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Can Coronavirus Live in Hair? Here’s What We Want You To Know!!!

Nowadays, we all are extra aware of washing our hands with soap and water for 20 seconds to avoid the exposure of noxious COVID-19.  As per the recommendations of the CDC, it is quite imperative to scrub the palm and undersides of the fingers to stay away from this lethal coronavirus pandemic. But have you ever thought that just like our hands, how often should we wash other parts of the body? It doesn’t matter if you are working from home, imagine for a second while twirling your hair that can’t it carry the virus? If yes, then for how long and if No, then why not?

Such questions should continuously swirl in your mind because this deadly virus has never proclaimed that it likes attacking face and hands only. There is an equal possibility that the rest of the body parts, including hair, can carry this virus too.

If you genuinely are concerned about your hair, then read through the entire discussion and grab the valuable information.

COVID-19: Does this Global Epidemic Live in Hair Too?

Researchers from all over the globe are spending their significant time to observe the impact of coronavirus on various parts of the body. Factually, it stays on high-touch and hard surfaces for around 72 hours, but it’s somewhat challenging to analyze its effect on the hair unless someone vigorously coughed, and you got droplets in your hair. Though it’s tough to imagine its existence in the hair but not impracticable as your hair are also part of the body.

One of the most common mechanisms of transferring this virus to the hair is through hands. Now you must be thinking, why and how? Well, because we all love to twirl our hair every time, especially girls with long hair, can relate to it.

According to dermatologists, the originality of this novel coronavirus and availability of limited testing facilities doesn’t provide enough evidence about this virus i.e., whether the virus stays on hair or not because hair isn’t much-tested surface yet. But still, preventions are always preferable over regretting in the future.

Hair Safety Tips to Avoid Coronavirus

Doctors strongly recommend to following below-mentioned hair-safety tips to evade the spread of this virus on hair including;

  • Properly Clean the Hair Brush

Generally, viruses don’t prosper on the porous surface, including hair, but there exists a possibility according to the situation. For instance, if an infected person touches the hairbrush, then definitely your hair can carry this virus too. So, it provides a strong reason to deep clean the hair daily with or without the concern of coronavirus.

You can use sanitizers or various other disinfectants to clean the brush. Otherwise, remove the hair from the brush and wash the brush with shampoo.

  • Avoid Touching the Hair Unnecessarily

As we mentioned earlier, the germs can transfer through hands, so it better not to play with your hair no matter if you adore them alot. Theoretically, the virus can move through hands to hair, but if you don’t run the fingers in the hair, there’s less possibility of exposure.

A few other important advice are;

  • Pull back your hair properly
  • Shampoo the hair more often
  • Avoid using shared towels and brushes


It is crucial to consider all the tips seriously as your health and safety are in your hands.

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