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Which brand has the best

condom for sensitive skin in India?

With a lot of variety among condom brands, it is tough to choose the best! All brands come with attractive promos and advertisements making couples aghast and mesmerized. Their confusion makes them choose randomly any brand, assuming all brands are identical. There is a thin line of difference among brands and customers are unable to see that. This small mistake can cost them a lot. Negligence in customers is the reason why brands are turning profitable. They focus on producing only pleasure-giving condoms such as ULTRA-THIN CONDOMS. They forget to consider their customers with sensitive skin. That is why we can see markets loaded with DOTTED CONDOM BRANDS so that they can make their brand one of the largest sellers and meet their financial goals of the year.

chemical free condom

BLEU is one of the premium CONDOM brands for SENSITIVE SKIN in India. Its USP makes it an appropriate condom brand that produces condoms with HYPOALLERGIC properties, keeps its condoms away from harsh chemicals such as Paraben, Benzocaine, etc. Sensitive skin is prone to the burning sensation, itchiness, and irritation which interrupts lovemaking sessions and many times its avoidance. Bleu’s chemical-free Vegan Condoms ensures pleasurable and safe lovemaking. Blue is unlike other brands and uses eco-friendly ingredients. The latex which is used in its condoms is certified from Forest Stewardship Council and natural. Even the lubrication which is used is free from any type of chemical, making them the best condoms for women’s sexual health. The brand takes care not to hamper pleasure and caters to its customers both pleasure and safety. Condoms manufactured by bleu go through quality checks such as strength, leak, and elasticity test. Bleu is the only one with the most sensitive condoms. They go through electricity test to detect defects such as holes and guarantee to serve its customers the best, unlike other brands.

The ultimate aim of the brand is to make your lovemaking sessions care-free and chemical-free. The brand believes in serving all the sections by its easy availability at a reasonable price. Those who feel shy to step out and by one pack, Bleu facilitates them by door-step delivery which is all over India with multiple options of payment. Bleu understands that some people are shy about their stuff that’s why it delivers with a discrete package that does not reveal what’s inside.  Another fact that you were veiled is the use of N-nitrosamine which mostly found in condoms. It is evident from scientific studies that the chemical may transport from the male condoms to the vagina and consequences of the presence of a chemical in your body are known by all. On the other hand, Bleu makes sure zero traces of N-nitrosamine. Surprisingly many condoms also come with a coating of spermicides which also contribute to a disturbed love session and later affecting the intimate area. Bleu’s luxury condoms are safe from spermicides as there is no scientific proof of a condom with spermicide giving better protection. Bleu cares for its customers and believes in providing advice related to sexual-health. Users can go through their blog and seek advice at

Other condom brands are Durex, Skore, Mankind, and so on, each with claims of providing condoms with long-lasting pleasure. Have you thought of enquiring about their condoms? Have you ever thought of what ingredients they use? And many times couples complain about redness, itchiness, etc! Did you realize the nexus? It is the way a condom is manufactured which results in negative repercussions. Nowadays brands try to produce condoms that last- long and use chemical lubrication for increment in pleasure. Many couples complain of condoms getting torn as well. Among females, there is a complaint of vaginal dryness. It is all because of the use of condoms made with chemicals. These brands never reveal that they are the ones responsible for cancer among females. Do you know? A Study by one2011 shows that chemical condoms may result in infertility as due to them many women bodies start generating antibodies against sperms that will automatically hinder in the fusion. Monthly cycles are the one which is affected quickly and later result in problems in reproduction.

Brands like Durex have a new condom for the mutual climax which are mint flavored, especially for oral activity, further have ribbed and dotted condoms as well. Is it so difficult for you now to understand how it has made a condom targeting activities other than the common one? Of course, the condom is full of chemicals and undisclosed ingredients to add flavor and make it more pleasurable. Many couples believe that to enhance sensations they need to get a lubricated condom. There are many myths like this that brands have constructed in the minds of youth to increase the selling of their products. They never fail to misguide amateurs and boost their excitement to use all the varieties of their condoms   Top brands target metropolitan cities only which somewhere also aims at targeting the sound section of society leaving other sections dependent on other brands. Also, they keep their prices higher making their brand only for the wealthier ones. Most of the brands do not reveal the materials used in their condoms.

It must be crystal clear to you now that what are famous brands doing with your health and increase their sales. It is not difficult to understand that in a country like India they find easy targets due to a lack of knowledge among people and are not ready to work in that direction as well. Among all, Bleu is the only brand that seems to be trustworthy. Its origin is out of a female’s own nasty experiences that makes the brand more relatable. Bleu understands what a woman goes through after a random choice of a condom by her partner. Is there any other brand that cares for sexual health, advice for sexual health, believes in maintaining transparency with customers, reveals the ingredients used? Bleu is not just a condom brand but a well-wisher as well. It is a healthy choice for mutual and unadulterated love. It does not forget to consider pleasure and has ability to compete with any other brand in that. Bleu believes that both males and females have the right to enjoy pleasurable and safe lovemaking sessions. The Ultimate aim of the brand is to give pleasure with the addition of safety for sexual health. Bleu gives women the choice to decide what to let enter her body and gives males a chance to think about what they had been doing up till now.

Its high time to give a thought to what’s inside the product you are using make the right choice of condom for sensitive skin. In today’s time where we fall for everything that is natural and chemical-free then why not condoms? We live in the 21st century and are smart enough to not let anyone befool us and be concerned about choosing the condom brand. Bleu is the one who has turned into the most trustful brand for many and allows you to indulge in a care-free love.

 So stop thinking and start buying the ultimate ranges of bleu’s condom and enjoy long-lasting mutual love!

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