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How Long Does A Non-Surgical Nose Job Last?

Surely, to spend a happy and satisfied life demands self-reliance and appreciating imperfection. Though poking your nose into avoidable matters makes it repellent. However, surgical rhinoplasty is the most viable option for you if you want a slight or significant change in your nose. But Wait; if the surgical treatments scare you, then there are some other options as well. You can choose any of them as per your preferences.

Yes, you heard it right; there is still a glimmer of hope to get the desired nose shape without going under the knife.

We are talking about Nose Fillers here.

Nose Filler, also known as Non-surgical rhinoplasty, is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments and getting immense recognition around the globe. Most of the research studies have also confirmed that the demand for such cosmetic treatment had increased significantly, and it’s still escalating.

So, any idea what the primary cause behind the rapid intensification in this latest treatment is? Well, it is mainly due to the celebrity influence on various social networking platforms.  Fortuitously, nose filler treatment is easy to manage even during the hectic work schedules. You can go for the treatments during the lunch breaks.

How the Non-surgical nose job gets done?

The process isn’t much complicated and gets done by injecting dermal fillers on the upper and lower side of the nose. These fillers are quite enough to get the desired shape of the nose.

Risk and Side-Effects

Unlike traditional surgical procedures, this latest treatment is entirely secure with minimum hazards. Typically, people experience redness around their nose due to the injections. Otherwise, the process is entirely safe even you can go for it during your office lunch breaks.

Staining, inflammation, and nausea are usual and gets fine within two, three days.

Why is Non-Surgical Nose Job Preferable over Conventional Rhinoplasty?

Due to the factors mentioned earlier, people prefer this latest treatment and less downtime. Resultantly, people get desired efforts by enduring less pain.

Another incredible fact about nose filler is that the entire procedure involves less time, and the patient usually experiences less tenderness. The availability of anesthesia in the fillers makes them less painful and more effective.

Conversely, surgical rhinoplasty involves a significant treatment and recovery time. Due to the extraordinary results and comfortable treatments, surgeons from all over the world prefer this treatment.

How long the non-surgical nose job results last?

There is no specific answer to this question because the surgeons make the ultimate decision after discussing all the aspects.  Generally, it is considered that the results last for one year, but again your requirements decide the overall time. Similarly, the finish and recovery time of this modern treatment is quicker than the conventional surgical process.

The great thing about nose filler is that you can repeat the process if you dislike the current look.  Whereas the surgical rhinoplasty gives permanent results, and you have to tolerate that look because you have spent a considerable amount of money on this treatment. You have endured pain to get the desired look so you can’t do anything now. For this reason, the professional surgeons consider nose filler a better option due to its amazing benefits.

How Much the procedure costs?

Usually, doctors don’t recommend this non-surgical procedure because there is no insurance for this cosmetic surgery. However, the cost also varies as it entirely depends on the kind of filler you have preferred for yourself.  Nevertheless, it is recommended to properly check the detailed cost breakdown being provided by your surgeon so that you may know if it meets your budget expectations or not.

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