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FUE Hair Transplant Procedure: How to Sleep After This Surgery?

Hair transplantation is considered a rigorously enveloping procedure, and one can experience a swift recovery without any significant hindrance. The reason is that hair transplant doesn’t engross significant surgery and requires nothing much to heal. But still, precautions are always preferable over any unlikable experience and to assure the best success rate for the transplanted hair.

The success rate of Hair Transplant Surgery can ideally be determined after following all the precautionary measures. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), hair transplant plays a considerable role in hair fullness, and more than 79% of the patients experience desired hair volume after FUE hair therapy. It all shows that successful hair transplant surgery can be a turning point in your life if you take all the preventive actions seriously.

Even though 1000s of FUE hair transplantation surgeries happen all over the globe daily, still, many people don’t know how to sleep correctly after FUE Hair Transplant Procedure. If you have also undergone FUE hair transplant recently, then the sleeping concern shouldn’t panic you anymore. You have visited the ideal website to grab the relevant information about how to sleep peacefully after FUE hair transplantation.

How to Sleep After FUE Hair Transplant?

It is quite necessary to learn about the sleeping patterns after FUE hair transplant as it can help you to avoid any damage to recently transplanted follicles in your scalp. The new follicles start settling in your scalp on the first day of the surgery. So, following medical recommendations and taking care of operated areas is the key to evading repulsive damages.

First Night Sleeping Precautions after FUE Hair Transplant

The first night is extremely critical of all because you have experienced operation that was not easy to endure. Additionally, the anesthesia experience and implantation of follicles in the scalp make it way too exigent to sleep calmly. It clearly shows that FUE surgery makes our scalp sensitive and demands additional care along with the newly grown hair.

Firstly, avoid touching and scratching your scalp unnecessarily, because it can damage the newly implanted follicles. You shouldn’t be worried about the inflammation of the implanted area, as FUE is a common surgery, and tenderness will disappear within a few days.

The ideal sleeping position after FUE therapy is to sleep upright by placing the cushion behind the pillow. It will help you to keep your head eminent, and you will feel comfortable this way. Other than this, you can use a travel pillow for extra soothe and tranquil sleep.

The primary concern is why we want you to place the travel pillow around your neck? The reason is relatively logical, i.e., it prevents the head’s unnecessary movement and hinders you from putting pressure on the operated area.

Another trick to shun the enticement of touching and scratching your head is to place your arms inside the pajamas’ pockets. This way, you can never take them out without any cause.


One of the core benefits of sleeping upright during the first few days of the FUE procedure is that it prevents the needless blood flow into the head as excessive blood flow can harm your hair follicles adversely.

Nevertheless, if you follow the sleeping pattern mentioned earlier, you can surely experience better results in no days.

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