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How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

Full, plump lips, endorsed by everyone from Angelina Jolie to Kylie Jenner, are certainly in vogue right now. Using temporary fillers, most celebrities attain the classic look. Like most actors and reality TV personalities doing so, there’s been a lot of hype about them, but you may be asking yourself this question, how long do lip fillers last?

The fact is that for everybody, it’s not the same. It depends on your metabolism and the type of improvement you receive. So, let’s talk about how long fillers last, what causes their lifespan, and several other questions that are often asked.

The Process

Procedures for lip augmentation are minimally invasive, rapid, and yield instant results. These days, they’re one of the most common cosmetic procedures out there, particularly for individuals trying to attain the ideal pout.

Let’s begin by going through the process in general. There are 4 phases:


You and your plastic facial surgeon are going to chat about how much thickness you want to add and what sort of treatment is right for you. This is very important as you will know how lip fillers are done and what to expect in doing this procedure.


Both injections and surgical augmentation are quicker than most other aesthetic augmentations and are less uncomfortable and painful.


Injection’s recovering time is within a day or so as this feels normal, although surgery takes a few months to recover completely.


After the recovery, you now see the result and enjoy your new lip look. Now is the prime time to try on all those new lipstick colors once you’re healed. The duration of the final stage depends on the sort of operation you have had. Next, let’s learn about that.

Types of Fillers

Lip Augmentation: Types, Side Effects, Risks



At most, injection fillers last around six months to a year. Juvederm and Restylane are used, which are perfect for as long as possible to recover volume rapidly.

This is a kind of procedure, which can only be done in just a few minutes. They are made of hyaluronic acid, synthetically derived, which attracts moisture to keep things looking full, plump, and pillowy.

Your body metabolizes hyaluronic acid naturally, which most doctors used. That means the fillers can fade steadily over time, usually for most people after little more than a year. You’ll need to have regular appointments if you want to preserve your full lips.


Surgical fillers will last for a lifetime. The treatments for surgical lip augmentation are minimally invasive and have a relatively simple healing time. Surgery is more expensive than an injection, but it will add natural-looking plumpness to last your whole life when done by a trained facial plastic surgeon.

If you’ve had injections before and you’re up for a permanent improvement, surgical lip augmentation is perfect. It can be done by using your own fat or by repositioning the rim of the lip surgically. Based on the outcomes you want to see, the surgeon will discuss what type is better for you.

Post-Procedure Recovery & Maintenance

Lip Fillers Edmonton | Lip Augmentation & Injections By Dr. Anil Sharma

It is common for your lips to be bloated, sore, and even a little bruised after having fillers. It is important to let them recover and handle them properly and keep them looking their best for as long as possible. To help them heal, here are few tips:

  • Don’t lay your face to sleep
  • Immediately after injection, remember that you should not drink from straws.
  • Stop tugging your lips or massaging them as you can interfere with the healing process.
  • Don’t do rigorous activities that might damage your lips.
  • Do not drink alcohol (alcohol will thin the blood and make bruising worse) for a few days before or after.
  • For injection, you will feel fine after a day or two. For surgical augmentation, it will take up to three months for the usual feeling to return. Your cosmetic facial surgeon will thoroughly inform you of the process of healing.

You’re welcome to return to normal life after the injections have healed! The way you already do, you can drink, talk, kiss, laugh, and use your tongue. But be careful about getting facial massages – too much rubbing in that region will speed up the hyaluronic acid degradation.

If you are thinking of enhancing the look of your lips through lip fillers, the lip injections Newport beach can be a perfect place for you. They have certified and skilled plastic surgeons who are very friendly and helpful in educating about cosmetic treatments.

In order to understand more about which treatment is right for you, you should arrange a consultation with them and be surprised by your new lips!

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Louie is the father behind the travel blog He has a background in photography, E-commerce, and writing product reviews online at ConsumerReviews24. Traveling full time with his family was his ultimate past-time. If he's not typing at his laptop, you can probably find him watching movies.

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