Advantages of AMA Herbal Lustrous Herbal Gulal
● Certified as per the Indian and International Standards for Quality
● It is 100% natural and skin-friendly
● Easy to clean
● Reduces the air pollution as it roams less in the air
● Completely Herbal and 100% free from toxic chemicals
● Various exciting and vibrant colours

Why should you NOT choose the chemical Holi colour powder?

Do you know that using chemical colours for playing Holi can play with your health? Chemical Holi Colour Powder or liquid may devastate your health. Such colours may have numerous toxic elements like Mercury sulphite, Copper sulphate, Mold, Lead oxide etc. These toxic elements can be the reason for numerous health problems once they contact your eyes, skin etc. this can also be the reason for excessive pain or redness in the eyes.

It is not merely the matter of choosing an Organic Gulal Colour or a chemical colour for enjoying the festival. It is a matter of choosing the right because our choices have made us who we are today. Therefore, it is important to understand that our small choices can make a big difference. Organic holi color are from organic ingredients that never harm the body and environment.

What are the beneficial things to remember for playing a safe and stunning Holi?

We all want to enjoy the day of Holi to the fullest. The joy can be multiplied by following a few simple yet beneficial things-

● Applying sunscreen before moving out on the day can be so helpful for protecting skin from UV rays.
● This would be better to apply coconut oil or cold cream on the skin before playing colours as it would help to remove the colours easily after play.
● Don’t be harsh on your skin while removing the colours from your body. It may cause irritation or redness in the skin. If you have acne-prone skin then use
antibiotic gel for washing the face.
● Also, take proper care of your lips by applying lip balm to them
● Apply good quality organic moisturizer after having a bath


Now, we have started sensing the brutal side of chemical colours. Therefore, we are gradually moving towards the old path of celebrating Holi with organic colours. We all know that this old path would bring new stimulation for enhancing the joy of Holi Color along with supporting the environment. Play safe and enjoy the Holi to the extreme with Organic holi color.


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