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Top 7 Fuel Efficient Engines that Work Well as Used Engines

Over the years, the automotive industry has witnessed a lot of innovations that led to the production of ground-breaking engines. Several brands joined the bandwagon in an attempt to manufacture some of the most viable engines of all time. Since power and fuel efficiency are the two most demanded features in an engine, each automaker tried to produce fuel-efficient engines that generate more power than the previous engines. Thus, throughout the years, automakers across the globe managed to make a few one-of-a-kind engines. Some of them even managed to stay in production for over 70 years.

7 Most Fuel-Efficient Engines Ever

Jaguar XK straight six

Jaguar’s XK engine is the one that helped Jaguar gain its brand value. It got popular and took the place of the British marque engine. The XK engine is a significantly big engine designed by Sir William Lyons and William Heynes. They together came up with the idea for the engine on their roof when the German bombs fell on Coventry.

This engine propelled Jaguar forward in the direction of success and powered some of Jaguar’s most famous sports cars. The XK engine stayed in production for about 43 years till 1992 as it had its roots in WW II. It is known for its unsurmountable power and efficiency.

Chevrolet small-block V8

The small-block engine manufactured by GM engines is perhaps the most popularly produced engine by the automaker. Almost everyone in the USA owns one or has owned one in the past. In 1955, GM and its subsidiaries produced over 100 million Chevrolet small-block engines. The engine’s popularity was due to its simple mechanics. Its pushrod V8 was easy to work on and modifiable for more power.

Generally, race cars, bread vans, compacts, sedans, and pickup trucks used this engine. Even though GM motors managed to produce other more powerful engines but small block V8’s fans still demand this engine. As a result, GM motors still sell this fuel-efficient small-block V8.

Ford flathead V8

Ford is known for its innovative technology. Its revolutionary engines modified the way we drive cars. However, the Ford flathead V8 unlocked a new speed feature. Though, it was not the first V8 engine ever manufactured. It was the first one that was easily affordable to the masses. With this innovation, an average family man could afford a car that could go 60 mph.

The name Flathead refers to the valve positioning of this engine. The valves in this engine are seated in the block, and the head looks like a flat lid. The whole structure attaches itself to the deck. The flathead design of this engine allowed it to be cheap and attain more valve efficiency. Due to this, the engine remained popular for about two decades.

Dodge Cummins 6BT

The 6 BT engine’s design was ideal for farm implements and construction equipment. Earlier it wasn’t deemed fit for passenger vehicles. However, Dodge utilized this engine in the best way possible. The company decided to equip the Cummins 6BT in its three-quarter and one-tonne trucks in 1984. It is one of the heaviest and powerful engines with a capacity of 5.9L and 500 kg weight (fully assembled).

The Holset turbocharger boosted this engine’s output range to 160-210 horsepower, and torque ranged between 400 and 440. The power and torque vary as per the variant of the engine. Dodge utilized this engine to work in the most extreme condition an engine could handle. It is a durable and efficient engine designed to last for over 560,000 km.

Jeep MultiJet and MultiAir

The American car brand Jeep is renowned for its reliable and potent engines that make Jeep vehicles an exceptional choice for off-roading. However, as much as engine power and performance are important, one can’t avoid fuel efficiency. Jeep performs well in terms of fuel efficiency as well. The MultiJet (petrol) and MultiAir (diesel) engines are some of the most fuel-efficient and power-packed engines. The MultiJet engine has a capacity of 1.4L. It generates a jaw-dropping power output of about 163hp & torque of 260Nm due to its turbochargers. On the other hand, the MultiAir engine has a capacity of 2.0-liter and generates max power of 170hp & a peak torque of 350Nm. These fuel-efficient engines help your car glide on the road, making it a delight to be behind the wheel of a Jeep.

Honda B-series

Honda quickly gained the reputation of being fuel-efficient, durable, and low maintenance with the B-series engines and VTEC technology. The B series engine also began the enthusiasm among Honda owners to modify their Hondas. The Honda Civic, Del Sol, Integra came with the B-series engine. Whereas the high-output versions of the Honda B are present in a few models, including Civic Type R. The B-series of Honda was the engine to generate 100 hp per liter, which is quite efficient. Moreover, these engines thrilled those who drove them out past 8,000 rpm.

Nissan BR10DE

The Japanese automaker Nissan is known to make more powerful and efficient engines than its rivals. Earlier, the company used to produce both petrol and diesel engines. But due to the latest emission norms, Nissan has shifted to a petrol-only brand. Now, the brand has a potent line-up of petrol and turbo petrol engines. The engines by this Japanese are truly dependable. Their BR10DE engine is of 1.0-liter capacity and generates 67hp of maximum power and 91Nm of peak torque. Due to its innovative engineering, it is capable of reducing fuel consumption significantly.

All the preceding engines exceeded the public’s expectations and proved to be the right choice among the other present options in the market. Thus, when you are out to buy a car engine, whether new or a used one, it is beneficial to consider these engines first as they can offer you fuel efficiency like no other. Moreover, these engines have a durability quotient working in favor of them. It makes them especially advantageous if you are looking for a quality used engine. Their already proven fuel efficiency may boost your confidence when purchasing a used engine to repair your car. Thus, you may utilize the innovation and invention offered by these leading brands without spending a lot and experience efficiency at its finest.

Buy Quality Used Engines from Used Engines Inc.

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All you need to place an order is your VIN and an idea of how much you are comfortable spending on your used engine. Once you have your requirements sorted, they’ll get a suitably used engine from their massive inventory that is compatible with your vehicle and will get you back on the road as soon as possible.

The company offers used engines with a warranty of 3-5 years. Be very particular about the quality of engines and try & test every piece before selling. We offer free shipping on all our orders, all over the USA, including residential & business addresses.


How to Choose the Best Used Engine

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