How to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate in UAE

What do you mean by PCC?

A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), referred to likewise as ‘Good conduct Certificate’ is proof of the individual’s criminal record or the absence of it in the place wherein he/she lives. In the UAE, police can provide the certificate in different divisions across the UAE.  A Good Character Certificate describes the individual who doesn’t have any criminal points of reference.

For business establishments and visa applications, a police clearance document is required.

In the below paragraph, I’m going to discuss a few reasons why the Police Clearance Certificate is important in UAE.

Purposes Of Attaining Good Conduct Certificate:
  • job/ employment purposes.
  • migration purposes.
  • residence visa in UAE.
  • higher study purposes, etc.

UAE Nationals, just as ex-pats living in the nation, frequently need police clearance certificate attestation for different purposes. You could be keen on seeking a PCC application to take admission in college or maybe you want to apply for migration. Other than unfamiliar colleges and visa departments, a few businesses in the UAE additionally request this certificate. Criminal Records Report is turning into an important report as managers need to guarantee that the individual experiences had no difficulty with the law.


In case you are not aware of the clearance certificate, getting the authentication can be a bit difficult. Suppose you are in a foreign nation and there are chances you don’t realize anybody actually aside from your boss. You wonder, how to apply for Police Leeway Endorsement in UAE? How might I demonstrate that I have been a model resident? What records would I need to submit to get the PPC in Dubai? Do they require any data from my manager? Would have I to visit a Police office?

Required documents

  • Valid Emirates ID.
  • Number (1) of a picture with white background
  • Active Email Address.

People who have left the UAE and want to make an online Police Clearance Certificate application. You have to get your unique fingerprint card from the UAE Government office in your nation. A unique fingerprint card functions as a criminal report from the police officer, which confirms the personality of the individual dependent on finger impression and biometrics. We will submit your online application to either UAE’s protection Service or Dubai Police.

  • two recent passport-sized photographs
  • a copy of your valid passport
  • a copy of your last UAE visa
  • Emirates id copy or Original Emirates id
  • the reason for the application.
Can we use the same PCC in multiple countries?

In the UAE, each certificate is issued intending to be used in only one country. Individual applications must be submitted for each country to use in more than one country. There is an option available online to request either an English or Arabic version at the time of submitting the application.

Is MOFA Attestation Need For PCC?

MOFA attestation is a mandatory process for attestation of your certificates in the UAE. Once you have done with the MOFA attestation, you can use legal documents for any purpose in the UAE. There are many experts who provide attestation services in UAE including MOFA attestation in UAE.

MOFA documentation is an essential legal system that’s part of getting these advantages. It’s the legal need for resident visas like work visas and family visas. You want legalization to enter an academyget higher education, or get a job.

The MOFA also leads work permit or labor card processing in the UAE and other countriesAccording to the Ministry of Labor, this is a residence permit or work visa.

Steps you need to know to get MOFA Attestation Dubai UAE
The way you need to know to get Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation in UAE is
Step 1 Get an appointment with MOFA

You can do the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE online. You can also get an appointment with the help of a documentation expert in the United Arab Emirates.

To imply an appointment for MOFA documentation, give details similar to the proof, the name of the branch where you’re moving for an appointment. The name of the candidate, the Emirates ID, the passport, the country, and the type of document to be attested by the Ministry.

You’ll need an online attestation appointment. If you haven’t yet paid the documentation figure you can cancel or change the appointment.

Step 2 Give the figure for MOFA documentation

Still, You can drop the booking, If you don’t make the payment for Ministry of Foreign Affairs documentation UAE within a few hours from the time you booked the appointment. However, you’ll need to apply for a refund in another way, If you have paid for MOFA Attestation in Dubai and don’t need the service.

Step 3 After that, Visit the MOFA in the UAE

Make sure you enter the MOFA office fifteen minutes ere your registered appointment. You can see Individual and UAE companies have different counters. Make sure you have all the documents. You can attest your documents to the Ministry. You can manage Ministry of Foreign Affairs documentation for your dependents; But, indeed if you have your relatives at the time of the appointment, the ministry won’t certify their documents.

You’ll need to give the requirements of the UAE MOFA Attestation, which may vary depending on the nature of the document needed for the authentication. Therefore, you should inquire about the help of attestation experts in the UAE, as they can help you with what you need to pay the legal officers to complete the process.

Who can submit a document for attestation to the Ministry of External Affairs?

An applicant for attestation must produce a document for attestation; But, a family member can do so if the authority has given the letter published by the applicant.

How long does it take for MOFA attestation in UAE?

Even if you have applied for any certification in the UAE like an Educational certificate or birth, MoFA attestation can take up to two working days.

How long is the clearance certificate valid?

The validity of the certificate depends on country to country. It may be a time mentioned on the certificate or the criteria set by the authority of countries, where the certificate is to be used.

For now, UAE police clearance certificates are valid for 3 months from the date of issue as mentioned on the certificates. However, Australian police clearance certificates are valid for 12 months from their issue dates. It is for both visa and citizenship applications to get consistency across different laws. Meanwhile, authorities only accept certificates submitted within 3 months of their issuance, irrespective of the validity mentioned on the certificate.

Document Attestation from the MOFA UAE is an important step of verification. It will be prepared once the necessary process such as HRD, MEA, and Embassy Attestation is performed. The person needs to have the original (attested) certificates, attestation fee, and the person’s passport. It is difficult to attest documents from different authorities. This tells that the overall procedure is busy.

Therefore, the help of an attestation service provider can be very helpful in making the process stress-free and easy. For doing all these steps in a fast, low-priced, and most convenient way, get in touch with Prompt Attestation Services.

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