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Health and Fitness

Health Benefits of Drinking Gin

A fun way to spend some free time with your friends or family is to drink, party, and have fun. Most men – and women – love drinking and going to parties. You’re probably wondering why, since alcohol has this distinct taste that some people don’t like. But most people like to drink because they enjoy forgetting about their problems and worries temporarily. They want to experience having fun and stepping out of their comfort zone without worrying about how they would look in front of a crowd. After all this drinking, you have probably picked your favourite already. It can be beer, gin, wine, tequila, etc. Gin Distillery produces processed and flavoured gin that anyone would surely love and enjoy.

What is gin, and how is it made?

Gin is an alcoholic beverage that is usually pure alcohol, specifically ethanol, and transformed into edible liquor through distillation. It is diluted with water and mixed with botanicals to add flavour to it. Since ethanol is produced by fermenting grains, fruits, and other sugar sources, distilling gin, distillers should select gin spirits that predominantly taste juniper berries.

After a brief preview about how gin is made, you’re still probably confused because some introduced terms may seem too technical and confusing for you. The word botanical means any herbs, spices, fruits, and other flavourings. As mentioned, the gin must taste of juniper berries, and juniper is a botanical type. Other common botanicals used in producing gin and other liquors are coriander, angelica root, lemon, orange, orris root, cardamom, liquorice, cassia, and cinnamon. Other distillery factories also use spices like wattleseed, sea lettuce, sea fig, sea parsley, lilly pilly or riberry. But among all of these mentioned spices, juniper is what truly makes a gin.

Advantages of drinking gin

  • It is low on calories and sugar. Compared to other alcoholic beverages like wine and beer, it does not contain too many calories and sugar content. Drinking it will still be perfect if you are watching your weight. You can also mix it with a light beverage like lemonade or tonic water to keep it diluted and even lessen the calorie count. And since gin is low in sugar, it is also a good option for people with diabetes.
  • Have you heard the term “beer belly“? It is gained after continuous consumption of beer. In contrast, gin can relieve bloating. The botanicals such as juniper berries and other herbs present in gin are natural diuretics that aid in digestion.
  • Gin aids in joint pain. The juniper berries do not only help in digestion but also in treating joint conditions such as rheumatism and arthritis. However, gin is not a medication, so don’t make drinking your only treatment! Nonetheless, it is always good to enjoy a shot every once in a while, to unwind and keep yourself relaxed.


Producing gin is an art and requires a high-skilled distiller. Some companies offer Gin Distillery tours to give customers an insight into how it is made. You’ll surely love it if you love to drink. It is always fun drinking. The botanical juniper used in gin is truly a wonder. It is very beneficial to most people. Drinking gin is unlike drinking other alcoholic beverages. It has low calories and sugar content, helps in bloating and digestion, and aids in joint pain. Going out with friends sometimes feel a little incomplete without gin. And after knowing that there are many benefits that you can get from drinking gin, maybe you don’t need to feel too guilty when drinking. But remember to always drink moderately and responsibly because too much of anything might still harm you.

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