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How do I post a YouTube video to an Instagram story?

YouTube and Instagram are both world-leading online websites due to their infinite capacity of providing content to their users, which we all need to make our lives more entertaining and up to date with the world speed of development. Sometimes, we see some piece of content on YouTube that is not available on Instagram, or we just simply want to share our YouTube content on Instagram to make more people aware of it. But right now, in the latest version of both apps, there is no way just to take a video from YouTube and post it on Instagram. But there are shortcuts and creative ways to do so, which are discussed in this article. 


Value of sharing content: 

We are living in a world of technology. It seems to be an online world where people communicate in a much faster and convenient way. Humans need interactions to make their relationship bond stronger. This demands a visual, auditory, and live system that connects us. People come to know about us, our personality, and the things we are doing daily when we use such platforms for sharing content. We can post pictures, videos, and live streams and update our audience about our lives and much more. It’s a source of fun and entertainment at the same time.  

Way to post a YouTube video to an Instagram story: 

Accomplish the task of sharing YouTube video to the Instagram story views can be achieved by the following three steps: 

Downloading of YouTube video to your mobile or PC: 

To download a YouTube video to your PC you have to follow these instructions: 

First, download the video from YouTube by using an online video converting website such as clip converter, etc., by just adding the URL of the video to the input box. 

Then choose the video format you like. 

The online converter will simply enable you to download it or send you the link to your email to make you download it from there. 

To download a YouTube video to your Mobile phones, you have to follow these instructions: 

There are many apps you can download for YouTube videos like YTmp4 downloader on smartphones on smartphones, etc.  

Enter the URL of the YouTube video on the app converter, choose the video format. 

After completing the conversion, the video will be downloaded on your phone gallery. 


Editing of the video as per Instagram requirements: 

There is the fact that the duration of Instagram videos is 1min or on stories 30sec. So, before uploading the downloaded video from YouTube, you have to meet Instagram requirements by cutting the video in perfect intervals. For this step, you can use various video editing PC-based software like lumen5, etc. You can simply do it on the mobile phone by using a video editing app like viva video.  

Your video will be cut in great sync for uploading.


Uploading of the video on Instagram:

Now the only thing remaining is to upload the video via the following steps: 

Go to your Instagram account, click on the + sign at the top left corner of your Instagram home page 

Then select the video from your gallery  

Upload the video on the Instagram story with added captions or emojis. 


YouTube and Instagram: The best digital platforms. Why? 

Both these platforms are growing in their unique ways. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. Around a billion people come on this platform every day. The cause of its popularity is that it deals with an enormous value of content that will never make people bizarre. Moreover, people love to watch rather than read because it is fun and relaxing, exactly how YouTube works. You can get a visual perspective on almost every topic that you can think of. 

Instagram is the best social app for digital art and connecting people, sharing content on a more personal level. People describe their own life stories in the way they like or admire. It is a great platform that makes people aware of what is going around the world because almost every authorized organization is available on it. So, while enjoying their time, the user can also get an educational view for themselves. 

So, sharing content on both of these platforms is an excellent way of engaging with each other in a more understandable language, making both of these platforms one. 

The article is about how you can post YouTube videos on Instagram stories. It also covers why sharing content is important and why these platforms are this much valued. The ways discussed in this article are constructive and understandable for the user to acquire and perform it for their stories. The instructions are pretty simple and easy to follow.

With the above-given tips, you can share your entire YouTube video till the end on Instagram, you can easily choose the video which you want to share with your desired audience. 

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