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How to Buy a New Printer

When it’s time to purchase a new printer for home or office use finding the right model can be a bit daunting with so many choices it is hard to know which printer will best fit your needs.

Single function or Multifunction Printer

The first place to start is whether you want a dedicated printer or one that can handle multifunction duties like scanning copying and faxing while the dedicated printer will be less expensive having the ability to scan copy or fax can be very convenient. Most of the times the multifunction printer are best for office use printing.

Inkjet or Laser

The next factor to consider is whether to buy an inkjet model or a laser model inkjet models tend to be best for photos and light-duty home use whereas laser models can save a lot of money on supplies for those who print mainly monochrome documents at high volumes such as a shared office environment if you only print a few hundred pages a month an inkjet model will likely be pretty affordable but if you are in an office
that puts thousands of pages per month the laser model is likely to be the most economical.

Color printer or Monochrome printer

The next factor is whether you need a color printer or monochrome printer almost all inkjet models can print in color but laser models can be either color or monochrome if you only need to print monochrome text and graphics a monochrome model will be less expensive and the supplies will be more affordable color laser toner cartridges tend to be fairly pricey so research the supply costs before you make the leap to a color laser printer

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices read some online reviews of potential models that fit your criteria sites like PC Magazine provide good comparison reviews of popular models also take some time to compare the costs of supplies to see which model will be least expensive to operate.

There is no magic formula for choosing the right printer but if you followed these steps you will have narrowed down your choices so that you have a better idea of the right type of printer to fit your needs be sure to visit

For all your toner and ink needs where we can help you save money with every print

A quick hack when your ink cartridge is out of ink

printer ink

Does it seem like you’re always running out of printer eight don’t you hate it when you see that low ink symbol it means you have to go out and buy another expensive ink cartridge but wait before you throw that a cartridge away here’s a big secret that I guarantee that you companies don’t want you to know

Most ink cartridges have a circuit board built in that circuit board has a small amount of memory that keeps track of the level of ink within the cartridge but more often than not the memory is not very accurate so let’s reset the memory.

On most cartridges look just above the circuit board and you will see a small hole press the button in that hole using a paper clip this will reset the memory on the cartridge which should now give us a more accurate reading let’s refresh and see what happens look there’s almost half a cartridge left so the next time your printer tells you you’re out of ink forget it and reset it.

Most of the printer company use razor and blade model they sell the printers at cheap and throw away price and then try to make their money from selling expensive cartridges to cover their costs.

Make a better research of ho expensive is the ink cartridge before buying the printer .

Best of Luck

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