How to Choose Between a Diesel and Petrol Used Engine?

When you set out to buy a used engine for your vehicle, one important question faces you – whether you should go for a diesel or a petrol variant? This decision is only the first of many important ones you’ll make in the process, so we need not tell you how crucial the answer is.

The type you choose must align with your expectations and demands from your vehicles. There is no ‘best’ choice when it comes to diesel and petrol as both of them have their pros and cons. While drivers swear by petrol variants, others may be skeptical about it.

So, in this article, We’ll walk you through a few differentiating factors among diesel and petrol variants that may help you make the right decision.

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Following are a few crucial factors that are unique to each fuel and must be considered before deciding the fuel type for your car:


We all know about price variation between diesel and petrol fuel options. In fact, for so long, it has been the only thing people considered to pick a fuel type or even a car. Obviously, it gives more preference to diesel as diesel usually costs less than petrol. Even though there isn’t a wide gap between both the fuels’ prices, it is still considerable. So, people who solely prioritize price may assert a great preference for the diesel variant when buying a used engine.

Fuel Efficiency

Buying an engine is not a one-and-done thing in terms of expenses. There will be at least fuel expenses you have to take care of. So the amount of fuel an engine consumes matters for most people. Diesel engines are likely more fuel-efficient as compared to petrol engines. In fact, they offer about 15-20% fuel efficiency.

Diesel models can save fuel as they have a complex mechanism that works on low-end torque. They can offer an amazing highway driving experience on much less fuel. As a result, they cost more than their counterpart as their internal parts and components are usually more expensive due to the complex construction of diesel models.

Whereas petrol variants hold the lower price ground as they are less complicated and cost less. Their service cost is also mostly lower than diesel models. However, they tend to consume more fuel, which leads to lower fuel efficiency and higher fuel costs.

The lifespan of Diesel and Petrol Engines

People wish for an engine that is long-lasting, and durable when they look for a used engine for sale. That’s why the fuel type you use is even more crucial. Due to the ever-changing and improving emission guidelines, there is an expiry date for diesel and petrol engines. In most countries, the citizens are allowed to drive petrol variants longer the diesel ones.

Service and Maintenance Cost

Service and maintenance cost is perhaps the deal-breaker for many engine seekers as there may be cases when an engine will be available for an unbelievable low price. However, the maintenance cost will be higher than anything you could expect.

Diesel units are pricey to maintain & get serviced, and their working system is solely responsible for that. Since they rely on compression-only to ignite the fuel and run the car, immense forces can generate inside the engine, whereas petrol units use spark plugs for ignition.

Hence, diesel ones experience excessive wear & tear, need more repairs, and cost a lot to maintain. Also, the prices of diesel engine’s components are also higher than the petrol ones so the overall owning & maintenance cost can be 50% more than that of petrol.

Insurance Premium

Another vital factor to consider is the insurance premium you may have to pay. If you are planning to have your vehicle or engine insured, the diesel ones tend to have a higher insurance premium in later years. They also get a marginally higher risk cover in comparison to petrol models.

Noise Factor

If you care about how your vehicle sounds when driving, this is a crucial factor for you. Yes, there is a difference between the sound diesel and petrol engines make. A car running on diesel is loud and well, annoying. Whereas petrol vehicles make a minimal sound. Since diesel variants undergo a strong compression reaction, it makes a loud sound in their ignition chamber. Of course, it adds to noise pollution as well and can be a problem for noise-sensitive people.

Petrol & Diesel Performance

There has been a lot of research about the performance of petrol & diesel engines, and which one supersedes the other. Earlier, petrol used to be a clear winner, but with recent advancements in engine technology, there have been some changes in this dynamic.

Diesel engines lacked acceleration power, but since the advent of turbochargers, they now promise better performance.

The latest technology like direct Injecting takes care of the noise problem in diesel models. They also offer better mileage and fuel economy as compared to the old indirect injection models.
Common rail diesel models are the most recent in automotive technology, and they offer so much more potential than what was expected. They offer fuel efficiency and better performance.

On the other hand, petrol variants offer more horsepower which enables them to attain higher top speed. They accelerate from 0 to 60 in much less time and offer a thrilling experience for driving enthusiasts. That’s why the refined driving experience they offer is still unmatchable by any diesel model.

The Bottom Line

After considering all these factors, you’re likely to have shortlisted a few elements that you want and don’t want in your used engines. However, as we said before, there is no winner or loser between petrol and diesel if you are looking for the best variant for a used engine.
So, to choose the most suitable one for you, you must have a clear understanding of your requirements. Only then can you make the right choice. Consider the pros and cons of both the options and weigh them against each other. Eventually, you’ll lead to a feasible solution.

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