All events in your marriage should be caught and covered in a picture for you to cherish them later with your children and wife. Engagement happens once in a lifetime you cannot always bend down on your knee and like them for their hand. Thus, these moments should be shot in the most incredible way. Here are some tips and techniques that can make those moments magical.

  • Use basic poses
    Keep it simple! Particularly when it comes to making poses. Pick poses that you know in advance that can make the moment look flattering and natural at the same time.
  • Bring minimal gear
    The engagement is shorter than the wedding period and also it must look natural for that you must keep it simple with minimal gear. The engagement photoshoot is shorter and includes a lot of moving around.
  • Provide clear instructions
    The photographer should be extra clear with posing instructions. Engagement shoots can be great practice shots for the big wedding day for the couple.
  • Use different shooting angles
    Even though posing should be simple but the shooting angles should be extra. Look for different angles so every picture could look different and capture every moment. A variety of angles provides more diversions to the photos. Thus, this can attract more clients when they are shared.
  • Incorporate your environment
    Use your environment as props. Make use of the area let’s say if it’s a garden then make use of the grass for drawing a connection between the environment and the couple.
  • Find the perfect light
    Use the golden hour for the picture. May be sunset or even sunrise can act as a huge advantage in making the picture look amazing. The photographer must know how to work through harsh light and low light.
  • Use the rain
    The weather conditions are unexpected in Jasper, you never know when it rains. Therefore, do not cancel the shoot if it rains. The overcast skies and rain can make interesting light conditions to the picture.
  • Encourage interaction
    You are capturing two people in love so encourage what they are doing let them hug and kiss and capture the beautiful moments as they are something, they would love to see every time they see it. Just try to avoid something that the couple is embarrassed to show to their grandchildren.
  • Enjoy the shoot
    The photographer should enjoy the moment with the couple. Have fun with them so that the results are visible in the pictures.

Engagement photography is simpler and more natural as compared to wedding photographs. Wedding photoshoots are high maintenance. Alberta has the best family photographers who know the latest trends and techniques of engagement photographs. Search for the list of the most rated photographers available in Jasper and hire the one you want to cover your special day.

The photographers in Jasper Alberta, who cover the engagement photoshoot make sure they create the best poses for the bride and groom and help them relax so they can provide genuine expressions. For them creating genuine expressions for the shoot creates stunning photos.


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