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Hidden Side Quests In New World

Every MMORPG has a huge world in which we can meet various NPCs, props, etc. In these games, we also encounter various missions, many of which seem to be hidden. When we enter an MMORPG, we need to understand it in-depth. When we understand a game, we can easily find hidden tasks. Similarly, there are many hidden side quests in New World, so let’s introduce some quests for you.

The performance of “New World” in the main theme has been a little weak. New World players can randomly find many interesting and important side quests in the wild. At the same time, in this game, NPCs will roam the wilds of Aeternum just like the players. There are still some locations to discover, and no doubt some quests. For those looking for some inspiration, here are some of the best and hidden quests in the New World.

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The Haremaster’s Quest, Restless Shore

This New World quest is notorious, but it fits perfectly with the in-game aesthetic, so it’s worth taking part in. There is a quest on the mainland that leads the player to Rabbit Island. Players participating in this quest do not need to find the location where the event starts.

Nothing is stopping any interested player from walking along the archipelago looking for islands populated by large numbers of rabbits. Kill a special rabbit named Stanley and Haremaster will give the player a special quest.

To Be A Grand Master

Whether or not you may start this New World edge quest depends upon a character’s Fishing ability degree. Thus, in theory, even a new character could do it. Just as long as it’s 100, “To Be A Grand Master” is readily available coming from Grand Master Gasper Machera in Reekwater.

You can also build a body provided by the same NPC. You can use this method for fishing missions or some inspection missions. For the last one that comes before “To Be A Grand Master,” the gamer needs to carry a total of 100 fish filets of differing kinds to Gasper.

Misplaced Treasure, Weaver’s Fen

Doctor Leonie Roggeveen is rather close to the high road, merely west of the major negotiation. There are some interesting ruins in this area, and she came here to learn about history, not war. That’s why she needs you to help her find Nora, which is the basic plot of the New World side quests.

A local landmark in Weaver’s Fen is the Vega Bridge, which spans almost half of the area, and players need to find some clues left by Nora.

Treasure Island, Cutlass Keys

In an activity where gamers can easily make their lessons, Treasure Hunter might be among all of them. It was the title of Claire Fergus, who was waiting by the side of a remote road with a map. She does not know where the map stemmed from precisely, however obviously, this jewel is the legacy of the infamous pirate Tireless Thompson, so that’s most likely to say no?

All the treasure is left is a small handful of unremarkable coins, so it doesn’t look glamorous. In fact Claire was cheated by her partner. If you choose to continue, the story will continue in the quest chain.

Bear Co-Habitation, Brightwood

Hunter Hutchison’s entire family was killed by bears during this mission. These bears are very powerful, so you need powerful weapons to complete this mission.

It’s not easy to find this new world quest. If you come across Hunter on your way south to the settlement, then you’ve found this quest.

Keen Temper, Cutlass Keys

This journey is named for the saber that awaits its finalization, and also it is one of the greatest side-quest benefits on call. Keen Temper is among the epic sabers you’ll discover in New World. The mission is offered through Antonia Lucian in Cutlass Keys. It gives you the job purchase that details the components called for as well as where they could be located.

What follows is an epic journey through the various dangerous areas of Aeternum, including some that will never be on the map. If you don’t have a sword equipped, then you’ll miss this quest.

Story Of The Stones, Weaver’s Fen

This is another quest that motivates the player to explore in an out-of-the-way location that might otherwise be overlooked. There are many ruins on Aeternum, but the oldest and most mysterious are those left by the ancients, and that’s what the architect Na Li needed the player’s help to find.

Particularly, Na Li wants to uncover not only how the Ancients developed Vega Bridge, yet exactly how outdated it is. In a fascinating twist, it turns out the damages are a lot older than Na Li initially assumed, and this invention leads to a whole chain of New World side quests along with some fascinating lore and also a more beneficial graft.

Recipe For Disaster, Cutlass Keys

What differentiates this chain from others is the double reward. When you return the recipe book and the missing pages, there is not only a level 33 chest but also a chest that players can open to kill the quest’s mini-boss, Misanthrope Broadbin. It’s an easy quest to find in the busy Cutlass Keys solution, which is why so many players ignore it.

Sweet Secrets, Brightwood

This is where NPC Yargui Khunbish is in the New World, she is standing at the intersection of two paths. It’s all about adding the right sweetener to her tea, and supernatural presence and redemption. Her quest will send players to Lush Hideaway, a unique and dangerous area southeast of Brightwood.

Unlike other parts of Aeternum, the enemies here are made of the natural guardian spirit of the quicksilver tree, rather than corrupt or wither. The reward for this quest is a tier 3 weapon case and an elite quest as a follow-up quest to kill an archdruid.

Fenton’s Fiend, Weaver’s Fen

You may locate Evelyn Van Heck on the road near the Weaver’s Fen settlement deal, and also she has three best missions that are part of a mission that starts through this one. The gamer has to take a trip to the Fenton Hamlet, or even what’s left of it, as well as place the Fenton Ravager away from its agony.

After the player kills the Fenton Ravager, a pile of gold and a T3 armor are obtained. At the same time, we can choose to perform a task called “Keeping the Faith” in the company. The ultimate quest in the chain is Extreme Exorcism, and also the headline hands out the essential facility.

Mother Ocean, Cutlass Keys

Listed here is a quest that gives player’s a nice reward to discover the isles along the southerly coastline of Cutlass Keys. It is additionally a wonderful callback to all those charming stories that create the ocean the principal antagonist, like The Tempest and Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner. Wistful Billiam Rowen, whose name can be witticism, says to the tale of a submerged ship and a lost sextant. Certainly not only that, but the quest likewise includes delivering a few of Billiam’s even more persistent past crewmates to their final rest.

If you want to quickly surpass other players in New World, these hidden tasks above are very important. When we complete these tasks above, we can get more powerful rewards, so that we will become stronger in a short time.

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