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How To Calibrate A Garmin Foot Pod

We would like to warmly welcome you to our site, we wish that this article would be informative and useful to you to know about how to calibrate a Garmin foot pod.

By the way, it is quite an easy task to do and will also not take much time of yours. The steps mentioned are quite easy, smart, and effective,

Little About Garmin Foot Pod

It is a small gadget that estimates the speed, distance, and steps while moving. The user can trust this device blindly as its measurement is 100% accurate and tested.

Basically, the Garmin foot pod is designed especially for the Garmin training watches. Some watches like Fenix will work only if the foot speed and distance information is identified.

It will inform you how much distance you have covered within how steps and at what speed. We can say that the Garmin foot pod is a healthful device.

Do On Your Own…

Prior to doing so many individuals begin imagining that in the situation that we accomplish something, nothing will turn out badly. If you are also one of those then change your thinking. If you have set your mind then you can do anything.

Even this article will help you with it. If you will follow the guidelines properly and in a sequence then there are 100 & 1% chances of succeeding on your own.

2 Ways To Calibrate A Garmin Foot Pod – Useful And Workable

So, there are 2 ways that we will share with you to know about how to calibrate a Garmin foot pod. All the methods are useful and will definitely work to calibrate.

Dear, are you ready to do it on your own? That’s brilliant, so without consuming more time on discussion let’s do it.


Dear users, kindly make sure that the Garmin GPS update should be done before calibrating. It is a necessary process which if not done then the user may even, unfortunately, fail in doing it.

Don’t worry, you can easily do it with the help of Garmin Express. It is designed only to safely and easily manage Garmin devices.

It’s okay if you don’t know how to update Garmin GPS then we will share tips with you. Kindly follow the below stated bulleted points, these will definitely help you with it.

  • First, just go to the Garmin Express official website.
  • Click for the option to download Garmin Express and remember to select your respective device, {download for Mac or download for Windows}.
  • When it gets downloaded then double-tap on that application,
  • Read the terms and conditions, if you accept the conditions then,
  • Select the checkbox for confirmation.
  • After that click on the Install option.
  • Keep following the on-screen instructions.
  • When the installation gets completed then launch the Garmin Express option.

After the Garmin GPS update gets done you can continue with the steps to overcome your issue. Now, you will not face any hurdles while comprehending the tips.

With The Help Of Distance

  • So, simply you have to select a perfect location, that must be a little longer than half a mile. {Make sure you know its distance}.
  • After deciding the place you have to now select the calibration method on the watch display.
  • So, tap on the “mode” and then select “settings” and “Run setting” after that and tap to “foot pod” and then to the “calibrate” option.
  • After that, you have to choose a distance from the menu then press “continue” and then “Start”.
  • Now, go for a walk on the same selected track, and when you finish suddenly press the stop option.
  • Now, look out the distance, if it is the same as the distance then there you go.

With The Help Of GPS

  • For calibrating with GPS you have to choose a portion where you can easily do running and the GPS may acquire accurately.
  • So, you have to go to the settings now by selecting the “mode” option.
  • It is a little the same as the above. You have to now press “run setting” and after that tap on “Foot pod”.
  • Select calibrate ad click to select GPS.
  • Tap on “continue” and then “start”.
  • Go for a walk on the selected portion, if you will go far then it will notify you.

So, these are the 2 easy ways that may help you to calibrate a Garmin foot pod. Hopefully, these methods help you to calibrate. Would you find these methods useful and easy to do?

That’s amazing, actually, this is what we are waiting for. You can now freely trust on the Garmin foot pod blindly as it is great.

Last But Not Least

We are grateful to you as you have given your precious time to us. Your love and trust always make us more appreciative to provide smart, best, quick, and effective solutions to you.

We guarantee you that we will further also provide the best solutions so that you can very easily overcome all your issues and enjoy using your device.

Stay tuned with us…

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