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White T-shirts wear out much faster than any other. After multiple washes, the white color begins to fade and turn gray. Even high-quality material will eventually lose its shape and become unusable. Therefore, it is recommended to have two or three white basic wardrobe loose-fitting T-shirts. Alternate them, you should not cover the same thing, then each of them will serve you for more than one season.

Be sure to make sure that yellow sweat spots do not form on the product, in the armpit area, especially when it comes to expensive purchases. It is very difficult to remove such stains, but they can spoil the appearance of the thing so much that it remains only to throw it away.

There are many recommendations on the Internet on how to protect your product from these stains. First of all, you should not buy a tight-fitting, fully-fitting product. Let it be a little loose, then you will sweat less, and, accordingly online replica lawn dresses, yellow spots will not form in the armpit area. Make sure that your deodorant does not leave stains on things, often, the manufacturers of these products indicate this on the packaging. Additionally, you can purchase special disposable pads that are glued to the inside of the sleeve, and protect the material from perspiration and odor penetration. Very often, such overlays are used by people with increased sweating, wearing colored things.

Do not forget that before sending the product to the machine, it is necessary to additionally wash the armpit area with ordinary soap. You cannot remove stains on a white thing with chlorine bleach, as it reacts with sweat protein (sweat is a protein pollution), which will subsequently lead to the stain becoming even more yellow, and it will be impossible to correct this situation. Laundry soap is suitable for removing sweat stains, which can quickly dissolve protein compounds and remove dirt.

T-shirts are not recommended to be squeezed out, the jersey in this case will stretch very quickly and lose its original shape. After washing, lightly squeeze the garment to drain water, then lay the T-shirt on a towel, cover it with another and wait until they absorb moisture. Then, just leave the item to dry on a flat surface. By following these simple guidelines, you can extend the life of your things for a long time.


Many women make the same mistakes – when buying things, they pay special attention to smart, evening dresses, and at home they put on a terry robe.

There are some simple rules for choosing clothes for everyday style:

  • Clothes should be comfortable, of high quality, not too bright, catchy;
  • Home clothes can emphasize, complement the style that a woman wears every day;
  • It is necessary to have several kits for different times of the year.

The closet should contain things for sleeping, daily wear, going outside, bathing in the shower.


You need to have home clothes in the closet for all occasions:

  1. Casual sock . Clothes for every day should be cozy, comfortable, not restrict movement. In this case, you can pick up loose, stretching tunics, dresses, sundresses, suits (T-shirts with shorts for the summer season and sweaters or long-sleeved knee-highs for winter).
  2. The material of nightgowns , night shirts should be of high quality, non-allergenic, allowing the body to breathe. For sleep, it is advisable to choose a not very bright, conspicuous fabric, more neutral shades will help to relax, solid colors contribute to a calm, relaxing sleep. You can also sleep in a negligee. It will look pretty.
  3. Outfit for a walk . Most often, women choose tracksuits for walking. Recently, many analogs of sports kits have appeared in stores; in shopping centers you can find skinny pants that look more feminine and attractive.
  4. Shoes can be very different , from warm slippers, if the apartment is cool, to flip-flops. For the winter, they often buy so-called “ugg boots”, ankle boots and boots made of soft or knitted with fur inside.

Based on these rules, you can pick up several kits for any occasion.


You can pick up several items of clothing that will last a long time. The most comfortable and practical things for the home are:

  1. Suits for daily wear . Here you can pick up a variety of options: leggings with different types of T-shirts or pullovers (depending on the air temperature), loose, wrinkled trousers with an elastic band in combination with a light, long sleeveless jacket in the hot season, sweaters or long-sleeved knee-highs for winter. It is also worth choosing a jumpsuit, this wardrobe item is also very comfortable and practical. In this way, you can go for a walk in the park, go for groceries, receive guests at home.
  2. Bathrobe after shower or for hygiene procedures. Since it is worn on a naked body, therefore, it must be made of natural, high-quality material, be soft, warm, because even in summer, immediately after bathing, you can freeze.
  3. A long or short dress of a straight cover , a skirt or stretched, reaching to the knees, a T-shirt that does not have cutouts, bright elements. The main thing is that the hem does not interfere with cleaning, cooking, and other household chores. It is advisable to choose a single shade, not too bright. The best option is a knitted dress or skirt.
  4. Pajamas . It is advisable to have two sets of pajamas in the wardrobe: for the warm, cold season. For example, when it’s hot, you can buy sleepwear in the form of a T-shirt with shorts, for the winter – a shirt and loose trousers. There is another option – a nightgown with a light robe, negligee (can be long, short, tight, transparent).
  5. Shoes . There are several options: warm slippers, fur ankle boots (for winter), rubber or cloth slippers, ballet flats. You can buy them at any shoe or lingerie store.

Knitwear is a suitable material for home wear. It is free, does not hinder movement, the knitted long skirt can be easily lifted if it interferes with, for example, mopping or sweeping. Only when choosing the color of the material you need to be very careful. You should not buy things that have too many unnecessary elements or those that are very conspicuous.

Don’t forget about makeup. It is not necessary to paint heavily at home, it is enough to apply a foundation or BB cream.


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When buying home clothes, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Product material. The fabric should be of high quality, non-allergenic. It is best to buy things made from natural fibers, which include cotton, linen, velor, fleece, viscose. Fleece, although containing polyester, has excellent hygiene and breathability. It is better not to buy jackets, suits, fleece things for sleeping from such fabric, it can cause irritation on the skin if the fabric touches the body for a long time.
  2. Model. It is important that when choosing things, the individual style of a woman is preserved, each set must be suitable in size.
  3. The shade of the product, which affects the psychology, mood of a person. Someone, for example, bright, catchy things are annoying, while others are calmed and vice versa. Therefore, the woman chooses the color of each thing on her own.

Any style of clothing, even casual, should look beautiful, then it will be seen how much a woman loves herself. This is what psychologists say.


Based on all the recommendations that have been submitted above, we can distinguish five of the most universal and necessary for every girl, sets of clothes for the home:

  1. Home knitted suit. A soft knitted suit will become an indispensable thing in your wardrobe. You can also wear it both in winter and in the demi-season. If it’s cold in the room, you can throw a warm sweater or cardigan on top. It is better to choose plain suits of simple style. Pants can be with a lowered waist, elastic or lace-up. The top should be long-sleeved with a regular round neckline. This costume can be worn not only at home, it can be worn for a walk with the dog, for shopping, for a meeting with friends in a warm home atmosphere. In warm weather, suit pants can be combined with plain T-shirts. The owners of a good figure can choose a suit for the house in the form of leggings and T-shirts. There is another good alternative – loose jumpsuits made of dense knitwear. It is better to choose plain sets, but leopard and other bright prints should be put aside on the back shelf of the closet. The same goes for velvet, lace inserts, and lots of sequins.
  2. Home bathrobe. This thing has its own purpose, therefore, it should be worn after a shower, during any cosmetic procedures, but by no means constantly. A good option is a bathrobe made of natural cotton, it is very soft and at the same time warm. Dressing gowns made of chintz, velvet or fleece are no longer relevant, so it is better to put them aside or throw them away. It is believed that such a robe should be white. However, it can also be purchased in a beautiful rich dark blue color, or vice versa, pay attention to more pastel colors.
  3. Dress in soft jersey. Alternatively, go for a long, tight cotton T-shirt. However, one is most comfortable at home in a loose-fitting dress made of soft jersey. Forget about deep necklines, short lengths and sequins. It is better to choose a plain, not short dress with long sleeves and pockets.
  4. Versatile pajamas. Of course, it is better to have two sets for sleeping, for the cold and warm seasons. Sleepwear should be made of natural materials, have a loose fit, but nevertheless look neat and pretty. Today, good options can be found at Oysho or Victoria’s Secret stores.
  5. Peignoir. This thing is in the wardrobe of the vast majority of girls. It is better to choose a lace or silk peignoir, it can be either long or short, it is necessary to select its length and style based on the type of figure and its features.


Home clothes can be of any color, but sets in pastel, pale pink, green and blue shades look the most advantageous. When choosing a home kit, do not forget to familiarize yourself with the composition of the fabric. Fabrics such as cotton, satin, flannel, viscose will be worn for the longest. All of them breathe perfectly, they will not be hot and uncomfortable. It is better to refuse to buy a thing made of 100% cotton, and look for one that would have a small percentage of polyester in its composition, then the thing will wrinkle less and will not lose color saturation even after numerous washes. Even while at home, do not forget about accessories, it can be a beautiful headband, an unusual hair tie or a delicate headband.

It should be remembered that you should only buy home clothes in your own size. Home kits, as well as other things in your wardrobe, should emphasize the figure favorably and match the color type. Home clothes can be in any style that suits you best. However, it is believed that monochromatic sets without decorative elements will last longer, since the decor will not come off, be damaged and the thing will retain its dignified appearance. In addition, quieter sets will not get bored as quickly as it can happen with things in bright colors. Remember that even while at home, you can wear light makeup to cheer yourself up.


If the thermometer shows below twenty degrees, a cool breeze is blowing, a skirt with tights and sandals, a thin dress with long sleeves will do. But if it rains, outerwear is also needed. In such cases, the following things will come to the rescue:

  • Trench;
  • Jumper;
  • Sweatshirt;
  • Jacket;
  • Cardigan;
  • Blouse;
  • Raincoat (if it’s raining outside);
  • Jacket.
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