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How to choose a digital piano: practical advice

Have you always wanted to buy a piano but your house is too small? You don’t have to give it up: you can satisfy your craving for music with a digital piano.

This instrument is an excellent in quality and offers many advantages: it is smaller and more compact than the traditional one, many models include only the keyboard and can be easily transported inside special covers. Also, this instrument can be connected to electronic devices or headphones, does not need to be tuned and does not require too much maintenance.
But the most important thing is that these qualities do not affect the sound, which is still very similar to the traditional one, clear and powerful.

In short, the digital piano is an excellent choice for those who want to use the instrument during a tour or to train at home.

But let’s get to the point: there are so many models on the market so it is rather difficult to immediately identify the most suitable one.

In this small guide we want to offer you our practical advice to choose the digital piano that best suits your needs!

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Choice of digital piano: the keyboard:

What are the main elements to consider when choosing this tool? The keyboard is certainly an important aspect, let’s see its characteristics.


  • The number of keys on a digital piano ranges from 32 to 88.
  • We recommend choosing an instrument with at least 61 keys but you get to the optimal performance conditions with 88 keys.
  • In fact, in these cases the eighths available increase as well as the shades available. The sound is more articulated and expressive.

Now let’s talk about the type of key. First of all, it must give a sensation similar to that experienced when playing a traditional piano: in these cases the finger must press the key with such force to move the hammer which will then vibrate the string.

In the digital version this dynamic is not present, however the manufacturers have worked hard to create keyboards that simulate the sensation of pressing on traditional keys.
To do this, they use wooden or plastic keys and have a set of weights that regulate the weight of the key.

Surely the most resistant and economical are the plastic keys regulated by a spring, however the more traditionalists can choose the wooden keyboards (with weighted key) where a series of hammers are mounted with the aim of transmitting the feeling most similar to this. you feel when playing the acoustic keyboard.

A solution with a semi-weighted plastic key may also work to start.

Evaluate the best keyboard according to your needs: a novice must learn basic chords, strengthen coordination and improve technique, so a piano with 88 semi-weighted keys will suffice.

What are the features and accessories that should not be missing?
If you want to learn to play the piano you have to think only of the main sound, without adding effects and other frills. In this case, it becomes useless to choose a piano with too many features: you risk getting confused. Better to choose a tool with few but useful functions.

For example, the following elements cannot be missing, which may or may not be integrated into the piano:

  • Metronome (can also be purchased separately)
  • At least two headphone outputs (one for the player, one for the teacher)
  • Good acoustics even when playing without headphones
  • These are the three basic features, now you need accessories.

If you’ve never played this instrument you’ll need a comfortable stool, piano stand and pedal to maintain sustain.
The keyboards are often sold separately, so at the time of purchase it is essential to also think about these products in order not to risk playing the piano in an incorrect posture, sitting on a chair with the piano resting on the bed.

This is the basic information that can help you choose your ideal tool. Do you already have an idea or do you have a particular model and brand in mind? Do you want to find a tool that suits your needs?

In online musical instrument store you will find a wide range of digital pianos from the best brands and at affordable prices.


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