Downflow workstation and its importance

It is essential that you should keep the best equipment in your lab as it is the setting and the environment where you shall be conducting several important experiments. You will have to ensure that there are absolute security and safety always. You will need to have several vital equipments inside your lab and one of such essential equipment for your lab is the downflow workstation. This is a vital equipment that ensures the safety and will provide a lot of security inside the lab. It will protect not just your lab workers and other equipment from sustaining damages but also ensure that your experiments are not tampered with and can provide authentic results. In this small article, you will learn more about downflow workstations.

What are downflow hoods?

The downflow hoods are primarily a form of ductless and benchtop lab units which have inbuilt blowers within them as modules. Because of this design, a lot of negative pressure is made inside the hood and this helps to protect your lab workers from various types of hazardous and harmful fumes, toxic powders, unhygienic vapors, and so on. Such toxic substances are often formed inside lab environments. The workstation functions by extracting toxic substances from working zones through specially designed working surfaces which have perforations in them. As a result of this use, the downflow workstation is a crucial and highly sought after lab equipment in all labs across the world. These units provide a lot of benefits and they need to be installed in your lab at the earliest for your benefit.

Some of the benefits of the downflow workstations are as follows:

  1. The downflow workstation has got a blower that is inbuilt. This is vital as it will reduce the space which it will take up in your lab. As a result of this, the cleaning shall become highly efficient in the future.


  1. The downflow workstations shall protect the lab workers from several types of toxic and other hazardous substances. IT is crucial as it can protect the workers from both vapors and particulate matter like powder. The toxic substances are collected through specialized perforations that are made on the working surface. It returns to the working environment air that is clean and has no contaminants.


  1. You shall get these hoods easily in a lot of different sizes and hence, it is quite convenient to serve the requirements of various labs in conducting different experiments.


  1. The downflow workstations have work surfaces that are made with stainless steel and as a result of this, it is quite easy to clean.


  1. In the downflow workstations, you shall have a front side that is open, there are open side frames that are quite effective in allowing you to keep multiple units each side by side along with each other. This is useful when you have a large working area.


  1. All the units including your single pre-filter are completely washable. The prefilter is effective in removing your large particle from passing through. You may also consider adding activated charcoal carbon filters and HEPA filters to improve the airflow. IF you have any form of application or experiment where you need to use powders and dry particulates, it is vital for you to use HEPA filters. Use carbon filters for chemical and solvent use. Both these options are compatible with the downflow workstation.


  1. You shall find downflow workstations easily in the market which can match your requirements, as all of them come with simplistic yet effective specifications. These workstations are primarily made from polypropylene which is an effective material as it is durable and resistant to corrosion.


  1. All the models of the downflow workstations have a working surface that is made from stainless steel. They have a strong pre-filter that can limit large particles and prevent them from passing through. The options for adding ULPA enhancement is also available. Thus these workstations are quite flexible for lab use and can handle several applications

You can easily find downflow work stations available on the internet at low and inexpensive prices. Be careful to choose a good lab equipment supplier for all your essential equipment.


The downflow workstations are also known as the downflow hoods and are highly essential equipment in all types of labs. They are essential because they are able to protect the environment inside your lab and all your lab workers too. The equipment is not too large, it is relatively small and has adequate portability features.  As a result of this, this equipment is useful for various applications. The downflow workstations are versatile in their range of specifications. They are also quite easy for maintenance. As a result of this, you should install the workstations as quickly as possible. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you. Get your workstation now.


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