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Hajj The key to Unity

Hajj is a manifestation of the unity of Muslims. This is what Allah Almighty has called all the Muslims and those of them who can afford it to a specific place at a specific time and has gathered them in one place for many days and nights for such deeds and actions.

The first manifestation of which is the manifestation of peaceful coexistence, discipline, and harmony. To be born With this sense of greatness and dignity, even if Muslim life in a mountain pass, he will never feel alone. As a result of realizing this fact, Muslims are hostile to Islam in all Islamic countries. That is to say, we will be able to create within ourselves the courage to confront the system of capitalism and its seals and the political and economic domination of our peers.

Unity and Collectivity


Then the magic of the humiliation and helplessness of the Western imperialists will not work on them which these powers have been using about the nations. As a result of this greatness and dignity, Muslim governments can make themselves selfless by relying on their people. Then this troubling distance between the Muslim people and the system that rules over them will not remain.

Attempts to inflame sectarian prejudice based on the imperialist rhetoric of the past and present. After this sense of unity and collectivity will not be able to create this wide and deep gulf between Muslim nations and the Arab, Persian, Turkish, African, and Asian nationalities,

instead of being rivals and opponents of each other’s Islamic identity, will become its part and continuity and will reflect a broader nature. Instead of each nation becoming a means of negating and denigrating other nationalities. Each nation will become a means of transferring its historical, ethnic, and geographical features and virtues among other nations.

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The implications of this great gathering

In Islam, there are also collective acts of worship such as congregational prayers, Friday prayers, and Eid prayers. But this great gathering (of Hajj) focuses on dhikr and unity and brings Muslims from all over the world to a single point. Locking up is a very meaningful process.

That the entire Muslim Ummah and all Muslims, despite their linguistic, ethnic, professional, and cultural differences. Should come together and perform certain deeds together, which include worship, weeping, supplication, remembrance, and concentration. Contain, This is a very meaningful thing.

This leads to the conclusion that from the point of view of Islam and the Islamic point of view, the unity of hearts and minds is not only important in the field of politics and jihad. But also in the house of God, hearts being close to each other Being in is also important.

Therefore, the Holy Qur’an says: There is no point in holding the rope of Allah alone, it is necessary to hold it together. Strike together with Allah. Together embrace the safe center of divine education and training and guidance. Accompaniment is essential. Hearts are together, souls are together, thoughts are together, bodies are together.

What you do in Tawaf is to move in a circle around a center, This axis symbolizes the movement of Muslims around Tawheed. All our actions, actions, and motivations should be around the axis of Oneness of God and Holy God. This lesson is for our whole life.

Misuse of alliance opportunities

How ironic that one would use this means and means of unity as a tactic to create discord and gulf. This address is from everyone. (My) the address is not only to this person who issues fatwas of bigotry and disbelief however stands in Madinah and desecrates the sanctities of the Shiites, my address is to all.

Those in charge of Hajj affairs, those in charge of caravans. The scholars should all be careful not to use this occasion of unity. (some elements) as a tactic of separatism and do not fill each other’s hearts with malice. What fills the heart of a Shia with resentment towards his non-Shia Muslim brother, fills the heart of a Sunni with the cruelty of his Shia Muslim brother.

Consider what those things are they need to be identified and removed. Hajj, which is a cure for wounds, a source of unity, and a means of uniting the hearts, intentions, and intentions of the Islamic world, should not be allowed to become a tactic of disunity and hatred. Identifying this problem and its implications requires great care and attention.

The Shia-Sunni War

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The Shia-Sunni war is America’s most desirable thing. Even after centuries have passed, they sit in front of each other like warriors in war, drowning in hatred and malice, speaking against each other, abusing each other,

Swear! It is not far-fetched that some people have been hired to create discord on the occasion of Hajj during the hard-working period. People should be very careful. The scholars involved in the caravan should work more responsibly in this matter, they should know what is the will of the enemy. It is great negligence and naivety that man, under the impression that he is defending the truth. Began to help the enemy’s conspiracy and began to work for the enemy.

Some people do this for wages, sometimes for money, sometimes inciting bigoted people against each other’s beliefs.

Obstacles to unity

Those who are engaged in Hajj in their efforts to spread separatism, sedition, superstition, and regressive ideas are the intentional or unintentional pawns of imperialism. Who is engaged in destroying this great opportunity? Those who do not allow the greatness and glory of this unity to be embodied in the eyes of the great Muslim Ummah.

Those who do not have the pride and privilege, the exploitation and humiliation of other nations. The greatness and glory that is the means of waging war against the oppressed of the world.

Rather, they do not want the greatness and glory of the great Islamic Ummah. In the way of God to be reflected in the greatness and glory of the path of divine values and the greatness and glory of the path of unity in the world of Islam. They are oppressing the whole of humanity. At present, the world of Islam is being harmed due to neglect of this great divine resource and capital.

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The separatism of imperialism

At the moment, one of the main goals of imperialism and America is to create discord in the Islamic world. The best way to do this is to stir up Shia-Sunni differences. Do you see how the pro-imperialist elements in the world are talking about the problems of Iraq? How they are poisoning, and how they are sowing the seeds of hypocrisy?

In Hajj, they get a great opportunity to provoke Shiites against Sunnis and Sunnis against Shiites. Insult each other’s sanctities and esteemed personalities. We need to be very careful. There is a need to be vigilant not only in Hajj but throughout the year and in all fields.


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