Five Toughest Degrees in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country in south-East of Asia having 270 million population (2019). Pakistan is a sole atomic Islamic country in the world. HEC recognizes 174 universities in the country, including both private and public institutions, and some of which are military or vocational in focus. There are 50,616,000 primary as well as secondary schools and colleges in Pakistan. The total literacy rate in Pakistan is roughly 58-60%. There are different fields where anyone can get a degree of their own choice. Here we are going to list down the most difficult and toughest degrees to be supposed in Pakistan.


These accounting-related degrees are considered toughest because they a lot of time to accomplish. To achieve these degrees a lot of hardworking is needed. Pakistanis preferred a lot as compared to others.

Best Universities for CA

  • College of Accountancy and Professional Studies (CAPS) – CAPS.
  • Professionals’ Academy of Commerce (PAC) [1]
  • RISE School of Accountancy – RISE.
  • SKANS School of Accountancy – SKANS multan.
  1. Engineering

Engineering is a widely opted profession in Pakistan and considered one of the highest scopes. This degree can be achieved examined after FSc and taking up to four years.

  • Aerospace Engineering. Chemical. Mechanical. Petroleum. Avionics. Bio-Medical. Civil. Electrical. Electronics. Mechatronics. Petroleum & Gas. Agriculture Engineering. Materials Engineering. Agro-Industrial Engineering. Automotive Engineering.


The profession of medicine is also considered tough in the sense that the entrance test and after 5 years in college needs a lot of zeal and zest. The degree is the foremost preference of Pakistani student females as well as males.

  • Feild of Study.
  • Medical. Medicine – MBBS. Nursing. Surgery. Critical Care Medicine. Homoeopathic Medical Science. Renal Dialysis Technology. Accident & Emergency. Anaesthesia Technician. Anesthesia Technology. Audiology. Audiology & Speech Language Therapy. Audiology & Speech Pathology. Biochemical Pathology.
  1. Master in States and mathematics

Why mastering these two subjects is difficult is known to everyone. Mathematics rough and tough calculations and states shocked everyone in the first impression.

Master in History

History is history a very difficult like riddles to memorize them. Many of the universities in Pakistan offer a master’s degree in history but the preference of Pakistani students seems very less.

Master’s in History Program Guide. A master’s degree in history takes an average of two years of full-time study to complete. … Master’s programs commonly focus on developing skills in analytical research and interpretation through interdisciplinary study of subjects like anthropology, sociology, and political science.

Top Ten Highly Demanded Careers in Pakistan

Top Ten Careers in Pakistan
  1. Marketing & Brand Management. Entry Level: 20,000 � 52,000*
  2. Procurement & Supply Chain. Entry Level: 15,000 � 25,000* …
  3. Program & Project Management. Entry Level: 20,000 � 35,000* …
  4. Sales & Business Development. Entry Level: 15,000 � 35,000* …
  5. Mechanical Eng. …
  6. HR Management. …
  7. Telecom Engineering. …
  8. Finance & Accounting. ..

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