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Healthy food to help PCOS patients.

Poly cystic ovary syndrome is a syndrome which often happen with women in which some cysts will be creat in the ovaries. Healthy food to help sometimes it will be a painful situation and sometimes it will create some other problems for women. To avoid getting caught in this situation, women need to follow the vegan diet plan Dubai.

These plans can be taken from a good dietician after telling about the situation of your health. A problem which often women faced along with PCOS patients is that they will gain weight without even changing or getting more food.

They can also get weight loss surgery Dubai if they are getting this problem. Following are some healthy food to take especially if you are diagnose with PCOS:

Natural food: Most of the doctors recommend that if you want to lead a healthy and active life then you have to be more close to nature food and eat natural food on daily basis in your life. When you are diagnosed with any problem especially PCOS then you need to cut off all of the fast food and oily foods and you need to switch to the natural food which includes raw veggies as salads, fruits and vegetables as your daily routine meal.

Dark colored natural food: You need to consume food with dark colors like red grapes, red apples blue berries etc. also you need to take dark green foods like kale, spinach, broccoli etc. these foods are rich in nutrients and you will get a lot energy from them.

High fiber: You need to get high fiber foods like beans, lentils, dry fruits and if you like fruits more then you can take apples, avocados and in other foods you can have popcorn which everyone will take pleasantly.

Fish: You have to add fish in your daily routine especially fish like salmon, sardines and tuna. Salmon and tuna are mostly available without any problem but you have to take them fresh and always avoid getting process or canned fish. Reason behind is that companies will use preservatives to keep them fresh and these preservatives will create different problems if taken on daily basis.

Above all these foods you need to avoid taking milk or dairy products in more quantity because it may create problems but you can take them in limited quantity daily which is 1 glass a day.

What you need to know about IBS

Low carb diet has proven to be very helpful in treating obesity because high amount of bad carbs will increase your weight drastically so you need to take control over your carbs intake. IBS is a problem in which people will get difficulty while passing out bowel so they need a good IBS treatment. They can also treat this problem to some extent through their good diet but the main thing is that they need to know about different things before they start their treatment. Here are a few things to know about:

Age: You need to know that age is a big factor while knowing about your IBS treatment. You need to consider your age before you start taking any medicine or special foods because people with younger age will get better soon than people of older age. The main reason behind is that with more age all the body organs will start aging too and the process of healing will get slower so if older people get this syndrome then they will get out of it very slowly or they need to take the treatment throughout their remaining life.

Weight loss regime: People who try to lose their weight and do crash diet will often get this problem of irritable bowel syndrome because they will get some selective food items and not the entire food groups. Due to the deficiency of few nutrients they will have to suffer. Sometimes people will lose weight due to any disease and then they will get IBS. These people should start taking more water because it will help them in this situation. A normal person needs 12 glasses a day and these people should take more than 12 to maintain their body water level.

Blood loss: When people are suffering from strong IBS then they will often get their rectum cut which bleeds as a result of this problem. This is a very severe condition which can be treat after consulting with a good doctor who will prescribe creams to apply. These creams will soften your rectum tissues and provide ease to you. Taking more water will help in this situation too so you need to take more water and less fast food. When people take more fast-food they will get this problem more often due to the spices and oil present in it.

Tips on treating IBS

There are many people in the world who will suffer from Best Bariatric Surgeon Dubai at any time of their life because it causes due to different reasons. You can avoid these reasons just by following a healthy diet plan in Dubai. This diet can be taking from the good diet which includes fresh vegetables and fruits. There are some other tips to help in treating IBS:

Stress: You need to avoid stress because when a person takes stress then your body will definitely react to it. It will makes your stomach upset and you will then either get diarrhea or on the other extreme some people will go through the problem of IBS in which they get difficulty in passing stool. When people will have this situation for longer period of time then they will get worse situation of IBS in which they will start bleeding through their rectum. To avoid this situation you need to remain calm and try to avoid stress during the period.

Fiber food: When we talk about eating healthy then it is necessary to take fiber containing food because it will help in maintaining your stomach functions and also helps in digesting your food in a good manner. These foods are from different food groups especially from the vegetable group in which you can eat cucumber, and lattice. You can take a many times a day as you want but try to increase the quantity gradually instead of taking it in huge quantity at the beginning because they will also cause diarrhea if you do this.

Exercise: It is a good thing to get healthy and active life because when people do not move from their chair for hours then they will have the tendency to get IBS. When people eat and then have some activity then it will help in digesting food properly but if a person eats and then sit idly and doing nothing physically then it will not only increase the weight but also create so many problems in the body. Apart from that you also need to do some workout in your daily routine.These creams will soften your rectum tissues and provide ease to you If you can not go to gym then start doing it at home with some lighter exercises or atleast you can start walking. Walk will help a lot in getting back in to your shape and also helps in maintaining posture.

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