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How To Use The Trading Post To Buy And Sell Items In New World?

There are no NPC merchants in New World. Players need to buy or sell items in Trading Post. Trading Post is also the only way to buy and sell items in New World. The New World Trade Post system is complex and it will take some time to adapt. If the player can be familiar with this trading system, then you can get some extra coins in this game.

Below we will introduce how to use Trading Post in New World to get more coins.

What is the Trading Post?

The Trading Post is a market where all players buy and sell items. It is like the stock market, you can set buy and sell orders at the price you choose.

Because most items are useless, you can recycle them to get repair parts instead of selling them at the Trading Post. It can be tempting to use a Trading Post. You may end up using some precious coins to temporarily improve your equipment.

You can weigh the pros and cons of using coins. Most of the time, they are temporary improvements. Think twice before spending money, because it is difficult to make money in this game.

How to unlock Trading Post?

Starting with patch 1.0.5, the Trading Post is now locked behind the task progress to fight against robots. Attempting to access it beforehand will result in a message telling you to complete the settlement task first.

The new character needs to pass the watchtower mission, until finally asked to go to their first settlement. The settlement task Trader Market will be provided by the magistrate, and completing it will unlock the Trading Post for you.

How Does the Trading Post Work in New World?

When you use the trading post, you can search for the item you want to buy on the search bar. You can also find what you are looking for by searching the item category.

You can check the buy and sell orders and decide whether the price is too high or too low for you. On the right, you can see the lowest price of a particular item listed by the player.

The prices of buy and sell orders usually vary greatly. The crafts that players spend money to buy usually have a calculated price point for a specific resource to earn the profit of each craft.

They will play games in the market, but due to the way the trading post works, the game solves this problem for casual players who don’t have time to play all day.

When you issue a sell order and a buy order, you don’t need to wait for its processing at the trading post or settlement.

You can try to upgrade, complete tasks, collect some resources, or do whatever you like. Buy and sell orders will notify you from anywhere when an item is bought or sold.

All trading posts are different and separate from each other. You can have a buy or sell order in Windsward, and another buy and sell order in Cutlass Keys.

Each settlement has a different market. You can find other solutions that may have lower prices for specific resources, and vice versa. If you are buying or selling in large quantities, it is best to check the price every time you settle to increase your profit or save some gold coins.

It will require you to move resources to settlement with better prices manually. If you are looking for resources worth thousands of gold coins, it is best to follow this strategy.

If the difference is not so significant, you can proceed as you wish. It may not even sell at the price you want, so it’s best to play the market wisely.

How to buy items at the Trading Post?

A unique feature of the New World trading post is the purchase order. These allow you to buy or sell a certain amount of goods at a price you specify over some time before placing an order. You will pay the total amount in advance and refund if the order cannot be completed.

Purchase items separately

To purchase an item from the trading station, click the “Buy” tab and select from the item category. You can also type the product name in the search bar under the “Buy” tab.

Once you find the item, click on it and select the quantity. Click the Buy Now button to confirm the order. However, please note that the settlement tax will affect the price of the product at the time of purchase.

Buy items in bulk

Players can also place orders by themselves and quickly clear the transaction of any item within the price range set by themselves. Even in the case of far away from the trading post, this is a convenient function for bulk purchase of low-cost raw materials.

To place a purchase order, use the search bar to find the product. There should be a button Place Buy Order below its icon. Please note that if your storage space in that particular settlement is full, you will not be able to place an order.

When you are looking to buy a specific item, you can use the filter at the top of the purchase order list. Once you search for a weapon, equipment, or even a collection tool, they can all have gems, perks, and modifiers.

How to sell items in a Trading Post?

To sell an item, click on the “Sell” tab and select an item from the “My Sellable Items” list (in alphabetical order). Click the “Place Sell Order” button and adjust the price of the product.

As of now, it is still not possible to filter out some items from the list. Players must scroll down manually to find what they want to sell.

How to trade face-to-face with other players?

First, approach another player and press the H key. In the new menu that appears, select the trading option and wait for other players to accept the request. Once the request is accepted, both players can list the items they wish to buy or sell.

How to collect money from the Trading Post?

When you complete the transaction at the trading station, the funds you get will go directly to your wallet. After the player completes the transaction, no action is required to collect money.

What is the best trade item in New World?

Some players may want a lot of materials that are easier to obtain, such as Linen and Rawhide, while other players prefer higher-level endgame merchandise. The biggest suggestion we can make here is to talk to the person you are trying to buy. Many users will post what they want to trade and what they are willing to accept. Others may be more willing to accept your offer.

If you want to trade with other players now, we recommend that you purchase the following items:

  • Linen.
  • Star Metal.
  • Steel Ingots.
  • Rawhide and upper tier animal skins.
  • High-tier gems.

Of course, the items we choose when trading depends on the requirements of the transaction partner, and you are not only allowed to sell these items above.

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