How Parents can help their Child to Prepare for Gems Scholarship?

The Global Schools Foundation introduced the 9GEMS Holistic Development scholarship to GIIS Bangalore in 2018. The scholarship, which is strictly open to Indian citizens, aims to groom the students and prepare them for the changing needs of the modern world. After the students pass through the 9GEMS Framework, the institution hopes that they can evolve into distinguished global citizens who can adapt to any situation and thrive.  The scholarship framework strategically balances academic work with extracurricular activities to ensure your child thrives in both areas. The GIIS body of work has won international recognition and awards, which make it an outstanding scholarship for your child.

This scholarship is available to Indian students at the GIIS campuses in Bannerghatta (grades 6-7) and Whitefield (grades 6-12).  It runs for one year and supports the CBSE curriculum at the institution. The scholarship is highly sought after by many parents because of its benefits; therefore, these simple tips will help you increase your child’s chances of winning this scholarship. 

1) Be conversant with the 9GEMS Pedagogy

It is beneficial for your child to understand the purpose of the GEMS scholarships so that they can draft a proper application. The 9GEMS Framework relies on nine unique gems throughout the learning process. They include:

  •       Academic excellence
  •       Sports excellence
  •       Personality development
  •       Arts
  •       Creativity and innovation
  •       Entrepreneurship and leadership
  •       Skills development
  •       Universal values and ethics
  •       Community care

The student should understand the purpose and importance of each of these GEMS. When you have factual information on your application, it is easy to stand out from other applicants.

2) Encourage good academic performance.

The scholarship may be talent-based, but the institution also focuses on your child’s academic performance for the past year. Therefore, you can encourage your child to keep up his/her grades consistently.  Usually, GFS requires academic results of 90% or an A in most subjects.

3) Work on improving your child’s talents and skills

Before a student can qualify for the 9GEMS scholarship, they need to portray excellence in one or more of the gems in the pedagogy. A student who competes and performs well at the state, national, or international level in a sporting event will have a better chance of getting the GEMS scholarship. Performing arts and creativity are also factors that GFS considers when they award the 9Gem scholarship. Students who receive recognition for performing arts, community service, leadership, innovation, and other co-curricular activities also have a chance. Therefore, encouraging your child to take part in various initiatives and perfect his/ her skills will increase their chances.

4) Research

The GEMS scholarship requires the student to take a scholarship test before qualifying. Do a lot of research on GIIS Bangalore and other significant factors that are part of the school. The in-depth GIIS research will equip your child with enough information to excel in the test. Enlisting the help of a scholarship coach who may have a lot more perspective about the institution will also give your child the upper hand.  When the student has adequate information, they can prepare a well-written essay.

5) Practice for the one-on-one interview

The final step of the application process is the one-on-one interview by the GFS experts. Therefore, you can do mock interviews at home by yourself or with the help of a coach to prepare your child. You can come up with potential questions through research on the internet.  You can encourage your child to exude confidence during the interview so that they can leave a lasting impression.

The GEMS scholarship has a one-year tenure and covers 10-20% of your child’s tuition. Winning the scholarship will not only allow your child to learn in a holistic environment, but it will also relieve you of the financial strain for a year. GIIS Bangalore believes that all Indian students can succeed under the proper learning atmosphere.

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