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How to Sleep Better With Yoga Nidra

Finding it hard to doze off? Or are you facing trouble remaining asleep for a longer time? The chances are you might be suffering from various sleep disorders. Needless to say, these can turn into chronic disorders over time. So, it is very important to sleep so that your mind and body can rest.

If you think you can neglect sleep, you must read the following side effects of sacrificing sleep for anything else. Follow along.

Side-Effects of Sleeplessness

  • Your mind becomes restless
  • The ability of your body to fight illness degrades
  • Negative impact on your heart health
  • Higher rate of having cancer
  • Loss of memory or cognitive powers
  • Decision-making or rational thinking suffers
  • Loss of sex drive
  • A decrease in testosterone (in men)
  • Slower metabolism leads to obesity
  • Risk of diabetes increases
  • Skin glow fades away and much more

These are just a few effects that you will have if you neglect sleep. So, what choice do you have if you are not able to fall asleep? Yoga Nidra training is one of the best options for you to have a sound sleep.

What is Yoga Nidra Training?

It is one of the forms of yoga practice that focuses on relaxing your mind and body. So, you practice different meditation techniques to fall asleep much faster. Over time, you learn to consciously tap into your unconscious.

You hang between the state of wakefulness and sleep. It means that you consciously keep your mind awake while your body is sleeping. Hence, it helps you observe your subconscious, target negative emotions, and flush out unwanted entities.

With consistent practice of Yoga Nidra training, you feel a lot lighter, relaxed, and enjoy easy sleep.

Reasons to Do Yoga Nidra Training


When you are awake, you tend to connect with every thought that comes across your mind. That leads to over-working done by your mind. So, you end up getting frustrated. Even when you fall asleep, your mind never has complete rest.

Practicing Yoga Nidra training can help you silence your mind. You learn how to detach from various things going on in your mind. Hence, you have better sleep.

Zero Stress

Is something bothering you? If yes, that might lead to stress. So, how to release stress from your mind? Simply practice Yoga Nidra training. You learn different techniques to tap into the untouched zones of your mind.

Hence, you learn how not to let other things affect you. You enjoy living in the moment rather than crying over something contingent.

Connecting With Self

Living without a sense of connection is not worth living at all. You don’t get to explore the deepest secrets of your life. Practicing Yoga Nidra training helps you experience Lucid dreaming. It a state of consciously controlling your dreams.

Moreover, you learn to dive much deeper into your unconscious without letting the conscious mind interfere.

Deep Sleep

Yoga Nidra training focuses on improving the quality of your sleep. You sleep longer and have longer REM. That way, you enjoy deep sleep for the maximum part of the night. Furthermore, you sleep instantly without changing turns in the bed for hours.

Deep sleep helps you to restructure your unconscious, remove any negative beliefs, adopt good habits, and filter your thoughts. In turn, your mind and body relax to the maximum degree.

Easy Falling Asleep

Don’t you want to sleep the moment you hit the bed? Yeah? You should practice Yoga Nidra training then. Over time, you don’t have to strain a lot. Regular practice of the Yoga Nidra training improves the sleeping cycles of your body.

Hence, you don’t need sleeping pills to sleep or alarms to wake up.

Why Do Yoga Nidra Training in Rishikesh

Do you know that India has the largest number of yoga practitioners? More than that, Rishikesh witnesses the most number of yoga practitioners every year. So, without a doubt, choosing Rishikesh for Yoga Nidra training is the best choice.

Don’t believe it? Read below to enlighten yourself.

True Yoga Form

Westerners have modified yoga according to their convenience. They adopted the physical aspect of yoga and kept the mental and spiritual dimensions at bay.

However, when you visit Rishikesh, you witness that yoga is so diverse and vast. So, for Yoga Nidra training, it is a perfect location. You never leave anything behind and do wholesome yoga practice.

Peaceful Environment

Tired of the city hustle? Visit Rishikesh and experience bliss, silence, and a peaceful environment. Staying in nature automatically releases stress and toxins from your body. You feel at peace when you roam in the woods or along the riverbank.

Hearing natural sounds tunes your body to natural frequencies. Thus, your vibrations raise that helps your stay in the present moment.

Venerable Yoga Masters

Teachers in Rishikesh have decades of experience practicing yoga. They have mastered the art and have been living a stress-free life since. You don’t need to leave your life and live as a yogi. Rather, they teach you how to incorporate yoga practice in modern life.

Doing Yoga Nidra training under the guidance of venerable yoga masters is going to change your life. You get to learn so much about life from yoga sages.

Spiritually Abundant

The energy or aura of a place can say a lot about it. Stepping in Rishikesh, India is enough to calm your senses. Needless to say, Yoga Nidra training in Rishikesh can change your life tremendously.

You feel abundantly at peace that resolves all your mental and physical issues. Thus, it is a perfect place to practice Yoga Nidra training.

How Yoga Nidra Training Heals Insomnia?

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder in which you fail to sleep for days. Even if your sleep, the slightest movement can break your sleep. It affects your body and mind’s abilities.

You might be wondering how practicing Yoga Nidra for insomnia can heal you. If so, you must read the following key points to learn about it.

  • Removes negative elements that are disrupting your sleep cycles.
  • Relaxes your mind so that you can sleep better.
  • Heals any chronic pain causing you to stay awake.
  • Gives you mental peace so that you can sleep.
  • Limits the brain activity of your conscious mind.
  • Helps you restructure the neurotic formation of your mind, and much more.

Yoga Nidra training can change your life by healing all your sleep issues or disorders.

Wrap Up

The more modern the world is becoming, the living conditions are becoming worst. Why? Because there is no place in your home where there is no radiation. Every corner has some kind of noise or distraction. Thus, even if you want to sit alone for some time, you won’t be able to.

That is why you need to upgrade with the changing times. If the external can’t change, you can change your internal working with Yoga Nidra training. Keep practicing and live a peaceful and wholesome life.

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