Explainer Videos Can Make Your Business Successful

In today’s fastest-growing digital era, how do you want to expand your business that truly captures your target audiences’ attention?

Well, you have two options here, choosing traditional strategies (broadcasting products/services via television adverts, using print media billboards, signages) Or moving along with recent marketing solutions which is, however, through explainer videos.

Don’t you think that the first option requires plenty of time, money, and effort? This is why we give you the smartest option of using explainer videos. What’s your say on this?

What’s more interesting is that regardless of a company’s size, shape, and dynamics, having short, highly-informative, and well-tailored explainer videos are always beneficial in growing a company’s online presence.

If you are ever planning to use explainer videos for your business, you will have a variety of them such as whiteboard, 2D and 3D animation, live-action, and motion graphics explainer videos. But it entirely depends on which explainer video type you prefer to convey your brand’s message to a larger audience out there.

So, let’s dive deeper into the crafting of explainer videos and help you understand how it benefits businesses in the recent technological age.

1. Generate Solid Conversion Rates

Conversion rate is the key to achieving business success. That is why marketers find explainer videos effective in converting leads into strong conversion rates. With the help of explainer videos, you can simplify your brand’s ideas and concepts. Whatever the products and services might be, when an explainer video is made rightly, it can attract a large number of people towards it.

Explainer videos are the attention seeker that can easily capture your audience’s attention. As per the research of Word Stream, when you upload such videos on your website’s landing page, it can increase the conversion rate by 80 percent. Unlike other videos, this marketing strategy can help your campaign perform better since it provides compelling content that encourages consumers to engage with your company right away. As a result, even a single video will result in increased conversion rates.

2. Distribute Your Explainer Videos on Social Media Platforms

Create stunning explainer videos and post them on different social media platforms because your brand’s core message can be easily circulated globally. It just needs a simple click, there is no requirement of downloading, and extra money or effort.

92 percent of people share videos on social networking sites with their friends and family via their mobile phones. When they do this very often, it does not only increases website traffic but raises your ROI. So, what you really need to do is to create an engaging video and upload it on social media.

Let’s have a look at how different social platforms work for explainer videos:

  • YouTube

There are 2.3 billion YouTube users, and each day, the number is constantly increasing to a great extent. So, don’t you think your explainer video can do wonders over the internet? After viewing an explainer video about a product/service, 73 percent of users make a purchasing decision.

  • Facebook

Make sure your content is engaging and relevant, it is then that it can attract people of all ages to your brand.

  • Twitter

You can post videos that are less than 140 seconds but it is one of the best platforms that helps to gain high web traffic.

  • Quora: 

Valuable information about products/services can be spread to entrepreneurs and influencers through this platform.

3. Add a Powerful CTA

A powerful call to action is one of the best things that helps to guide the viewers to take direct action. Always use it at the end of videos, so that after learning about the products, the audience can go through the sales funnel. Let’s understand it this way, suppose your video is highly informative and you have addressed the pain points of your audience by giving them solutions, then your CTA should definitely lead them to make a purchasing decision.

Do not use CTA at the beginning or in the middle of your videos, because it may sound salesy to the audience. Also, try to add CTA’s that can yield high performances for you. For your ease, here are a few examples of effective CTA’s that you use for explainer videos:

  • Get started
  • Contact us
  • Learn more
  • Reach out to us
  • Click here
  • See more

If not these, you can think of your own CTA’s that fits best as per the need of your products and services. Create several CTAs that stand out uniquely and are easy to click if you’re intending to use your video on multiple platforms. It will, for sure, let your buyers leap to the purchasing decision.

4. Help You Rank Higher on Google Search  

Higher SEO rankings result in a higher Google rating for your website, which leads to increased sales. For marketing purposes, explainer videos are becoming progressively significant. When these explainer videos are SEO, firms with focused video marketing strategies get more leads, earn more income, and improve brand awareness.

Some important steps are mentioned that you should follow while making explainer videos:

  • Your title should be SEO optimized having keywords that will help you rank on Google.
  • Incorporate eye-catchy meta-description in just a few sentences. Think about questions that people are looking for and offer them the solutions through your explainer videos.
  • Use hashtags wisely to attract your target audience.
  • Make sure that your thumbnails are compelling enough to engage audiences’ attention.

5. Bring Out Emotions

Keep in mind that the majority of consumers’ purchasing decisions are based on emotions. You should think about products that can evoke emotions. For example, kid’s toys, makeup stuff, etc. Whatever your product might be, you need to represent it in a way that the audience can relate themselves to as it is the most important part of your video.

But, people will stay on your site longer if you provide a fast and easy explanation to them in a fun and engaging way. The video does not have to be lengthy to be stunning and amazing. It should normally be 30 to 60, or 90 seconds, not more than this. After 90 seconds, users’ attention span usually shrank down and ultimately, explainer videos do not perform well. Consider what you’re hoping to accomplish using explainer videos. Once you have figured it out, your products and services will almost certainly strike an emotional connection with your target audience.

6. Professional Voice-Over

If you create an excellent explainer video, you will be able to emotionally connect with your audience. And you’ll need the correct voice for this – it’s critical. A person with a weak or harsh voice has the potential to ruin the entire video. Finding the correct individual for your explainer video, whether male or female, is critical since their knowledge and grasp of what is necessary will enable them to deliver.

You will need someone who can vary their tone, pronounce clearly, and bring out the emotion in their words. In other words, they must be able to enthrall and overwhelm the audience. Consider listening to the radio, attending a webinar, or downloading a podcast. Your video necessitates both creativity and precision, as well as production of the finest quality. As a result, knowing why you should hire a voice-over actor can make finding the ideal voice-over actor for your project much easier.

7. Cost-Effective

In today’s modern technological world, you can get professional high-quality explainer videos for a reasonable cost. The pricing of animation is frequently assumed to be high. However, the reality is that costs vary greatly throughout multiple media platforms and creative varieties. The most basic 2D design, with simple backdrops and minimal depth, is usually included in low pricing.

If you have a good budget, then you can go ahead with 3D animation videos that include highlights, shadows, and other customized effects. All of these aspects increase the production process’ time and expense, but they incorporate charming influence on your brand. When you choose a professional video marketing firm, you can rest assured that it will accurately portray your brand and message in a polished and pleasing manner. It is crucial since it will set your brand apart from the competition.

Final Thoughts!

The way we lead our lives has altered as a result of social media. From how we acquire daily news to how we communicate with our loved ones, everything has changed. Social media has taken over the world so is the way of doing business today.

At this point, it is no surprise saying that explainer videos have become increasingly important for companies to showcase their products and services. In fact, 96 percent of marketers are trying to increase their video marketing budget to leave a long-lasting impression on their target audience.

Craft your videos in a way that defines your value proposition in such a way that even just a 10-year-old kid understands what your explainer video is about. So, what are you waiting for? Start your interaction with Simply Explainer and expand your business across the world. Step forward and showcase your products and services and build your brand’s recognition through the explainer videos.

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Qunoot Moin is a Digital Marketing expert and a freelance SEO content writer with experience of 3+ years. She has been helping brands increase their website traffic and rank on Google's first page, and help enhance their content marketing with well-researched and engaging articles.

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