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How to upload digital art to Instagram

The beauty of Instagram is that a person can find rich-content like videos, images, and many other things. Nowadays, digital art has been increasingly popular. People are going towards this field especially not only due to its popularity but also because it can yield big cash. Once you get associated with it, you have to master the skill and keep updated with the latest upgrades of your software. The best sign for knowing that you have become a renowned digital artist is to have a prominent online presence. You must be known far and wide with your work. Even if people aren’t aware of face, they’ll be able to recognize your work and your fetched fandom. This can only be possible if you have a proper medium of uploading digital art to the channelled platform.

If you like something on Instagram, you can use it for your audience. Once you use it, your followers will know who first created this post or image; whether you give the original creator credit during repost or not. In case you have liked someone’s Story and want to know how to share someone else’s Story, you are in the right place.


In this article, we’ll be telling you about different softwares through which you can upload your digital art to show on to your Instagram followers to get likes on the posts.


Uploading digital art to Instagram 

There are multiple social media platforms and different sharing sites at which you can upload your art and can be exceptionally famous. If you are just a beginner and thinking which platform is the best to start then you have to surely go for Instagram. Instagram is designed in a way that you can upload pictures and video to it. It also provides you with features for creating your work. However, the mechanisms can vary depending on the softwares you have used earlier. 


Mainly people who produce digital art use two softwares i.e ProCreate and Adobe. These two softwares are famous all around the world and we have listed these two as they are amongst the most popular for creating any sort of digital art

From Adobe

Adobe is one of the most popular softwares for producing digital media including videos and graphic content. Now, let’s break the process into major steps for detailed understanding.


Regardless of what type of software you’re using either Illustrator or Photoshop, you have to initially save the master copy of your work, on permanent purpose. Now you have to save another copy separately for posting. This is done because even if the separate copy is somehow ruined you’ll have the master copy with you. So, your work will be safe. Now modify the copied version into 1080×1080 pixels. If you have a square piece then your picture will look flawless as Instagram supports squared content. However, if your piece is rectangular, it doesn’t mean it’ll look dull.


In fact, if your piece is in rectangular shape you can just switch the resolution to 1350 x 1080. Your work will look amazing, if you’ll stick to the suggested resolution. Now save your work. For this just click on file then go to export and save it on the web. By saving for the web, you can easily use your work for web sharing.

From ProCreate

After Adobe, we can now talk about another popular medium used for creating digital art which is ProCreate. ProCreate is very exciting to work with even if you’re simply making stickers. For more expansive pieces, the fun gets doubled. You can create the art in a typical way using the stylus giving you the actual feel of art crafting.


Now for dimensions, you have to do the same in ProCreate like you did on Adobe. You can also work on free sizes, however, sticking to dimensions is integral. For square pieces, modify the copied version into 1080×1080 pixels and for rectangle pictures, you can just switch the resolution to 1350 x 1080.

You can simply expand your canvas size while working and can lower the size when posting. Now, there’s one extra step here, you have to export your work in JPEG format and have to check into another program for resizing.


You can easily resize in Photoshop, however, there are many other and more efficient programs to be used for this objective. After you have resized your work, you have to save it as a copy and your work is ready to be posted. Finally, your work is Instagram-feed and you can easily maintain your online presence by using it.



Uploading your digital art is extremely easy but getting famous is a bit difficult. There are many digital artists working and struggling to get fame. It isn’t always promised to get recognition. However, if your work is exceptional and your efforts are determined, you’re more likely to get more success than any other digital artists.

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