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Hallway furniture and decor ideas

  Any home starts with a hallway. She sees us off every morning and meets us in the evening. When choosing an interior and furniture set, it is important to take into account the general style of the house, your own taste, and the area of ​​the room. Furniture in the hallway is chosen not only in appearance. It should also be practical, resistant to mechanical stress, and do not need special care. The choice of furniture set must be approached carefully. All items should be in harmony with the overall style of the interior and complement each other.

What furniture is suitable for the hallway

  • We take into account the area of ​​the room

A standard set of furniture in the hallway includes a vonhaus discount code , a hanger, a shoe rack, a bench, and a large mirror. If the room is very small, then you can get by with one built-in wardrobe with mirrored doors. Sliding doors do not require additional space when opening, inside you can make a shelf for shoes, and mirrored doors will eliminate the need to buy an additional mirror.

For spacious rooms, the choice of furniture is much larger. You can install a large wardrobe, chest of drawers , shoe rack, large hanger, umbrella stand, bench. Choosing a style Everyone chooses the interior design of their own home. When choosing furniture in the hallway, it is important to take into account the general style of the house, the taste of each family member. The apartment looks harmonious when all rooms are designed in the same style or there is something that unites them.

If the room is small, we advise you to choose light style directions, for example, hi-tech, “scandi”, etc. Light furnishings visually increase the space, make it free and light. Material quality The hallway, just like other furniture in the house, should be made of environmentally friendly, natural materials. The optimal solution is wood furniture in the hallway. Furnishings made of natural wood look stylish, make the room warm and cozy. When choosing a headset for a hallway, made of natural wood or any other material, it is important to pay attention to the build quality. It is better to buy furniture in a factory-made hallway. It undergoes a thorough quality control and complies with accepted standards.

How to choose a rug for your bedroom

The carpet is an integral part of the bedroom interior. It decorates the space, emphasizes the beauty of the bedroom furniture, helps to create coziness, additional comfort. The pros are obvious

  • In the early morning, getting out of bed, you don’t want to touch the cold floor with your feet. It is much more pleasant to feel the delicate carpet pile under your feet. Soft, warm coating reduces the stress of waking up, makes the beginning of the day bright and joyful.


  • It is known that there are many points on the foot that are responsible for the work of internal organs. Walking in the bedroom on a fleecy surface is an excellent general strengthening procedure for the whole body.
  • In addition, the rug for the bedroom helps to retain heat, perfectly absorbs noise, and plays the role of sound insulation.
  • A beautiful carpet, matched in color and style to the bedroom furniture, fills the room with home comfort.

How to choose a rug?

The bedroom is a secluded place to sleep and rest. There are no guests or strangers here. Therefore, you can choose a light-colored long-pile carpet or any other, depending on the specifics of the interior. If your bedroom furniture has sharp corners, choose an oval or round rug. Streamlined, bright lines will soften sharp geometric shapes, add balance and harmony to the design. For a sunny bedroom filled with light, rugs in calm, cool shades are suitable. Conversely, in a dark room with windows to the north, lay a soft, fluffy light carpet in warm colors.

Varieties of rugs for the bedroom

Carpets have been woven for centuries. For this, woolen and silk threads are traditionally used. Their obvious advantages are environmental friendliness, anti-static, beauty. With the advent of synthetic fibers, artificial flooring began to be made. They are much cheaper, easy to care for, and durable.

  • Wool

Wool carpets are great for the bedroom, look luxurious, and are expensive. Often, masters weave them by hand, putting a “piece of soul” into their work. Each product turns out to be unique, unusually beautiful. Wool is an environmentally friendly, durable material. It is in perfect harmony with wooden furniture for the bedroom , absorbs sounds, retains heat.

  • Silk

The homeland of silk rugs is China. The best carpets are woven in India, Syria, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Iran. Products made from mulberry cocoons are expensive. The technology of making silk carpets has been kept secret for a long time, passed down from generation to generation. Silk bedroom carpets with a delicate sheen are very pleasant to the touch. They are distinguished by their durability and strength.

  • Synthetics

Artificial carpets are similar in appearance to woolen carpets. Soft pile, unpretentiousness, affordable price make them attractive to buyers.

Types of furniture for your home

Furniture is an important part of the interior. Its main purpose is to provide comfort, coziness and order in the house.

How to properly furnish each room so that an apartment or house becomes a truly comfortable, ergonomic place for the whole family to live?

Rules that are important to consider when choosing a setting:

  • Appearance. The furniture will be in use for several years. Therefore, she must liked, beautiful and comfortable.
  • Purpose . Each room plays a specific role in the interior of the apartment. It is logical that bedroom and bathroom furniture should have different characteristics.
  • Functionality . When choosing furniture, pay attention to its usefulness. Drawers should be roomy, easy to move, and tightly closed. Furniture transformers will be a good solution for small apartments.


  • Interior style. Different furniture suits different interior styles. For example, the upholstery and shape of a sofa for a classic design differs from upholstered furniture in the Loft or minimalist style.
  • Material safety. Choose furnishings made from sustainable materials such as natural wood. The tree fits perfectly into any interior, makes it cozy, warm, and environmentally friendly.
  • Practicality. High-quality furniture will last more than a dozen. It is not uncommon to find furnishings made several centuries ago. At the same time, they look great and still perform their functions.
  • Furniture fittings. Pay attention to the quality of the furniture fittings. The best option strong hardened steel. Reliable fittings manufactured in Germany, Italy and other European countries.

Living room

This is the room where the whole family gathers. Holidays celebrated here, guests received.

Living room furniture selected for the overall style of the interior. It should be comfortable and relaxed.

  • Sofa

For a small living room, a compact corner sofa without armrests is suitable, which can easily accommodate 4 people.

A spacious room can equipped with a modular sofa and two armchairs.


A children’s room is a complex space. It must have a place for games, sleep, classes, storage of things.

The main characteristics of children’s furniture are safety, compactness, ergonomics, functionality.

It is easier to keep order in a children’s room furnished with the “right” furniture. We recommend placing compact, ergonomic modular or multi-tiered furniture of an original design in a small children’s room.

Arrangement of furniture in the bedroom

The bed  is the main attribute of the bedroom. Place it in such a way that those who come inside can be seen lying down.

Place the double bed with the headboard against the wall so that it is convenient to approach it from both sides.

In the sleeping room, in addition to the bed, there can be bedside tables , an ottoman, a dressing table, a wardrobe.

Furniture is arranged in different ways.

  • Symmetrical to each other

    Suitable for rooms with a regular square, rectangular shape. In the center, the central axis outlined. Furniture  placed symmetrically to this line.

    This arrangement is suitable for those who associate harmony with order. The absence of creative disorder pacifies, promotes peace and sound sleep.

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