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Employee Monitoring Software for Small Business

Are you unsure of using employee monitoring software for small businesses or not? Read this to find out how to monitor your employees without getting in trouble. In many ways, the products in the Employee Monitoring software area are comparable, and they may assist businesses of all sizes to handle their difficulties. Small company functionality, affordability, configuration, and installation, on the other hand, differ from larger firms. This is why we connect consumers with the proper Small Business Employee Monitoring for their requirements. To find the right products in the Small Business Employee Monitoring software area, compare the product ratings based on business user reviews or contact one of G2’s buying consultants.

A solution should have at least 5 – 10 evaluations from a small business reviewer for qualifying as inclusion in the Small Business Employee Monitoring Software business. Thus it is an important part that helps you in getting the best solution among thousands of available options.

Why your company needs employee monitoring software:

Small business managers and stakeholders can implement employee tracking software to see how their staff. How they spend most of their time during office hours. The best system will track employees’ activity, block the content and apps, record random snapshots, log keystrokes, and generate comprehensive reports. The software is also responsible for monitoring online browsing and app usage. We researched and rated the finest software apps based on price, the convenience of using it, and functionality. This enables you to manage staff activity, efficiency, productivity, & cybersecurity to select the optimal option for your business.

Our best employee monitoring software will make it simple to establish and track network access rights. As well as enhance enterprise productivity and security.

It’s much more important these days to make sure that the right employees have complete access to the right software solutions. As A Result, certain forms of personnel monitoring resemble project management software.

Although some staff monitoring software still uses time tracking, productivity management, and other functions more similar to network monitoring tools. Their main focus is on general network traffic and checking for trends that could indicate a security problem. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect risks and threats.

Picking the right monitoring solution:

It’s easy to dismiss employee monitoring software as an indication of employer overreach when companies incessantly monitor their employees to ensure they aren’t misusing their trust. The outcome of the COVID-19 epidemic increases the rate of working remotely and blended work experience. Thus using such monitoring software has become the need of every company. There must be, however, additional reasons why companies might wish to consider using employee monitoring software. This evaluation attempted to cover a wide range of tools, including some that are highly intrusive and those that can just assist with time tracking & network monitoring.

Utilization of Employee Monitoring Software

The representative checking programming is essentially utilized for regulating the presentation of workers, staying away from unlawful demonstrations, and forestalling the spillage of secret archives. They are generally utilized for watching out for the representatives’ work by innovation organizations. The product gives different instruments and highlights to follow the work done by representatives, for example, the records or the archive sent, got, and opened by them.

Employee monitoring software that works best:

Optimus Hive:

Optimus Hive gives easy-to-understand insights and the dashboard to help you make important business decisions. This is accomplished by collecting META data when the employees are using your company’s owned devices. Optimus Hive analyzes this information and converts it into some actionable information. such as how your workers work and what is preventing them from becoming more productive. By addressing your workflow, tooling, and learning “opportunities” throughout your business, you may act swiftly upon that information Optimus Hive gives. 

Today’s technology advances at such a rapid pace! It’s difficult for businesses with non-IT-skilled employers and managers to comprehend what new technology is available. let the employees understand how this new technology can make their jobs easier and benefit the bottom line of your company. Employing METAdata, Optimus Hive can close the gap. It gathers information, as well as performs analytical analysis with years of experience, in order to present you with suggestions. Additionally, this new technology has the potential to reduce or eliminate uninteresting and repetitive jobs. This solution allows your technical experts to focus on what they do best.

Effective “Change Management” is achieved via the use of approaches developed over time by a skilled leader for bringing workers on board and to achieve the desired business end. Optimus Hive can be an important component of your change management strategy. It can help you and, most significantly, the company’s less-experienced leaders to get aligned with individual employees. And learn different ways of doing things.


SentryPC performs a variety of tasks, including limiting website access, increasing productivity, even conducting investigations to analyze evidence.

Employee activity can follow, generate alarms regarding web and app activity, keys can be saved, and when action is identified, a snapshot of the occurrence as proof. Chat discussion tracking, clipboard logging, document modifications, USB device recognition, and printing loggings are all limited to the PC version. While using Windows, the computer can be disabled remotely, along with a variety of other key features, including file transferring and even turning off the computer. The Mac version lacks all of those functions, making it far less helpful than the PC version.

SentryPC is a low-cost approach to monitor employee activity and control personal system usage. This solution is ideal during business hours when you’re using the PC.

Nevertheless, we’d be wary about employing the keystroke log and screen capture features of this software. As well as implementing it without informing employees and changing agreements to reflect such operational changes.


InterGuard is a company that makes software that records, alerts, blocks, and acts on user activity. It secures company data, preserves efficiency, assures legal compliance, and enhances security. This one is accomplished by consolidating various parts of employees activity monitoring,  data loss protection, and threat detection into a specific application management portal.

All user behavior will monitor automatically by InterGuard and made accessible for search, alerting, and reporting. Corporate policies and regulations for accessing data set the parameters, and unlawful processes that endanger security measures can be prohibited.

Hardly 3% of theft or loss of company laptops ever restored, according to the firm. However, InterGuard provides remote access to any loss or even marked as unaccounted for laptop. This allows files to either retrieve or delete. Moreover, it locked down the laptop so unauthorized employees cannot get access. InterGuard is controlled via a unified control panel, with a complete software demo.


Teramind is a popular representative observing programming with the office of live screen review and playback of history. One has some control over the gadgets of the representative either from a distance or by physically abrogating the records of the client. The product can screen Windows, Mac, Citrix, VDI, and terminal servers. The expense of programming begins from $10 per client, each month to $20.83 per client, each month.



Dynamic Track chips away at a cloud-based framework to screen the representatives. The product offers free arrangements for three clients and paid arrangements with five clients. The high-level arrangement can cost $9 per client, month to month. ActivTrak can be redone and is advantageous to use with every minute of the everyday support group of the organization.



Veriato positions are high on our rundown of worker checking apparatuses in light of the fact that it has everything and whatever you might request here.

They offer cloud-based representative checking programming that records and tracks the accompanying action like:

Screen captures
Site cooperation
Record development
Application utilization
Texts and visits
Network access
Transfers and downloads
Virtual entertainment utilization
Printer following
USB gadgets
Web look
It’s simple for you to tweak efficiency reports. You could in fact set up constant alarms for when a representative attempts to visit a confined site or download a hailed program.

Any business can utilize Veriato. You don’t have to have an IT foundation set up for it to work.

Notwithstanding the standard representative observing programming, Veriato has different apparatuses for security. You can get worker examination programming. This can be utilized to report movement for something like a nondisclosure or non-content infringement.

Corporate information robbery, wrongdoing, and consistence infringement can be generally gotten and recorded utilizing this product. You can quietly convey it on both Mac and Windows gadgets without anybody’s information.

Veriato offers AI-driven danger discovery also. The product will consequently observe all worker actions and investigate those activities utilizing large information and AI.

Security groups will naturally be cautioned assuming that potential danger is distinguished.

Evaluating for worker observing from Veriato begins at $12.50 per gadget each month. You can test it out first with a free preliminary.


Hubstaff is an ideal decision for those of you who are dealing with a far-off labor force. Keeping your staff connected with and on-task when they aren’t in the workplace can be a test, yet this product helps consider them responsible.

A portion of the top elements of Hubstaff worker observing include:

Time following
Online timesheets
GPS following
Efficiency estimation
Nitty-gritty reports
It’s usually utilized in enterprises like cleaning, development, counseling, land, medical care, office, proficient administrations, and independent.

Hubstaff incorporates famous apparatuses like Asana, Trello, Zoho, Insightly, Liquid Planner, Basecamp, and other programming that you’re now utilizing.

With Hubstaff, you can follow URL and application actions. The product allows you to screen work underway with discretionary screen captures. You’ll have the option to see worker action levels in light of console and mouse use on every gadget.

Hubstaff has a versatile application that permits you to follow us in a hurry. You’ll approach definite reports and continuous action from the center of your hand.

The geofencing and GPS observing assist you with getting a more profound comprehension of when your group shows up or leaves a distant area. This considers them responsible and wipes out the requirement for manual time-punching.

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