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Get Rid Of Erectile Dysfunction With These Powerful Yoga Poses

The sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, and lack of exercise have given rise to numerous physical and mental health issues. To count, some of these problems are life-threatening medical conditions like heart disease, kidney disease, and stress. However, a major sexual health problem affecting males is Erectile Dysfunction. In the majority of cases, you would normally book an appointment with your local doctor.

Erectile dysfunction is a man’s inability to maintain or achieve an erection during a sexual encounter. From a medical perspective, failing to achieve an erection is not the cause for concern as there are numerous factors behind this problem. Some risk factors behind this problem include stress, trauma, depression, and obesity among others. Thankfully, you have yoga to help you get rid of this problem.

With that said, let us first understand what causes the problem of erectile dysfunction.

3 Reasons Behind Erectile Dysfunction

Although a medical professional helps you detect the cause of this problem. Some factors play a major role in causing this issue in the first place.

1. Medications / Treatments

Some medications interfere with normal blood flow to your penis. As per a recent study, the majority of men suffering from erectile dysfunction have this problem owing to a medication they take for another medical issue.

Erectile Dysfunction is one of the reasons why many men also stop taking their medications for serious health issues like depression or blood pressure. Some of the medications that can lead to the problem of ED include Cancer chemotherapy, tranquilizers, hormonal medicines for treating prostate cancer, ulcer treatment medications, and medication for psychiatric conditions.

2. Age

Numerous medical studies have pointed out that erectile dysfunction increases from 5% to 15% in men as they enter their 40’s. However, including some yoga for erectile dysfunction can help you maintain good mental and physical health even in old age.

3. Stress

At times, men often undergo a lot of stress simply about their sexual performance and this inhibits their ability to achieve an erection. It can happen due to a bad sexual experience in the past, or a previous episode of erectile dysfunction.

However, that does not mean there is no solution to your problem. Inculcating specific yoga asanas in your daily routine can help you get rid of this issue.

Yoga Asanas For Erectile Dysfunction

Practicing yoga for stress relief does have a positive impact on the problem of Erectile Dysfunction. It helps you deal with unnecessary stress, improve blood flow to the penis, and spice up your libido.

Given below are three yoga asanas to help you get rid of this issue.

1. Boat Pose (Naukasana)

Naukasana activates the sex hormones in males and helps them last longer in the bedroom. It also strengthens their hips, thigh muscles, and buttocks.

Steps To Practice Boat Pose
  • Lie on the yoga mat with both arms beside your body. Keep your feet together.
  • Inhale. When exhaling lift your chest and feet off the mat.
  • Stretch and straighten your arms. Keep them pointed towards your feet.
  • Keep your eyes, fingers, and toes in a straight line. Make sure to keep them at knee height.
  • Hold this position for some time with deep breathing.
  • Exhale and relax.

2. Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana)

Paschimottanasana is one of the beneficial yoga for erectile dysfunction asanas that helps you counter the problem of ED (Erectile Dysfunction). This improves your strength and endurance by working on the perineal muscles (located between the anus and scrotum).

Steps To Practice Seated Forward Bend
  • Sit with your back straight on the yoga mat.
  • Keep your legs extended and toes flexed towards you.
  • Inhale and bring both arms over your head.
  • Exhale and bend forward by bringing your chin towards your toes.
  • Stretch out your arms and extend them the furthest without making it too painful.
  • Inhale. Lift your head off the mat and extend your spine.
  • Exhale and bring your navel near to the knees.
  • Hold this position for some time.

3. Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

Dhanurasana is the best yoga asana to stimulate your reproductive organs. It also helps you get over premature ejaculation.

Steps To Practice Bow Pose
  • Lie down on your stomach with both feet hip-width apart. Keep your arms by your sides.
  • Raise your legs to keep your feet facing the direction of your head.
  • Hold your ankles with your hands.
  • Inhale. Lift your chest off the mat.
  • Pull your legs up and back.
  • Hold this position for 20 seconds.


Erectile Dysfunction is the most common sexual problem affecting men of all age groups. Stress and age are two leading reasons why you might not be able to spice up your life between the sheets You should include a little yoga for erectile dysfunction to get rid of this problem. These yoga poses would help you not just spice up your libido but also keep you energized throughout the day.

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