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How to Be Prepared for Your Next MOT

The MOT exam is a yearly examination of the vehicle roadworthiness aspects, exhaust emissions, and safety required all around the UK for most cars three years and older.

Most MOT tests are quite simple; however, they are still failed by several people each year. Here are some things you should consider before your next MOT.

Where should you get your MOT?

You can easily find MOT test locations in directories and online, but the best centre to go will always be a location you already trust or a reputable test centre that someone suggested to you. In this way, you will feel confident and convinced that the exam will be carried out without major inconveniences.

How much you need to pay for an MOT?

The final price you need to pay for your MOT will vary depending on what kind of car you have – although there are maximum charges. The maximum fee for conventional vehicles with eight seats is £54.85, and for motorcycles around £29.65. If you wish to know the full price list, you can find it directly on the official GOV.UK website.

Council MOT Centers Vs Conventional Garages

Council centres are test centres where you can also get your MOT, however, they do not perform any repairs. That is why many drivers prefer coming to these places than to go to normal garages where they will probably have to pay extra money for repairs. But this is not always true as data supporting this theory is merely qualitative, i.e., written testimonials stating that some people find it easier to get their MOT approved at council centres. However, there are no definitive studies to confirm this.

Some experts recommend using council centre only when your vehicle is in excellent condition but it could fail due to minor necessary repairs – but for any major issues, a reliable garage that fixes on-site is a more affordable and safe option.

What Is Covered During the MOT and How Long It Lasts

An MOT will not take too much time. The examination takes approximately forty minutes up to one hour. You can either leave your car there and come back later or simply wait while your car is being checked. Keep in mind that if any repair is necessary after the MOT the whole process may take more time.

During the MOT, the next areas will be inspected:

  • Steering – it also includes the condition and strength of your steering wheel.
  • Electrical equipment – headlights, indicators, fog lights and brake lights.
  • Tyres and wheels- including the overall condition of your tyres and their tread depth.
  • Brakes – including the general condition of your brakes and pedals.
  • Suspension – including any wear and corrosion, as well as shock absorbers.

Seats and seat belts

Mirrors, windscreen, and wipers – including any type of damage to your windscreen and the overall condition of your wiper blades.

Emissions and exhaust- the tester will check for leaks in your fuel and exhaust system.

MOT exemptions

Vehicles that are more than forty years old are exempt from taking the test, unless the car has had significant changes.

MOT Defects and Fails

The fail rate is about 36.80%, so it is possible that you might fail your MOT Loughborough.

But why do vehicles fail the MOT test?

There are many reasons, but the most common ones are defects in your lights, brakes, and suspension. That is why is so crucial to service your vehicle at least once a month to avoid any major damages in the long term. Also, if you notice a problem with your car, do not hesitate and take it to your local mechanic as soon as possible.


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