Top 10 Reasons To Rebrand Your Business With Explainer Videos

As businesses opt towards rebranding strategies, they are looking for innovative ways to reintroduce themselves in the industry. The most popular way of rebranding these days is Explainer Videos. 

Types of Explainer Videos

There are several types of explainer videos. Each of these types can be used following a business’s needs. The most common types are: 

  1. Animated explainer videos.
  2. 2D & 3D explainer videos.
  3. Motion graphics explainer videos.
  4. Whiteboard animation videos.
  5. Screencast explainer videos.

Usually, the most frequently asked question from a business owner is: why do I need to market my business through an explainer video? Before we answer that, let’s focus first on: Why do people prefer watching explainer videos?

Why Explainer Videos?

Millennials are more active digitally than any other age segment. They want content that is strictly connected to the 7Cs of Effective Communication. Also, the content needs to resonate with the viewer as well. In this digitally inept era, they have become critical, analytical as well as meticulous while making decisions.

The traditional marketers need to embrace the reality that this is not the class of the 60s anymore. Millennials have different preferences today as compared to Baby Boomers preferring to be visited by salesmen on their doorsteps. 

Nowadays, this hassle is not appreciated.  Customers want a 30-second elevator pitch in which their verbal and non-verbal participation is ensured. Now, the salesforce cannot do that. 

Redirecting ourselves to our former query, “Why do businesses need to rebrand themselves through explainer videos?” As discussed above, explainer videos are short, engaging, and convey to-the-point content which can be easily fed into the mind of the viewers. 

Apart from this, various reasons prove explainer videos are the ultimate tool to use while rebranding your business.  Let’s explore those reasons!

Why should you invest in Explainer Videos?

  • Increases Conversions

Basically, explainer videos are short clips of 15-20 seconds. These short videos show effective and efficient ways forward to the businesses in order to communicate their value proposition to their viewers. 

Furthermore, there is no jargon involved which helps viewers to grasp the idea. The aim is to enlighten them of the recent developments in any business.

Let’s consider the example of Dunkin Donuts. Dunkin rebranded itself with the “America Runs on Dunkin” campaign. These four words reach the end customer in a short clip while reiterating the crux of what is meant in the slogan rather than prolonged ads or posts as it would ruin the whole idea. As a result, Dunkin Donuts enjoyed a huge surge in conversions through its video marketing campaign.

Studies suggest that 85% of people are more likely to purchase a product after watching the explainer videos. It identifies the gap and resolves it with an introduction of a new product with its distinct qualities and features. 

All of this is done in 30-90 seconds. 

  • Gives Power To Your SEO

As you educate your audience through video content, your search ranking automatically improves. Wondering how? Well, if you have video content on your website or other virtual platforms, the visitors would spare some time and watch those videos. 

This would, in turn, play a positive role in SERPs… The same is the case for Youtube.

  • Helps Establish A Rapport With The Target Audience

Video Content should be like storytelling. Storytelling is what instantly captivates the attention of potential prospects. If communicated appropriately, a story triggers an emotion. This approach helps fill the communication gaps between businesses and their customers.

Video marketing develops a sense of trust, and eventually, a strong relationship with your audience. In the case of rebranding, telling a story involves some real-time aspects of taking such a step.

  • Influences Consumer Buying Behavior

According to a study, the average conversion rate of any website is around 2.9%. Subsequently, the videos on that website would increase these numbers by 2 to 3 times. Another study indicates that 65% of consumers are inclined to buy a product online after watching a video. Now, that is a huge turnover right there. 

Let’s talk about the return on investments…

  • Ensures Return On Investment (ROI)

As we discussed earlier, video marketing is cost-effective compared to other means of rebranding your business. The processes of distributing graphic devices, marketing on electronic media, and using human capital comes with increased costs. 

Similarly, the return on the investment of this magnitude is not easy to achieve quickly. On the other hand, explainer videos help cut the cost by more than a half, plus its recyclable nature helps increase its life. Explainer videos significantly reduce costs, and their recyclable nature prolongs their lifespan.

With the video content rolling on digital platforms, businesses enjoy instant ROI. Digital platforms provide instant ROI for businesses with video content.

  • Enhances Brand Image

During the rebranding process, organizations are opportunistic and build a solid brand image for their target audiences. The material and context of the videos contribute significantly to building a positive brand image. 

For instance, in an animated explainer video, the animations, characters, & storyboard enhances a brand’s personality on the whole.  As a result, well-organized video content can help build a brand association. 

The characters used in the videos are pivotal in connecting with the mind of a customer in everyday life. 

  • Helps in Building Credibility

As a business owner, your focus should be on convincing customers to trust you. With the help of video content, you can show viewers what the problem is at hand, and how your business can resolve that problem for them. 

This will drive the viewers to trust your business and eventually, will help you establish a long-term B2C relationship. 

  • The Best Technique For Social Media & Email Marketing

Video marketing is a digital marketing tool that does not restrict you to your website traffic, but it also can be used to gauge your traffic on social media platforms. The detailed social media posts are not as effective as compared to videos. 

Videos give you more ground to be creative. Furthermore, the number of leads can be doubled by using video content in email marketing. Its impact can be seen by the fact that the inclusion of the word “video” in the subject line of an email increases the click-through rate by at least 2%. 

  • Makes You Stand Out From Competitors

Though video marketing has gained popularity lately, it does not imply that everyone is using it. Maybe the competitive edge you are looking for is a video marketing strategy to beat your competitors and stay on top of the market by capitalizing through video content.

  • Great for Mobile Marketing

It’s difficult to read through texts on mobile devices. Mobile shoppers get an all-in-one package to get to know about brands and what they offer. If a brand applies its video marketing strategies properly, mobile users can be attracted to the brand identity in no time. According to a study, an average retention rate for an explainer video of 60 seconds is 77%.

Summing It Up!

As we have gone through every positive aspect of why explainer videos are a must for rebranding, you as a business owner should think of making it a part of your marketing mix as well. 

With a high-quality video, you can attract hundreds of customers and generate sales at a lower cost. You can generate sales and attract hundreds of customers with a high-quality video.

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