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How Do I Maintain My PMP® Certification?

So much emphasis is placed on meeting the PMP certification requirements and passing the PMP certification exam, that lots of PMP credential holders might fail to understand there is more work to be carried out. In reality, the job to keep your status should start the minute you pass the PMP exam!

Let us look at some common questions PMP and aspiring credential holders have about the way to preserve the PMP certificate.

How Can I Manage the PMP Certification?

Simply speaking, you keep the PMP certification by continuing to make PDUs, which promote continued learning and business participation.

Which Are PDUs?

Professional Development Units (PDUs) are Project Management Institute (PMI)-approved professional instruction and improvement actions.

PDUs concentrate on developing the abilities required to be a prosperous PMP credential holder. Therefore, they utilize the PMI Talent Triangle® technical project management, leadership, and strategic and business management due to their base.

As a reference point, 1 PDU earned is normally equal to a hour engaged in development or learning actions. But for PDUs to rely toward keeping your PMP credential, the actions have to be PMI-approved. There are two Chief methods to make your PDUs:

Education — Education PDUs keep you up-to-date on the most recent improvements in the project management business, and they concentrate heavily on the subjects which compose the PMI Talent Triangle. In addition you have space to explore various elements of project management that will hold special interest . Education PDUs may be earned through private study, taking courses, or attending conventions or conferences.

Giving Back to the Profession — Being participated on your profession is a vital element of becoming a successful PMP certificate holder. Along with instruction, contributing back to a profession is one other way to make PDUs. This may indicate volunteering to handle projects at no cost, getting a thought leader by publishing or creating about the market, or just employed as a project management professional.

How Many PDUs Can I Want to Make to Keep Certification?

To maintain your certification, you have to make 60 PDUs every three decades, starting the day that you pass the PMP certification exam.

Maintaining your certificate is considered the CCR cycle, or even the Continuing Certification Requirement cycle. So, as soon as you’ve re-earned your own PMP credential inside the time-frame, the process begins all over again. Therefore, you need to earn 60 PDUs every three years for the remainder of your profession to maintain an energetic PMP certification status.

Are there any Limitations on the Kinds of PDUs I could earn?

Though you will need to make 60 PDUs, there are a couple of stipulations on how PDUs are got. As an example, you should make no less than 35 instructional PDUs, along with a max of 25 PDUs from committing to your profession.

Of the 35 minimum instruction PDUs, you have to earn eight out of every side of this PMI Talent Triangle®. You may need eight specialized project management PDUs, eight direction PDUs, and eight tactical and business management PDUs all including up to 24 PDUs. The rest 11 educational PDUs could be from any side of this triangle.

Now to the 25 highest giving back PDUs. Of these, a maximum of eight may come from working as a project management professional. Another 17 PDUs may come in volunteering or generating knowledge.

Listed below are a Couple of ideas on actions that can help you make PDUs:

Produce content and publish posts demonstrating thought leadership in the project management market. By way of example, you can print posts via PMI’s Knowledge Shelf.

Volunteer to handle projects in your area or to get a non-profit or charity company.

Require PDU courses via a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P).

Attend events or seminars in the regional PMI chapter.

Demonstrate professional involvement through talking at an event.

Educate others about project management (i.e., holding a course to your customers or coworkers.)

What are Some Ideas on Getting PDUs?

While making PDUs might seem like a dull or time-consuming process, there are a couple of strategies to make keeping your PMP certification simpler.

Develop a strategy to keep your PMP certificate and begin early.

You do not need to spend the past couple of weeks of your CCR cycle hoping to cram 60 PDUs. Trying to make your entire PDUs in the last minute would be stressful, and you are unlikely to learn much from the process. This means it is important to come up with a strategy for making your PDUs. Assessing out your actions enables your work in a steady pace rather than trying to earn your entire PDUs in a quick timeframe. Alternatively, you may earn 20 PDUs per calendar year, by way of example, decreasing stress.

Document your own PDU actions as you proceed.

To make certain you receive credit for each earned PDU, then you have to make certain to record your business engagement as it is happening. Not only do you need to make PDUs, but you also must have the ability to confirm them to PMI to find credit. So, the ideal approach to record them is online although the CCR System.

Ensure PDU programs are enrolled.

If you are taking courses to earn PDUs, then you have to confirm that the courses you are carrying are registered and approved by PMI. You do not wish to commit some time and effort into studying in case you are not completely convinced you will receive credit for your efforts.

To produce the certificate renewal process a simple one, the most appropriate course of action is to remain diligent and organized.

Do not see maintaining your certificate as an inconvenience. Instead, see it as an chance to hone your project management skills and find out more about your profession. You will find ways to improve your processes, and also you are able to donate to the business and share your comprehension too. It is beneficial for everybody, you, your company, your customers, your coworkers, your workers, and the business if you are keeping your PMP credential.

It is sensible to keep your PMP credential, which means it is possible to keep functioning as and earning a certified project manager. With just a little hard work and preparation, you are going to fulfill your needs without difficulty.

Getting your project management education hours is a requirement of this certificate application process. These exam prep courses guarantee you are up to speed to the latest project management plans, in addition to provide you with the knowledge you want to pass the exam.

It is imperative you pick an exam prep course provider who not only prepares you to pass the PMP exam, but also prepares you to your future as a certified project manager. Here’s the criteria you need to use when assessing exam prep providers to associate with:


The PMP exam needs more from its participants compared to with a surface-level understanding of project management. Instead, you want a detailed comprehension of the profession. To gain this knowledge, you require access to the very best PMP certification training tools. Evaluate the various exam prep companies you are considering to ascertain which ones comprise those best sources.

PMI includes a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) program for exam preparation providers. As a PMI R.E.P., firms need to agree to abide by PMI established quality assurance standards. Deciding on a R.E.P. course provider can remove some of the stress on your certificate journey.

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