Get Your Men’s Size 15 Work Boots At XL Feet

Get Your Men’s Size 15 Work Boots At XL Feet

Wearing Men’s Size 15 Work Boots can present a challenge. Not the wearing of them, that is, but the finding of them. Size 15 is a large size, and even though it’s on the smaller end of ‘really large’ (think size 21) it still can be really tough to find men’s size 15 work boots.

Truthfully, it can be really tough to find any men’s shoes in size 15. The problem is, while you might be able to get away with wearing a half a size too small or a size too big (if you can find it) in dress shoes or slippers, it’s really quite inadvisable with work boots.

Work boots are necessary for the protection of your feet and by extension you as a whole. Work boots can protect you from slips and falls. Work boots can protect you from chemical and electrical hazards that have accidentally been introduced into the workplace. Work boots with steel or composite toes can protect your feet from crushing hazards.

If it’s cold, insulated work boots can protect you from the ravages of winter weather. By the same token, if it’s wet, waterproof work boots can help keep you dry, comfortable and warm. In addition, many work boots offer the protection of leather and tough synthetics and help to support you as you work throughout the day.

There’s a spot of good news, though, when you shop at XL Feet for your men’s size 15 work boots. The first is that you’ll be able to find boots in your size so you can actually make use of all the support and protection that boots are supposed to provide. The second is that you will find them in the brands and styles that you’ve come to love and trust.

For good all-around protection, look at their Avenger 7258 Men’s 6” Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boots. The title pretty much says it all, and these boots offer fairly good all-around protection against workplace hazards. A steel safety toe protects your toe from drops, the full-grain leather upper will offer your foot and ankle a high degree of protection and cushioning, and the rugged soles are puncture and slip-resistant.

Their Bogs Rancher Steel Toe Work Boots are another really great choice overall, but this time in the convenience of a pair of slip-on boots that partially cover your calf. If you work in an environment with a lot of mud or other nasty, slippery substances, these boots will protect and support you admirably. They’re completely waterproof and are also rated down to -40 degrees, so they’ll keep you warm in the cold as well.

If you want the support and protection of a rugged pair of leather boots, but you don’t need the additional protection or weight of a steel safety toe, take a look at their Carolina 8” Waterproof Soft Toe Work Boots. Tough leather uppers support and protect your foot to well above the ankle, and these boots are entirely waterproof. In addition, the sole is welted to the upper and contains a heavy-duty shank for extra durability. Overall, they are a great pair of soft toe work boots.

If we haven’t yet touched on a pair of men’s size 15 work boots that appeal to you yet, or you have different, more specific needs, take a look at Their specialty is providing guys with extra-large feet with the boots and shoes they need. On their site, you’ll find boots from Avenger, Rocky, Carolina, Wolverine, Thorogood and more, so all that’s left for you to do is take a look at

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