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Different Types of Range Hoods for Your Kitchen

Range hoods are effective tools for removing stale smells, grease residues, and excess heat from a kitchen to improve its air quality. When excessive heat, dust particles, and smoke start building up on any surface in the kitchen, then the growth of bacteria & mold also rise. However, the presence of a kitchen hood system transforms the environment into more comfortable and cooler settings.

These devices make the clean-up easy since filters trap grease particles, absorb excess moisture, plus prevent greasy build-up and growth of bacteria. While cooking, the range hood provides more illumination, which helps maintain the colour and texture of your food.

There are kitchen appliances that produce carbon monoxide. It is an odourless and combustible gas, which has become the reason for several health problems. However, installing range hoods won’t only eliminate carbon monoxide from your kitchen but also throw out the bad odours outside for creating a safe environment for everyone.

Hence installing a kitchen exhaust fan doesn’t only build a secure and healthy environment for your family, it will also improve your kitchen. Additionally, it also converts into a great investment when you sell your home. Above all, it’s necessary to choose a range hood for your kitchen that makes a big difference in making it more stylish. There are thousands of range hoods available in the market. However, having an appropriate type of hood is necessary for improving the internal environment of your home.

Our guide will represent some different types of range hoods, So let’s have a look at them!

Different Types of Kitchen Exhaust Hoods

If you really want to remove the stale and unpleasant smell of smoke and fumes from your kitchen, range hoods are the best solution. These devices never let accumulate heat and moisture on the cupboards and platforms of a kitchen. A good kitchen exhaust fan provides the proper ventilation. That’s why it’s necessary to consider which type of range hood you should choose by determining size, shape, and mounting type while installing a hood.

Kitchen Island Hood

These hood systems are a perfect fit for the ceiling over a stove or cooktop. Generally, glass canopies, curved metal, copper, and ceramic are some basic styles of kitchen island hoods. These kitchen island range hoods release stale air and odour through ductwork in the ceiling or the roof.

Wall-Mounted Range Hoods

One of the most popular types of hoods is wall-mounted hoods. These devices are installed on your kitchen wall and over the cooking range. However, the evaluation of appropriate height is necessary to install wall-mounted range hoods.

The accurate size of such kitchen hoods is 28” to 36” for effective acquisition of gases and fumes. These types of systems with pre-existing duct systems provide proper ventilation. These wall-mounted range hoods also include an optional chimneypiece.

These systems completely absorb the smoke and heat as they’re available in large sizes. So, if your cooking range is on an exterior wall, the wall-mounted range hoods are an excellent option to choose.

Suspended Hoods

These are flat structure hoods. A suspended hood is under the cabinet and recessed into the cabinet. Their main advantage is the ability to complement the existing interior as the equipment is almost invisible. In this, the hood will also perfectly fit into the design.

As a rule, such models can operate in both exhaust and recirculation mode. These devices are almost invisible and take up little space. But the ability to fully use the cabinet remains only if the hood is flat and not built-in. In addition, hanging hoods are an excellent budget option for small kitchens.

Fully Recessed

Such hoods are mounted at the stage of renovation and are selected for a specific kitchen project. They work in two modes and are mainly for large rooms where the kitchen is combined with the living room. By the way, this is the most profitable option as the performance is high, and there is no overpayment for decor and design. However, these devices aren’t easy to dismantle without damaging the ceiling.

Ductless Kitchen Hood

A ductless kitchen hood system is a great alternative for cabinet range hoods, island ranges, wall-mounted hoods. Ductless kitchen hoods are excellent for medium-sized kitchens with modest cooking. This type of range hood removes smoke, heat, smell, steam, and fumes away from the stove or cooktop. These devices throw out the heat and fumes from the kitchen.

Its main filters can trap oil and grease droplets to reduce undesired odours and clean them. However, a ductless kitchen hood system can still throw the same air back into the kitchen. That’s why it’s necessary to make sure your kitchen has windows if you’re thinking about installing ductless hood systems. Otherwise, your cooking place becomes humid.

Custom Kitchen Hoods

Custom kitchen hoods system are excellent options when someone requires exhaust fans with a more sturdy design knock. Customized kitchen exhaust fans can fit according to the overall kitchen design theme.

In this, the manufacturers design the custom kitchen hoods according to the requirements of the homeowner. They choose the material, shapes, and styles as per the preference of the homeowner. Even homeowners can choose their preferred material and style among endless options. Hence, it provides a unique and personalized look to a home.

Wood Kitchen Hoods

The wood kitchen hood has simple and ornate designs. These systems are available in a wide range of styles and colours that fit your interior design scheme. Installing a wood kitchen hood enhances the aesthetic appeal and highlights the artistic design of the kitchen.

Generally, wood kitchen range hoods are available in hard maple, red oak, cherry, and even reclaimed wood. Custom-made wooden range hoods require elegant details for appropriate finishes and coatings. Having custom kitchen range hoods look so stunning. These systems are perfect for kitchen cabinetry.

Wall Ventilation Fans

Wall ventilation fans eliminate heat, odours, and sticky air from the kitchen. These range hoods are common and available in a variety of forms. Wall ventilation fans are the only affordable option other than installing a whole range hood.

These devices are easy to install on kitchen walls or against a window near your cooktop. By just plugging your system into a power supply outlet, you will get fresh air into the kitchen every time. However, it is only effective to remove the smoke coming from the cooktop, not effective against humidity in the air.

Metal Kitchen Hoods

Metal exhaust fan features and designs are also common and become the biggest kitchen design trend. It is a perfect option for those wanting a customized interior design. Metal, copper, and stainless steel are quite popular in the market nowadays.

Doesn’t matter what type of metal (copper, stainless steel, or zinc) you choose for your dream kitchen, a metal-type kitchen hood is a worthy investment. It’s an amazing decor piece, so you can enjoy its services for many years. Hence, installing a kitchen range hood doesn’t only create a safe and comfortable environment for your family, but it will also upgrade your kitchen.

Let’s Summarize

Of course, you require a sturdy and good ventilation system for maintaining the airflow of your kitchen. We’ve mentioned some of the best kitchen hood system, which you can try according to your preferences. Every type of range hoods and ventilation system has different structures and features. So, choose one that fits and suits your kitchen and assists in improving the interior environment of your kitchen.

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