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History Of Yoga And Health Benefits | Yoga In 2021

Whats is the history of yoga and the health benefits of yoga? In the space of fifty years or so, yoga has gone from a little-known and esoteric-looking Indian practice to a very fashionable activity.

Yet it remains very difficult to define and to complicate matters, the term yoga has been used for thousands of years and has changed meaning on several occasions.

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The word yoga comes from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language. It is a derivation of the word ” Yuj “, literally.

Today, it is rather given the meaning of union. It is said that yoga aims to unite the mind, body, and spirit.

Most modern yoga practices rely heavily on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, a series of aphorisms written around 250 BC, a pillar.

The Yoga Sutras specify 8 branches of yoga. The three most commonly practiced branches are pranayama (breathing exercises), Dyana (meditation exercises), and asanas (physical poses).

Yoga In United States

The discipline is not really new, as we have seen. In the USA, the community continues to grow and is estimated to be over 2 million!

Yoga And Your Health

History Of Yoga And Health Benefits


Of two things, we do not say old women, but seniors, moreover, yoga attracts many more young people than you might think!

You only have to go to a class to realize that the classes are not only filled with women. The men take part in the feast and a good part of the yogists are young working people.

In short, you will understand, if this sport has seen its number of followers increase year after year, it is because this activity has attracted a lot of different profiles.

From seniors who want to keep fishing and fight the symptoms of aging to stressed employees through children (yes, children have their own lessons) or people who suffer from back pain. There are also pregnant women and fitness addicts with very nice physiques!

Yoga isn’t that latest fad class boosted by overused marketing, certainly not.

It is above all a gentle gymnastics that has existed for millennia and which offers a truce in our lives of stressed Westerners, a truce during which we offer ourselves a well-deserved respite, working with the ultimate goal of liberating the being. human cycle of rebirths engendered by individual karma, boom!

It doesn’t leave you in your mouth!

Well concretely, this means that the discipline’s mission is to link our body and our mind (by the way the word “yoga” means to unite), in order to find harmony in our life.


We are not the only ones to practice this form of gentle gymnastics in USA, far from it!

It is more than 250 million people around the world who devote themselves to the discipline and all together celebrate the international day of Yoga on June 21, because yes, the practice has its own international day!

Born in India some 5,000 years ago, it was created by scholar philosophers in order to lead every individual to the liberation of the spirit and detachment from material goods (the poor did not yet know smartphones), source of suffering according to them.

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History Of Yoga And Health Benefits

Why bring so much importance to this liberation you will say?

If we do not reach it, the cycle of reincarnation cannot stop, and our soul will continue to float from body to body after our death, it is not I who say it!

At the ogirine and as it was conceived, the discipline is therefore above all a form of spiritual exercise, a form of meditation inspired by sacred and philosophical texts.

However, it has come to us in a form that is more focused on the physical, sporty side. In Europe, we mainly practice Hatha Yoga, which is a little less traditional.

I’m not even telling you about the new types that we can see, like naked yoga, yoga (mixed with dance), or even hot yoga, not sure that the old Indian philosophers would have validated all that!

Yoga Pants And Yoga


Well, you will understand, in India, we are not joking with this type of exercise, it is more than a sport, it is an art of living and Yoga classes are even given in schools.

If this discipline is taught, it is because it conveys many more values ​​than any other sport, there we are not talking about the Coubertin spirit or what, it is a real treasure of benefits, an art of living.


For your information, namasté does not mean “simer”, it simply symbolizes the belief that there is a divine light within each of us, located somewhere in the heart chakra. The term Namaste is therefore a sign of recognition of a soul towards another soul, that means, I bow to you. Yogi and yogini say they are namasté at the end of each class.



The big question: gymnastics for the body or for the mind? Well, a bit of both! It should be seen as a discipline combining gentle gymnastics and the art of meditation based on moral principles and a true philosophy borrowing techniques of meditation, relaxation, accentuated by moral principles (all that)!

It is about awareness of your body and mind, remember that you are constantly trying to link the two through body exercises and various postures (called asanas).

The values ​​conveyed are to live in harmony with one’s body and mind, but also with others, with one’s environment and one’s mind.

We are constantly looking for fulfillment and reaching a level of perfection so that our spirit no longer has the urge to reincarnate in a new body when death comes.

If you do not believe in reincarnation at all, that does not prevent you from embracing this discipline, because it has much more to offer, especially in terms of the benefits it brings to your body.

History Of Yoga And Health Benefits

Here are some benefits of yoga :

promotes qualitative sleep
helps relieve stress and depression
helps to work your breathing
promotes relaxation
allows you to set foot in the world of meditation
improves energy levels, increases concentration tenfold
allows overall muscle strengthening, especially of the abdominal strap
back pain prevention and relief


There are a lot of different forms of yoga, all of them are based on the traditional model and can find a specific audience, among these different types of yoga can be counted the following.

Yoga Suit And Yoga


It is the form most practiced by us, a complete form for all promoting flexibility and relaxation, hatha yoga is ideal in stress management


It is mainly based on tonic and athletic sequences, punctuated by work on breathing which improves concentration and anxiety management in addition to improving strength and endurance.

Dynamic yoga encompasses several types including vinyasa, power (also called Baptist yoga in honor of its creator Baron Baptiste), and ashtanga.

Note that the dynamic form of the yogist discipline is rather intended for those who have no problem with their cardio and have an “advanced” level.


It is a very gentle form that focuses on long stretching sessions combined with phases of slow and deep breathing.

This one is ideal for those who suffer from back pain and want to improve their flexibility and the overall health of their joints.

History Of Yoga And Health Benefits


Also known as “sleep yoga”, this exercise would actually significantly improve the quality of your nights.

Very gentle, it is comparable to a relaxation or sophrology session and can last up to 1h30 depending on the course.

In the end, you will come out of it relaxed, relaxed and can notice lasting effects on your ability to manage your emotions and chase away negative thoughts.

These are just the most common shapes that you can find in schools near you, however, there are many more designs to check out!

There is also acro yoga very popular, Bikram (hot yoga), naked yoga (even hotter;)), SUP yoga, or very recently the “sound bath” (a kind of course accompanied by vibrations of gong produced). live).

5000 years old, the discipline is therefore constantly reinventing itself while retaining the main principles that define it. There are even clubs in New York combining Yoga and Networking, no doubt that some take the opportunity to surf the trend a little!


What would yoga be without its famous postures (or Asanas)? While some are basic, others are quite a challenge!

Many believe that yoga is all about stretching. Granted, this is part of the discipline, but the goal of yoga is really to create balance in the body by developing both strength and flexibility.

Yoga And Flexibility

Asanas are grouped into different families including:

Standing postures, which take up most of the time in most yoga classes. Standing and sitting postures can include movements such as forward bends, twists, and stretching (especially in the hamstrings and hip opening).

Posture names can make you smile …

I’m sure you know at least one? If I tell you Surya Namaskar? Does this mean nothing to you?

So, what if I say “Sun Salutation” (Surya = Sun, Namaskar = Salutation)? Ahhh, I knew it!

The sun represents the source of life, so it is a thank you to perform this exercise, why not do it on a daily basis?

“Yeah, but I live in the North and the sun I can’t really see it!” ”

sun salutations well done! Nice mentality! Now, if you don’t do it for the sun, do it for yourself. Indeed, this posture has many benefits.

First, it is excellent for cerebral circulation and for your eyes, since it involves having your head down, then it affects the proper functioning of muscles and your joints.

It is also very good for stretching your shoulders, arms, back, and legs. It also helps burn fat, improve flexibility, tone muscles, in addition to being beneficial for posture and fighting insomnia!

On closer inspection, it looks like a kind of jerky burpee and a bit less violent, don’t you think?

So, are we doing this sun salutation?

For more Asanas, you can take a look around this site.


At this point in your reading, you should normally be won over and interested in becoming a Yogi (how’s that not?), And just one question burns your lips, am I worthy of the discipline? Can I also take yoga classes?

Okay, that might not be the question that pops into your head, but you might be wondering whether or not this form of “meditative gymnastics” really has something for you.

If so, can you practice it near you and affordably? And finally, if the budget is too important, is it possible for you to make it at home?

In short, the answers to these 3 questions are respectively yes, yes, and yes, let’s see it all!

History Of Yoga And Health Benefits


No worries, yoga is THE ideal “sport” to gently resume and wake up your body. So go look for inexpensive classes near you, ideally Yin Yoga classes to start.

You can make friends there flirt, and get your body back in shape before attacking hard! Little by little, build up your strength and when you are ready, take on the dynamic form!

You are the ideal target! Tracked down by your boss, you no longer spend your nights, you gradually lose self-confidence and do not manage to dispel the anxiety that haunts you.

Once the first few minutes of embarrassment have passed, you will see, no one is judging anyone!


There are also some for you ladies, as long as you choose the right practice. Prenatal yoga is a form of Hatha, but with exercises suitable for pregnancy.

This type has a double cap since it allows on the one hand to teach the future mother. To relax and improve her flexibility through exercises carried out gently. While learning to control her sensations, especially that of her child.

The future dad can also benefit from the benefits. Since the exercises will help mum to fight against stress and possible mood swings. Relating to the first months of pregnancy, what a bonus!


Some retirement homes offer yoga classes for seniors, but you can find them elsewhere. The ideal forms for the elderly to adopt are laughter yoga and Nidra.

The first will fight against loneliness and sadness. It generates while the other will allow the elders to improve their sleep and their pain.


If you are a successful athlete looking for a supplement, yoga can be perfect. It turns out that combinations with bodybuilding or athletics are very interesting, among others.

On the other hand, they will give you the flexibility that you may not have. The stretching aspect will be particularly interesting for your joints.


Now that there is something for everyone in the practice of the discipline, the question remains where?

If you live in a big city, I don’t worry too much about you. The problem that can arise is the price of these courses.

The price of a classic course can range from 30 to 55 $. But it can quickly go up to sixty euros for specific courses. Such as prenatal practice or a private course at home.

Sometimes the town halls also offer classes, it may be good to inquire about this. You can also get closer to associations or schools.

Another solution is to practice at home, quite cushy.

History Of Yoga And Health Benefits


Practicing at home can be a great cost saving idea, however. It might not be the most suitable solution if you are a complete beginner.

It would be advisable to have taken one or two lessons beforehand to train a little. Or to bring in a teacher for a private lesson, once in a while.

Once you know what you’re doing, you can do your course independently in front of videos. YouTube can be an interesting solution. But I would recommend subscribing to an online yoga class platform instead. There are tons of them!

You can also opt for a playful form in front of the Wii with the yoga wii fit plus solution!

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