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Chocolate: History, Types, And Benefits

Chocolate is the world’s tastiest and favorite food. Whether it is about kids, adults, or the elderly, everyone enjoys eating it. It also works as a mood booster and provides emotional comfort to the people. It consists of components like tryptophan, which helps the nervous system make serotonin. This substance makes you feel happy and positive.

Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and has many health benefits. It is full of healthy nutrients and reduces heart disease risks. You will wonder to know that it also helps in reducing weight. If you want to lose weight, eat one or two dark chocolate pieces on an empty stomach. 

Either you are going to a birthday party or for the wedding reception, and chocolate is the idle gift for any occasion or festival. It represents love and happiness and is the only luxurious gift, which anyone can easily afford. You can buy gourmet hampers to cheer up and to pamper your spouse. It will increase love and make a strong connection between you.

Chocolate is made from cocoa seeds, which are found in cocoa trees. The cocoa seeds are fermented, dried, and then roasted and blended to create the cocoa powder, which is used to prepare chocolate bars and other chocolate desserts.

Although you may have tasted many types of chocolate, have you ever thought about the history of chocolate? Who discovered it? From which country has it originated?

In this article, we will give you complete information about the history of chocolate.

Chocolate History

The cocoa beans were originally discovered by Mayans and Aztecs and came from Latin America. They used them for many rituals and made a special drink from them, which was called ‘chocolatl.’ They also used the cocoa beans as the means of trade. At one time, chocolate was more expensive than gold and was considered the food of God. 

In 1504, Christopher Columbus brought cocoa beans to Spain and presented that to King Ferdinand. Joseph Fry created the first chocolate bar in 1947. Around 25 years later, the first milk-based chocolate bar was discovered by Henri Nestle. And, after that, chocolate became famous worldwide. 

Types Of Chocolate

Generally, chocolate is divided into three categories: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate.

Dark Chocolate

The dark chocolate is considered as the purest form of chocolate, as it is made up of cocoa solids, cocoa butter, sugar, and vanilla essence. It contains little or no milk and is quite bitter.


Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate consists of cocoa solids, cocoa butter, condensed milk, sugar, and vanilla essence. Its texture is creamy and is one of the best selling chocolate.


Gourmet chocolate is high-quality milk chocolate, which is made up of high-quality cocoa seeds. The aroma of these chocolates has a mouth-watering aroma and velvety texture. You can buy gourmet gift hampers from online chocolate stores at very affordable prices.


White Chocolate

Many people thought that white chocolate isn’t real chocolate. But it’s not like that. White chocolate is made up of cocoa butter, milk solids, sugar, and vanilla essence. It does not contain milk solids, that’s why it possesses white color.


Health Benefits Of Eating Chocolates 

Dark chocolates can lower the higher blood pressure and are beneficial for the people who suffer from hypertension.

Dark chocolate helps fight cavities and tooth decay. It’s good for oral health.

Chocolate is rich in nutrients and contains various minerals that are good for the overall development.

Chocolate improves memory and short term cognitive functions.


The Bottom Line

Nothing else can beat the dense taste of dark chocolate. Its exotic flavors tickle everyone’s taste buds. Chocolate is best for celebrating happy occasions and is the perfect gift for everyone.

If you like the taste of chocolate, eating less will not harm. Instead, it will be very beneficial. But don’t forget to do a little workout if you eat chocolate daily. 

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