Forget Me Knot: 11 Ways To Tie A Necktie Based On The Type Of Your Shirt

The history of neckties varies from different places. Some say that they originated from the 17th century in France led by King Louis XIII, while others are sure that they’re from Rome at around 200-century A.C. But whoever invented neckties, it’s a well-appreciated invention that everybody appreciates.

What is a necktie anyway? A necktie is a piece of cloth usually worn by men under the collar of their shirt. Its main purpose is to secure the collar and add an accent to the overall attire. Nowadays, there is also lots of women’s attire that requires the use of a necktie.

Men’s ties have different kinds of fabric and design. You can find patterns like stripes and polka dots printed on fabrics such as silk and satin. They also have different lengths, textures, widths, cuts. Meanwhile, women’s ties seem to be smaller and similar to scarves. However, this article mainly discusses traditional men’s ties.

If you’re familiar with the designs of neckties but don’t know what the different knots are, you should ready your ties and check the list below to learn more!

1. The Full Windsor Knot

In the 1920s, the Duke of Windsor was believed to popularise the Windsor knot. It’s also called Double Windsor. Although the Duke didn’t invent the mentioned knot, he was pleased that his name was used to label the knot.

You can use different kinds of men’s ties using the Full Windsor knot. In terms of usage, this elegant and classic style can be paired with shirts with widespread collars. If you have a larger neck, this kind of knot is perfect for you!

Since this knot is easy to do, it suits all occasions. However, since it needs two wrappings, you’re required to use at least a 62-inch long necktie.

2. The Half Windsor Knot

As the name implies, the Half Windsor knot is smaller than the Full Windsor knot. It can also be worn on many different occasions, but it is more flexible than the Full Windsor. It’s also simple to make, and suitable for beginners.

Its versatility and simplicity make it the best knot to use for office attire. In addition, it doesn’t require longer ties, unlike the Full Windsor. You can use regular ties with a thicker cloth or with a slippery texture. Pair it with wide and open-collared shirts to make them look more classic.

3. The Eldredge Knot

Known as the hardest knot, the Eldredge knot is a great choice if you want to impress the people around you. It looks similar to pine cone scales when finished, and mainly uses the smaller side of the necktie.

The Eldredge knot is one of the youngest knots, but it’s also as famous as the classics. You can do this on plain or patterned ties. Pair it with events that are non-professional, and shirts with an open collar. It’s ideal if you don’t wear any other garments along with this knot.

4. The Four-In-Hand Knot

The Four-in-hand knot is another classic that has been popular in the 19th century. Experts said that it was invented by British horsemen.

It’s usually worn during semi-formal occasions, and it’ll just take you a few seconds to do. It’s perfect in men’s ties with thick fabric and a regular length.

You can pair this knot with a classic button-down shirt with any kind of collar. It can be worn for your everyday attire because it’s simple and easy to pair.

5. The Trinity Knot

The Trinity knot is another newly discovered knot just like the Eldredge. It’s labelled to be one of the most flashy knots, which is why it’s not that ideal to be worn in an office setting. However, you can wear it to parties and semi-formal events.

You can also do the Trinity knot in patterned ties, but it’s more advisable to use thin plain ties. Try this if you’re not afraid to stand out and be noticed. Just like the others, it’s suitable with wide and open-collared shirts.

6. The Prince Albert Knot

The Prince Albert knot is an elegant yet easy-to-make knot. It’s perfect for any kind of shirt with a collar. If you’re wondering what kind of necktie is ideal to use, don’t worry because any not-so-thick ties will be alright.

Wear this tie on whatever event you have, including your daily office outfit. It’s easy to achieve so you won’t have to worry about the time it’ll take.

7. The Onassis Knot

Aristotle Onassis invented the Onassis knot in the 1960s. He was an owner of a ship and the second husband of Jackie Kennedy.

The Onassis knot is a good-looking knob that anyone will be pleased to do. It’s a brilliant invention because the actual knot is hidden by the tie. You can do this on wide ties to highlight the pattern because it’s also similar to a scarf.

Worried about what shirt to pair? You don’t have to as long as your shirt has an open to a semi-open collar.

8. The Atlantic Knot

Want to know another classic? The Atlantic knot is what you’re looking for! This knot has been invented in the 1900s, which is why it has a retro vibe.

The Atlantic knot is suitable for informal events because it’s not basic, but a decorative knot. You can pair it with a sports jacket and a shirt with a wide collar.

9. The Balthus Knot

The Balthus knot was invented by Balthasar Klossowski in the 1930s. The news said that he was just bored when he invented the knot, which is one of the largest knots you can make.

Although it’s another popular knot, it’s not the kind you can wear daily. You should wear it once in a while given its flashy finish. You’ll also need neckties that are longer than usual when you’re going to do this knot.

10. The Pratt Knot

Jerry Pratt popularised the Pratt knot in the 1980s. He’s a famous TV personality, which is how this knot became the American men’s fashion tie knot. However, fashion experts say that the knot was first seen in Milan in the 1920s.

The Pratt knot is perfect for a not too slim yet not too thick men’s tie, and paired with an open collar shirt. You can wear this on any occasion, and even for everyday attire (like office wear and business settings).

11. The Bowtie

Last but KNOT least, the bow tie! Everybody knows what a bow tie is, and how easy it is to make. However, back then, this tie wasn’t used for everyday attire. Usually, it’s worn on special occasions paired with a tuxedo.

Nowadays, bow ties find their way to casual wear. They can now be worn in simple dinners, office outfits, and cocktail parties. Moreover, the usual black bowtie can now be seen in colorful and quirky designs. 

bow tie

It’s okay if you’re confused and can’t tie the right knot because practise will make you better. If you have some free time, try to research some more, and create knots from basic to advanced. You can also buy long and regular lengths for easier practise.

Let us know what is the first knot you did, and how your tie-knotting adventure went by leaving a comment below!

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