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Give Kershaw Knives a Shot

Give Kershaw Knives a Shot

Take a quick look at the brands page at White Mountain Knives. As you can see, it is pages and pages long and there are many, many entries on every single page. With that much in mind, you would not be unreasonable to make the statement that without a little background, nothing stands out too poignantly.

How, then, without experience, can you make a judgement about what types of knives to try. You probably have heard of names like Buck, Benchmade, ESEE and OKC, but what about all of the other reputable knife makers out there? There are many more than you might care to think of off of the top of your head.

One of them, for example, is Kershaw knives, but without any personal experience handling, using or owning them, why should you give Kershaw knives a shot? There are so many other options to sift through.

Nothing against the, either, but there are many great choices out there in a Kershaw knife and plenty of reasons to drop one in your pocket. Probably what this comes down to is the idea that you can’t just have one, so while you might have many different folding knives, make one or a few of them Kershaws.

Kershaws are great tools, but what defines them is the fact that Kershaw has been committed to improving quality and implementing innovative features for years. So while the blade of a Kershaw will cut as well as the blade of any other knife, Kershaw has a few edges over them.

For example, Kershaw, which is owned by KAI USA, produces some pocket knives that are truly innovative in their construction and innovation. We’re not just talking about whether a folding knife has a thumb stud for easy opening or even a pocket clip; Kershaw takes it a lot further than that.

Consider the fact that Kershaw developed its own proprietary assisted opening technology that they termed as Speed Safe technology. This makes it not only easier to deploy a blade, but provides for a quick, safe and secure lock up. No more fumbling with two hands and no more needing to develop a masterful level of muscle memory just to open a pocket knife.

Even beyond that, they have produced technology like their Sub Frame Lock locking mechanism that takes a frame lock and makes it safer and more secure. Sometimes frame locks will disengage when torqued or twisted. Kershaw’s sub frame locks lock up quickly, securely, and since they lie beneath the scales, there is a much diminished chance of the lock accidentally disengaging.

Kershaw has done wonders to the average stainless steel blade, making some knives with their own class of amazing steel treatments that, while they can’t rightly be called super steels, represent a vast improvement over many other alloys. Kershaw uses what they call Composite Steel technology which enables them to combine two or more steels together in the same blade. Among other things, this gives a blade – fixed blade or otherwise – the ability to combine the strengths of more than one alloy. For example, it can give one blade an amazing ability to hold an edge and another a spine of greater strength.

These are only a few of the features that Kershaw has built into so many over their everyday carry knives and others. They’re also great reasons to add some Kershaw knives to your collection. As you have already seen, there are plenty of them waiting for you at, and at great prices, too. Check out their website today and stock up. Whether you want an automatic knife with a partially serrated blade or a more understated version, there’s something waiting for you there.

For more information about Pocket Knife and Swiss Army Knives For Sale Please visit : White Mountain Knives, LLC.

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