How Are College Students Embracing The New Normal?

With the entire world going through the challenging phase of the global pandemic, all of us saw how our lives have been changing gradually. We could not help, but we had to normalize ourselves with the changes that have been taking place.

Not only in our daily lives, but the field of education has also experienced a drastic modification.

In the next lines, we shall discuss the new normal of the education procedure that has been happening due to the pandemic situation –

  • Knowledge about technology

We do thank technology for existing and guiding us through the darkness when the entire world collapsed. Without technology, our education system would have lost its way.

Institutes and colleges are now running their classes through online platforms to connect to the students and form a virtual classroom. The students get to attend the classes sitting at home without facing any trouble that could have been caused outside.

Not only this but, due to the over and regular usage of technologies, students and learners would become way more tech-savvy. Their daily encounter with the devices and the apps would enhance their technical knowledge daily.

So, it is evident that it is suitable for learners to be prepared technically for their future ventures.

Relationships restored

  • Relationships restored

College students have to spend most of their time attending classes and tuitions while everything is normal. After classes, they tend to be with their friends leaving behind their family.

On the other hand, the new normal graph shows that students now can spend much time with their family and siblings and relationships are getting better due to this.

As they do not have to attend real-time classes; hence, they can stay back at their place and be present in every demanding situation for their family.

  • Recreation recreated

While students are studying on an online basis, they too need recreation between studies as it becomes monotonous to look at the screen and read for a long time.

Even in this crucial situation, they cannot go out for a game or meet their friends. So what is the solution?

Colleges are arranging online gaming sessions or quiz contests where students can participate and compete with others. 

This has been concluded to be one of the best ways to entertain students and keep them focused.

Even school programs are being arranged online as students live on their device camera and all others connected view as an audience.

Hence, the theory of the recreation system in schools and colleges has also changed rapidly.

Examination process

  • Examination process

The system of examination has also run its course of change. Even tests are now conducted online.

The question paper is given to the students, and the time limit is set within which the student have to answer. Once the time limit gets over, the student would not be able to answer the question anymore.

This ensures that the student does not get the chance to tamper with any answer.

  • Remedies for homework

With too much academic pressure on students, it nearly becomes impossible to further work on assignments and projects after studying so hard.

So, students have finally found a solution to it.

Several acclaimed agencies now provide a unique service where students can opt for take my online class‘ to get superior assistance for their college homework and assignments.

They charge a specific amount within budget and proffer to deliver quality work within the promised deadline. So, students do not have to worry anymore about missing their deadlines or writing an accurate project.

 The agencies make sure that only professional experts work on the given task, and so, the output is entirely authentic and un-plagiarized.

  • Cost-cutting

Needless to say, the online education system has lessened many costs from the daily life of students.

The one being the conveyance charge. Every student needs some amount of money for their daily commute. But after this lockdown, students are free from traveling. Hence, a certain amount of money is saved.

  • Personal touch

With digital learning, students are now able to communicate with teachers and professors in a better way.

Many shy students often fail to face their teachers and clear out their queries. But after the digital learning process has started, they can easily connect to teachers on a one-to-one basis and talk to them directly without any hesitation.

Even teachers can now assess the performance of students thoroughly as no student can now be termed as a back-bencher.

Own space

  • Own space

As students now need to spend a higher time with their computer or laptop, they have now created a proper study space, which many of them lacked during regular times.

A proper study setup ensures a focused study with complete concentration. They do not have to roam around the entire house to look for a space to study.

Even students are suggested to create a study table adding some aesthetic objects, flowers, frames with motivational quotes, and all the pieces of stuff that they require during their study time.

This enhances a better study, and even learners feel comfortable and compact while accomplishing their academic work.

Summing up, the new normal may have been a little difficult for all of us to digest initially, but it can be concluded that we have almost adapted to it.

It would not be a mistake to say that technology has played a very significant role in our lives after the attack of the deadly COVID-19. We would not have survived if technology had not been so updated.

From grocery shopping to education, technology has supported every aspect with its comprehensive platform. Hence, we are grateful to the streamlining and refurbishing of technology as it merely paved our way to survive in this painful condition.

Now talking just about the entire education system, as technology has widened its arms for the learners to carry on with their education procedure, students have also taken up the process in a short time and made sure that they make the best usage of it for their course of refinement.

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