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Freelancers’ Tips for Getting More Design Jobs

Businesses and deals in the web design industry are often set up and shut down because they can’t maintain them. There could be so many reasons for the sad demise of the business, but one reason always has some amount of percentage to contribute in the shutting down of the business: Lack Of Clients To Sustain The Business.  We are here talking about Freelancer tips

Each one of the Web designers must know that the following two things are essential if the business is to be kept going: 

  • Maintain a good relationship with the existing clients so that they will approach only you for future projects and recommend other people to take services from you. 
  • Make sure you build a solid network to get more projects & opportunities to enhance your business in the future. 

Here are some of the critical points that each one of us should know if we want to gain more and more clients for the successful running of the business: 

  • There Is No End To The Improvement Of Skills:

Improvement of the skills is the never-ending aspect. There is a vast amount of learning. Once you determine that you want to improve your skills, you will find many things that you didn’t know for so long but realize that you need to know all of them. 

Get a Blog Written

You Can Lose A Client If: 

  • You are not having extensive knowledge of what you do 
  • If the client knows much more than you do. 

How Can I Improve My Skills ‘Free Of Cost’?

You merely need ‘INTERNET’ for the free Improvement of your skills. The Learning material in the form tutorials, Worksheets, Books is available on Google and YouTube in particular.

Did you know? 

The following are the sites that can help you with the learning you want to grow: 

  • A-List Apart 
  • NetTuts
  • Sitepoint
  • W3 Schools


  • Tell The World What You Are Good At

Having only skills will not give you anything. Apart from that, you need to tell the world: 

  • What kind of services do you provide? 
  • How good are you at performing this?

One way is to reach there by using blogs and social media services. You can show your portfolio in your blog to let your work do the talking.

If it has been so long since you have been in the market promoting your services, then you must have built a good portfolio. 

Apart From The Blog, What Are The Other Methods To Tell The World You Are Available For Rendering The Services? 

If you are freelancer, do not only rely on the networks to procure the projects, aside from that, you must also have your account created on the freelancing websites like: 

  • KIWI
  • Upwork 
  • Awesome Web 
  • Know The Importance Of: Advertisement Of The Services 

Here are some of the most effective advertising methods that help you to become a known name in the Web Design Industry: 

  • BuySellAds

It is one of the most effective advertising platforms for web designers. You need to create an account to get access to Advertising Space. 

  • Get a Blog Written 

One of the things you can do to advertise yourself is to pay a blogger to write a blog for you. Make sure that you are giving a compelling theme to your blog as it triggers the users to read it.

  • Paid Review Post

If among all, you prefer the paid review post. Then you can give the reviewer money to publish a sponsored review. And yes, it must be written in the beginning that it is a sponsored review. Here it would be best if you continually keep in mind that ‘Honesty Sells.’ 

Paid Review Post

  • Know Your Clients 

One of the most valuable things Kinex Media does to increase business is to know what our clients like to have. Not only this, but apart from that, it is also essential that your client knows you all. 


It would be best to focus on counting on those sources that let you interact with your clients in the most precise manner. . 

One of the best things you can do is start running a page on social networking sites.

Another way to interact with your client is to respond to their queries through interactive platforms. Twitter is another interactive platform in this regard. It is the platform where people can post their reviews and tell you what they like and dislike about you. You will have the chance to answer their queries accordingly. 

Make Calls 

You can make calls to your clients. You do not only need to make calls when you want to procure business. But building relations is also essential for which you sometimes need to make calls to your customers to ask them: 

  • How are they doing? 
  • Did they think the service provided to them was up to the mark?
  • Do they need anything to be modified? 

Use Emails & SMS

Sometimes the users do not pick the calls from unknown numbers as they are not in the mood to have conversations. It would be best not to wait for the other person to respond in those cases. You should leave a message to notify in the form of SMS or Email to notify them of your reason for calling them. 

But! But! But! 

No matter how you interact with clients, make sure you are not letting the professionalism get compromised. Now the question which is arising in your mind is, “But if we do not become friendly with the clients, they would never consider getting something?”

The answer to this is, “You can become friendly up to the extent the sales-thing wants you to be. For example: If you sell a refrigerator, then you can engage in the questions like: 

  • Which food items do you love or make the most? 
  • Which processed food items do you keep the most in your refrigerator?” 

These are relevant questions to ask. But if you start focusing on the recipes of the dishes and which brands of salt they use, don’t you think that it would go a bit offbeat?

Is It Essential To Find The Things Mentioned Above As Of Great Importance? 

If you want your clients to think you are a professional, you need to consider some of the measures mentioned above. It will prove fruitful for you to help you maintain a good image among the clients. 

Let’s End This On A Good Note

The secret to getting more & more clients to procure your business has always been the quality of products and the services. If you want your clients to be happy, try to give them what they expect. Your individualistic approach to handling the clients will prove positive for your business. 

Moreover, The web developers of Kinex Media would like to suggest that developers from all over the world never stop learning and keep on growing as the web development field requires your skills to grow continually.

But remember!

Nevertheless, do remember that all it takes is one blunder to jeopardize your reputation, and with it, your business. So make sure you keep yourself updated with the trends of the day & check that you are not emerging faulty anywhere. Though To err is Human, the clients are not divine enough to forgive you. LOL!

Keep them Happy!

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