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PMP Certification: What Changes Are Happening For Professional

In this fast pacing tech world, no one has time to waste on having second thoughts about their career. Just a single mistake or wrong selection of career can ruin everything, but not in a project management career. There is no doubt that becoming a Certified Project Management Professional can be an amazing step towards a promising and successful career.

However, the Project Management Professional (known as PMP) is a certification exam that is designed for project managers. It is a crucial tool for aspirants or project managers to test and showcase their ability to perform their job roles as a project manager. PMP credentials are offered by the Project Management Institute-PMI to test the ability to secure a career in the field thanks to the merit the certification holds.

Changes occur in PMP certification

Changes like this aren’t new for the PMI as it happens every three to five years. PMI always makes sure that the exam content should be relevant to the project management role’s current climate. For the past 36 years, the PMP Certification training and exam has been an extensive test of the domains and related tasks of being a project manager that are required for success.

However, with effect from January 2, 2021, this exam will be undergoing one of its most drastic changes in history. These changes will completely reorganize the exam’s structure and ramp up the exam’s difficulty in its entirety.

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What are the changes?

The most essential element or part of this enormous change is the PMP exam’s newly organized exam structure. Initially, the exam was divided into five sections, each of which is thoroughly detailed within the original exam outline. These five sections are initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. However, with the upcoming changes this list of PMP domains has reduced from five to three. From now on, the new three domains are people, processes and business environment.

There is a completely detailed breakdown of how the 2021 PMP exam is about to be divided. Prospective testers should review it thoroughly for an understanding of what they have to check. With this approach, a rise will come in the exam’s difficulty by expanding the pool of essential knowledge and modern project management techniques.

Why do these changes occur?

The change in domains isn’t the only revision aspirants can made with this upcoming update. The new exam will require a solid understanding of the various project management practices. This shift explicitly gears project management toward a principles-based approach instead of a process-based one. There will be something of a bewildering change for aspirants preparing for PMP certification. However, PMI issued a Guide to the Project Management Body of data- PMBOK Guide that includes more than 70% questions that mostly come in the certification exam, Anyone can succeeded in the 2020 exam with knowledge about processes, inputs, tools, techniques and outputs and the way they interact. But reviewing the PMBOK Guide isn’t visiting be enough to succeed with the upcoming PMP exam.

Fortunately, preparing might be easier than you’re thinking that. Aspirants can access the updated content only from PMI’s Authorized Training Partners. So, once you register for a course, make certain to test if the provider could be a PMI-ATP. These institutions offers in-depth programs to assist educate and guide testers on what they’ll have to know and study to succeed on the exam.

Key Changes PMP Aspirants Should know

Exam Question pattern from Agile and Hybrid Methodologies

Around 50% of the exam questions in the new PMP exam will be from Agile and Hybrid methodologies. However, there is no official declaration issued by PMI in the context of the old PMP exam percentage, but it seems to be comparatively lower.

Official Courseware for the PMP Exam

Since the inception of PMP in 1984, Project Management Institute (PMI) has never declared any document that describes exam question prep resources. As a result, the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) guide has become the reputation of being the fundamental resource for PMP aspirants. But, the actual PMP exam questions can be beyond this guide, you can search for study materials in the pursuit to bridge the gap.

The Project Management Institute has launched the official courseware for the PMP exam, which not only works as the official prep content but also is aligned with the exam content outline. That brings a full stop to the typical concerns of PMP aspirants related to the official prep resource.

Authorized Training Provider (ATP) Program

There’s a major change when it involves candidates looking to take up self-paced courses to review for and attempt the PMP exam. PMI has announced that they are the only provider for the self-paced course which instructor-led training from a trusted training provider like iGlobe Career.

Despite of the rumors that continue to make the scenario even more opaque, these are two options that PMP aspirants have. Another major change related to this is often the addition of the mandatory Train The Trainer (TTT) program. Instructors must pass the TTT program to be eligible to show PMP prep courses.


You might have already heard about these changes. It’s the importance of them that possesses them placed on this list. Recent changes regarding the applying process and also the exam availability are given below:

● The application process is now simpler and is much far less time-consuming.

● In the sunshine of the COVID-19 pandemic, PMI has decided to allow online, proctored PMP exams that candidates can easily take from the comfort of their home.

To summarize all the facts, PMI is all set to test an aspirant’s ability to become a Certified Project Manager. Now it will be quite exciting how candidates will tackle these upcoming challenges.

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