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EBooks and Audio Books Online in Bangalore – Bringing eBooks to the Indian vernacular reader –

All of us grew up reading books in our native languages. They all started to speak in their mother tongue before learning English at school. Unfortunately, as we grow up, we either stop reading books or we move on to reading English books. One of the reasons for this, as we found out after talking to people, is the non-availability of vernacular books. The idea of the Pustaka Lending Library in Bangalore was mooted to solve the problem of non-availability of Tamil Books Online in Bangalore. We later-on added eBooks Online in Telugu for the consumption of our readers from the Andhra region.

On The Go Digital Library for Younger Generation – Rent & Read eBooks & Audio Books Online

Since online eBooks are the preferred way of reading for the young generation it’s not surprising that they are moving to read English eBooks. Thanks to the booming internet, their young generation is hooked on gadgets and there are 25 million mobile internet users in India, out of which 32 percent access the internet only via mobile. Their research also reveals that 75 percent of eBook users belong to the age group of 15-34. They wanted to solve the problem of the non-availability of vernacular language books for reading buffs.

Online Library – What is eBooks & Audio books Portal?

The portal houses eBooks and Audio Books Online in Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu. These eBooks are available for purchase as well as lending. They got a great response after the initial launch. A few authors approached us proactively to publish their books. They wanted to provide a platform for young and new authors to publish their works. They got lots of encouraging messages and appreciation mails from NRI customers, which clearly show that there is a void in this area.

Shared Attention Spans –

As Jeff Bezos said in his recent interview, “Books are competing with Candy Crush and likes.” Reading a book needs more time when compared to blogs/articles/WhatsApp forwards. If we want to bring a healthy culture of reading books among the young generation, then we have to make eBooks and Audio Books Online easily accessible and cheaper. That is the intention behind their subscription model which enables the user to read more books online at a lesser price instead of buying those books. One can read as many as seven books at the buying cost of one book or two. As many as 80 percent of their customers have bought subscriptions over individual books.

The Royalty Model of Digital Library –

They wanted Their venture to be completely legal. One of the distinguishing factors of Pustaka is that authors are given royalty not only for the sale of the Books Online but also for lends. This is probably the first model that pays authors whenever subscribers borrow their books to read. They have legally obtained the consent and permission for selling and lending books that are currently available on their portal and are in the process of obtaining more titles. Their team includes language advisors for each regional language who are consulted on the choice of books and authors. Currently, they have around 250+ titles across their languages – Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam. They are actively working on adding new authors and books to their portal.

What are all the eBooks Online available in Pustaka?

Certain popular books which are on the site include books like Tulasi, Pallikondapuram, Khajurao, and Aindhu Vazhi Moondru Vaasal. Authors like Indira Soundarrajan, Pattukottai Prabhakar, Yandamoori Veerendranath, Neela Padmanabhan, Rajesh Kumar, KT Gatti, and many more are also featured on the site.

Reason to Choose Us:

  • Pustaka has everything from eBooks and Audio Books Online and is available for all customers.
  • Rent & Read Books online with your own time.
  • Tamil eBooks is the largest collection with 4700+ eBooks from 310+ authors.
  • Hassle – free reading where you want.
  • No need to worry about time, there is No time limit – 24/7 Available.
  • User – beneficial Subscription Plans start from just 99/-

Our Services:

  • Rent & Read 5800+ eBooks Online – 58400+ Members – 100000+ Successful Downloads.
  • Listen to Audio Books Online with 30-day rentals starting with low price ₹9/-
  • We thrive to publish around 100+ eBooks every month.
  • Free Trial Subscription Plan! Read/Listen to 10 eBooks for 14 days! Hurry!
  • Highly Customizable.
  • Secured Payment via Paytm, payUmoney, VISA, CC Avenue, Master card, PayPal and American Express.

To Sum-up:

Pustaka Portal wants to become synonymous with eBooks online all over the world. Their portal has a one-stop-shop for readers of any language of India. They hope to digitize some of the rare artifacts and literary works so that these priceless collections can be preserved for future generations. Underlying all these ambitions is their burning desire to enable readers to have ready access to books online that they want to read no matter where they are.

Let’s start your online reading journey with Free Trial Subscription Plan! Read/Listen to 10 eBooks Online for 14 days! Hurry! Contact for more details.

Contact Info:

Contact Number: +91 – 9980387852

Address: #7-002, Bannerghatta Main Rd, Bengaluru – 560076, Karnataka.

Visit Us:

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